Top 11 Most Popular Textile Companies In Europe
Top 11 Most Famous Textile Companies In Europe (2024 Update)
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European textile industries have a vital role as global ambassadors for cultural heritage and creativity. Although the business is most commonly linked with fashion, it also manufactures leather goods, fur goods, knitted and crocheted apparel, as well as workwear and protective clothing. Clothing manufactured in the EU is exceptional in terms of environmental impact, consumer safety, and labor rights. Because of the nature of production, the industry is inextricably related to textiles and leather.

Textile companies in Europe are the second largest exporters after China, accounting for 29% of the global market. Women's wear accounted for 40% of exported products, followed by men's wear at 23%. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal are the main apparel-producing countries in the EU, accounting for 75% of total manufacturing value.

Textile Industry Market in Europe

With the impact of the International Exhibition, often known as the Crystal Exhibition, held in London in 1851. The goal of this show was to create a display area for manufacturers. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the textile industry displayed their latest ideas and processes. This has resulted in numerous ways to make items for consumers.

The textile industry in Europe continues to develop and innovate, producing a diverse range of textile textiles for both clothes and interiors. Competition among manufacturers has prompted international exhibits. In 1855, France hosted its own textile show. This is also a prominent country in the fashion and furniture industries.

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Which country in Europe contributes the most to textile industry?

Western Europe currently has a larger textile market than Central and Eastern Europe. Although some countries are growing faster than those in Western Europe, the market is far smaller. The top six apparel import markets are Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland.

Germany is Europe's leading garment importer, with a total import value of €30.2 billion and a 5-year average annual growth rate of 0.9%.

France is Europe's second-largest garment importer, with a total value of 17.1 billion euros. Because of the influence of Covid-19, the average five-year growth rate fell by 1.7%.

Spain is Europe's third-largest clothes importer, totaling €14 billion. In addition, as a result of Covid-19, the average growth rate over the last five years has lowered by 0.3%.

Italy is Europe's fourth-largest garment importer, with an import value of 11.5 billion euros. Similarly, as a result of Covid-19, the average growth rate over the last five years has lowered by 1.7%.

The Netherlands is Europe's fifth-largest garment importer, with total imports worth 11.4 billion Euros and a 5-year average growth rate of 0.05%.

Poland is Europe's sixth-largest garment importer, with a total import value of €8.7 billion and a 5-year average annual growth rate of 13.3%.

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What about the future of European textiles and apparel?

The European textile sector may face significant challenges in the future, but the textile machinery business will benefit greatly from this development and transformation. According to the report, EURATEX has affirmed that the future of the European textile sector will foster closer links with neighboring nations and provide new learning possibilities.

Top 11 most famous textile companies in Europe

1. Loro Piana (Italy)

Loro Piana is a luxury Italian fabric producer that specializes in high-end cashmere and wool fabrics. The company is noted for its traditional manufacturing procedures, which employ only the finest materials and talented artisans to manufacture its items.

Loro Piana is devoted to sustainability and ethical sourcing, and all of its materials are sourced responsibly.

2. Zalando Se (Germany)

Zalando SE is Europe's most popular online fashion platform. They link customers, brands, and partners across 23 countries. They began as a Berlin-based online shoe retailer and have since grown to become Europe's top online fashion platform.

Zalando's online shops provide customers with a wide choice of fashion items, including shoes, apparel, and accessories, as well as free delivery and returns. Zalando's online stores are customized to the demands of customers in various areas, with a variety that includes globally famous brands, fast fashion, and local labels. In total, Zalando collaborates with over 4,500 worldwide businesses. They also sell products under six private labels, including shoes, apparel, and accessories for women, men, and children.

3. Holland and Sherry (UK)

Holland & Sherry is a British fabric producer that makes a variety of luxury wool, silk, and cashmere fabrics. The brand is well-known for its diverse choice of colors and patterns, as well as its devotion to environmentally friendly and ethical production processes.

Holland & Sherry derives their resources from sustainable sources and using environmentally friendly production processes whenever possible.

4. Prada (Italy)

Prada, a well-known luxury company founded in 1913, manufactures consumer products such as leather shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion accessories, purses, and more. Prada has around 13,770 employees and is based in Milan, Italy.

5. Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) (France)

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, sometimes known as LVMH, is a French-based global firm specializing in luxury goods headquartered in Paris. The company was created in 1987 through the combination of fashion house Louis Vuitton with Moët Hennessy. This followed the 1971 merger of champagne manufacturer Moët & Chandon and cognac producer Hennessy. LVMH became Europe's most valuable corporation in 2021, with a market capitalization of $329 billion. This company's core services include clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, watches, and wines. Bernard Arnault is LVMH's current CEO.

6. ELIS SA (France)

Another well-known name in the textile sector is ELIS SA, which serves approximately 48,000 customers in 28 countries. The company provides custom solutions in textile and hygiene. ELIS SA's annual revenue is 3,311 million USD.

7. Dormeuil (France)

Dormeuil is a French fabric producer specializing in luxury wool, silk, and cashmere fabrics. The company is renowned for its unique designs and adherence to traditional manufacturing practices.

Dormeuil obtains its resources from sustainable sources and using environmentally friendly manufacturing practices whenever possible.

8. LPP SA (Poland)

The final company on the list is LPP SA, a well-known fabric design and manufacturing company in Central and Eastern Europe, with its headquarters in Poland. The company works in 20 countries and has an annual revenue of $2,041 million USD.

9. Marzotto (Italy)

Marzotto, a prestigious Italian textile manufacturer, is well-known for its exceptional fabric production. Marzotto has built a reputation for producing high-quality fabrics, with a special emphasis on wool and cotton.

Textiles are used in both fashion and interior design, as they are displayed on fashion runways and reflect luxury in interior settings. What distinguishes Marzotto is their ongoing emphasis on making items with competence and inventiveness.

10. Hainsworth (UK)

Hainsworth, a well-known British producer, creates high-quality wool fabrics. Their remarkable work in developing military clothing and uniforms has made their name well-known in the business. They continuously strive to create high-quality products.

Hainsworth's materials have endured the test of time. These materials have impressed many people because they promote the importance of tradition, honesty, and expertise.

11. Reda (Italy)

Reda, an Italian textile manufacturer, has gained recognition for its outstanding wool fabrics. Reda's distinctiveness originates from its unwavering attention on environmental issues and the use of eco-friendly products.

Preserving nature and the long-standing craft of textile making is very important to them. Their wool fabrics are praised for their luxury and meticulous manufacturing techniques. Reda's approach to fabric manufacturing can help both the environment and individuals.


The textile factory is one of the world's leading and fastest-growing sectors, stretching back several centuries and include major producers and exporters such as Europe. Leading European textile producers are well-known for their unique techniques and processes, which have been created and perfected throughout time.

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