Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World. Photo:
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License plates (or registration plates) have been around for vehicles for over 100 years. Like most things, they started out being used in only some places with limited effectiveness, and over the years they became standardized and a part of every vehicle on the road.

Interesting Facts: License Plates Around the World

• France was the first country to introduce a ‘registration plate’ in 1893 with the passage of the Paris Police Ordinance.

• The Netherlands was the first country to introduce a nationally registered license plate in 1898.

• New York was the first US state to require automobiles to have license plates in 1901. These plates were made by the individual owners and were only required to have the owner’s initials clearly visible on the back of the vehicle.

• Massachusetts became the first state to issue license plates beginning in 1903. These plates were numbered numerically starting with 1.

• The earliest license plates were made of porcelain baked onto iron or were ceramic with no backing. This made them extremely fragile and easy to break.

• A potato was the first graphic on a license plate in 1928 in the state of Iowa.

Top 10+ Weirdest License Plates Around the World

1. Eat the Kids First

Photo metaweb
Photo metaweb

Parents will relate to this personalized plate from Virginia. It's helpful to know that you can exchange your children for food in the event that everything collapses and the world falls apart. I think having options is fantastic. The two kid handprints and the childlike handwriting on the license plate add to its humorous appeal. It also seems like it was made in kindergarten because of the various colors.

If you saw this family while driving on the freeway, you would probably laugh, even though we're sure they don't really want people to eat their kids.

2. U R Next

Photo metaweb
Photo metaweb

This is something you should not see when operating a vehicle. The license plate on this hearse says "U R Next." Not a good read when you're driving and someone is hinting that your end may be near. The funeral parlor that owns this hearse must have a dark sense of humor if they would put something like this on its vanity plate. It would be interesting to find out.

3. Epic Fail

Photo metaweb
Photo metaweb

Here's a unique way to draw attention to your license plate. Although the driver from Virginia may not initially seem to have a complete plate, that is all part of the joke. The astute driver, seeing "Epic Fai," has added a L to the paper, making the entire phrase "Epic Fail" appear on the plate.

Look what they did over there. Extra credit for this license plate goes to the cleverly constructed joke that is sure to make onlookers laugh uncontrollably.

4. Clumsy

Photo metaweb
Photo metaweb

All you need to see to laugh is this license plate and the photo of the car it is on. There is a plate on the car that says "Clumsy." The vehicle, which is resting on its roof, was also involved in an accident. However, there is a backstory to the image. When the cereal fell into the driver's lap, it appeared that they were eating it.

Thus, in addition to being a clumsy driver, they are also a clumsy eater. It could be better if they take a break from driving for a bit.

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5. Not A Cop

Photo car throttle
Photo car throttle

Would you believe this driver? Their license plate clearly states that they are not a cop, but maybe that’s what they want you to think? Or maybe the owner is actually a criminal who hopes their personalized plate will keep the actual police away? Whatever the reason, it is a funny license plate that deserves a spot on this list.

6. O 10 UK Plates

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo rarest

Being a unique license plate, the O 10 UK plate is one of the rarest of the rare. In 2020, it brought $170,000 at auction. The value of the plate is explained by its history and UK license plate customs. Many other nations forbid the personalization of license plates, in contrast to the US. In addition, unlike many American states, drivers in the UK keep their license plates when they switch cars. For 118 years, for instance, a family possessed the O 10 plate. When the Birmingham vehicle registration office first opened, their grandfather was tenth in line. The sum of these elements results in a plate that is well over $100,000.

Origin Population: Single family

Number in existence: 1

Background color: White

7. Tofu plate

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo Daily Mail

As a vegetarian from Centennial, Colorado, Kelley Coffman-Lee wants to let everyone know how much she loves tofu by creating a custom license plate.

After submitting her application for a plate reading, ILVTOFU, she was informed that her message had been rejected on the grounds that it might offend people who might mistake the letters for explicit content.

Coffman-Lee expressed disappointment at not being able to showcase her love for tofu on her plate.

Perhaps she ought to relocate to Ohio or California. Photos of tofu license plates on the Internet suggest that those states are not affected by the same problems as Colorado.

8. Bear plate

Drivers around the world are familiar with this symbol of the North, and collectors are drawn to it. However, where did the renowned polar bear license plate from the Northwest Territories originate?

We have to go back in time to a time when cars were even rarer in this area than polar bears in order to find out. When the Northwest Territories reached the Mackenzie Mountains and Baffin Island in the west, that was.

When you did have a car, there weren't many streets to drive on during the first half of the 20th century and no highways leading into the NWT.

The government did not mandate that drivers in the NWT register their cars or put license plates on them until 1941. The initial plate designs were rectangular and featured straightforward color schemes, such as orange numerals on a black background, making them resemble the common issue plates that are available almost everywhere.

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo spectacularnwt

However, the early 1960s saw the extension of the Mackenzie Highway north of Great Slave Lake, which made more of the Northwest Territories accessible by road and attracted a large influx of new automobiles to the region.

In 1970, the government unveiled the initial iteration of its renowned polar bear plate to mark the NWT's centennial. The first appointed leader from Ottawa to live in the territory, Stuart Hodgson, is the legendary NWT Commissioner who designed this. Hodgson received the original license plate, which had a blue background and white numbers. It was numbered "1."

9. COVID-19 plate

A gray BMW sedan with a “COVID 19” license plate has been left unattended for over four months at the Adelaide airport. Its owner contacted the airport staff after the picture of the car was published in several newspapers.

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo pantau

The pricey sedan was left unnoticed in the airport parking lot until one day it was exposed, so to speak. The unusual but oddly appealing license plate on the car caught the eye of an airport employee. The text said COVID-19. He posted a photo of the vehicle to his social media accounts. An online frenzy broke out. The number plate sparked amusing comments from online users. The employee claimed that the car had been parked there prior to February. Everyone initially believed it belonged to a long-haul pilot who had disappeared.

The owner contacted the airport staff after the picture of the car appeared in newspapers all over the world. They were out of state, he told them. It was discovered in the months following its discovery that the vehicle's registration is valid through the end of September 2020. Personalized license plates are valid for 12 to 36 months in South Australia. This indicates that the license plate of the car was registered in September 2019, a significant amount of time before the current pandemic was named.

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10. Lucky number 88888

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo GenK

A Chinese man purchased a vanity license plate bearing the number "88888" for $145,000. On the first day he drove out, he was pulled over eight times. It should be noted that in Chinese culture, the number "8" is extremely fortunate.

There are lucky charms and trinkets associated with every culture on the planet. The number eight is regarded as one of the luckiest in Chinese culture. The way the number is pronounced sounds a lot like the Mandarin terms for "wealth" and "prosperity." But with that number, a man from Zhenzhou, in central China, had to deal with the opposite of luck. Fruit vendor Kai Long invested in a new car to help his enterprise. So he thought he would add a little luck to it. For his new car, Kai paid an astounding one million yuan (about $145,000) for the luckiest license plate—which has five 8s. However, he was stopped by traffic police eight times when he first drove his car.

Since getting a license plate would be very expensive, the police reasoned that it must be a fake. Something beyond the reach of a simple fruit vendor. When they determined that Kai's paperwork was in order, they let him go. Although he stayed out of trouble, the first drive he had hoped for didn't turn out as planned.

11. Plate with your own name

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo Pinterest

A Canadian man named Lorne Grabher registered a personalized license plate under his last name. His license plate reads "GRABHER."

An unidentified complainant filed a complaint about an odd license plate with the Canadian Department of Motor Vehicles in 2016. The complaint claimed that the plate with the word "GRABHER" on it was disparaging to women. The Department cancelled Grabher's customized license plate in response to the complaint. In 1990, the DMV first gave the license plate approval.

Since then, it has been renewed multiple times without any problems. Now, Lorne Grabher is appealing the court decision, claiming it infringes his right to free speech and is discriminatory.

12. “IM GOD”

An atheist man in Ohio owns a personalized license plate that reads “IM GOD.”

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World

Ohioan Bennie Hart rejects religion. For more than ten years, he has been driving around Ohio in his with a personalized license plate that says "IM GOD." It was merely a straightforward method of informing others about his beliefs.

Bennie applied for permission from the local transportation office to continue using his custom license plate after relocating from Ohio to a town in Kentucky. The department denied his request because they thought it would be problematic for other drivers or even spark a fight. Hart challenged the order in court.

After finding in his favor, the court mandated that the Transportation Cabinet reimburse him for more than $150,000 in legal fees and other expenses.

13. Not OJ

Top 13 Weirdest License Plates Around the World
Photo Pinterest

Do you recall the time that O.J. Simpson fled the scene of the murders of his ex-wife and her new partner? To refresh your memory, he was being pursued by someone driving a white Ford Bronco. This driver has clearly remembered, and he has a humorous and cautionary license plate.

It might not be in the best taste, depending on your opinion of O.J., but it will definitely get people talking as they drive by. It will also guarantee that the police will not pursue this driver.


Many choose to show personality through customized license plates. You can be creative with your own license plates but remember to follow traffic rules of your country. Share this article if you find it interesting!

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