Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Behind Her Eyes. Photo: Youtube

Behind Her Eyes, a British thriller with a twist ending is the newest hit sequence on Netflix. The brand new drama, which stars Eve Hewson, Simona Brown, and Tom Bateman, follows a single mom who will get caught up in the disturbing relationship between her boss and his spouse. When Louise (Brown) begins an affair with Dave (Bateman), a psychiatrist who works in the identical workplace as her, she quickly finds herself befriending Adele, his mysterious spouse, too (Hewson).

If you’ve already completed the six-episode first season, you realize the surprising twist ending. And in case you haven’t fairly gotten there but, we received spoil it for you, however, we are going to say that it’s doable the darkish drama is returning for a Season 2. Whereas Behind Her Eyes Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed simply but, we’re not ruling it out. Simply know that the sequence ends the identical means because the ebook it was based mostly on, so Netflix must create some new storylines to proceed with the sequence.

In the meantime, take a look at these seven exhibits like Behind Her Eyes to look at in case you’re wanting for your subsequent addictive thriller.

1. 'The Sinner'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: thesun

This USA series is a great pick to turn to next after Behind Her Eyes. Over the course of three seasons, Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) digs into three separate cases in his small, upstate New York town. The most recent installment of The Sinner, Season 3, stars Matt Bomer as a man unraveling with the unexpected arrival of a figure from his past. Other seasons star Jessica Biel and Carrie Coon, according to Decider.

2. 'Tell Me Your Secrets'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: readysteadycut

Amazon’s new sequence Inform Me Your Secrets and techniques follows a trio of characters — Lily Rabe as Emma, Amy Brenneman as Mary, and Hamish Linklater as John — who all are hiding their very own tales of the previous. Because the sequence goes on, every character finds their limits and wits examined as they grapple with deep, buried traumas and revisit the secrets and techniques they’ve been hiding, Cartegg suggested.

The story follows a grieving mother, Mary Barlow, who is desperate to find her daughter, Theresa, who was seen with a known serial killer (Kit Parker) moments before she disappeared. In her desperation, she hires reformed rapist John Tyler to find answers. On the flip side of the story, you have Karen Miller (with the alias name of Emma) who has been relocated due to a witness protection program — she was the lover of Kit Parker, and the courts and the public have judged her to be complicit in the murder of multiple women, Readysteadycut wrote.

3. 'Losing Alice'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: Youtube

Losing Alice is an Israeli slow-burn erotic thriller. With an intriguing cast of characters at its core, the show does tend to meander a little in the middle but undoubtedly has a lot of similarities to Behind Her Eyes. The story here revolves around a woman named Alice, who finds her life turned upside down when she agrees to shoot a movie for a femme-fatale screenwriter Sophie.

As the series progresses, Alice realizes she’s stuck in a nightmare of her own making, unsure who to trust and who’s telling the truth. With some gorgeous shots and a pretty consistent tone, the beginning and end of this series are enough to recommend soldiering through the middle chapters, Thereviewgeek cited.

4. 'The Stranger'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: netflix

Netflix’s The Stranger, which debuted on the platform final yr, is one other British thriller that’s certain to test lots of similar bins as Behind Her Eyes. The eight-episode sequence, which relies on Harlan Coben’s novel of the identical title, follows Richard Armitage (Adam Value), a person who’s disturbed when a stranger delivers a secret that would wreck his life and in addition results in the disappearance of his spouse.

5. 'The Undoing'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2

Like so many whodunits, The Undoing was littered with red herrings. Didn’t murder victim Elena Alves’ (Matilda De Angelis) husband (Ismael Cruz Córdova) seem weirdly emotional? What was the deal with the obscenely wealthy, fiercely protective father of protagonist Grace (Nicole Kidman), whose framing as a left-field suspect extended to the decision to cast the often-sinister Donald Sutherland in the role? And what did Grace think she was doing when she was caught on camera, strolling around Harlem at such an unlikely hour? The penultimate episode closed with a remarkably absurd cliffhanger: Grace’s discovery of the murder weapon hidden in her preteen son Henry’s (Noah Jupe) violin case, Time noted.

6. 'Bloodline'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: amazon

Netflix drama Bloodline dives into the lives of The Rayburns, a Florida Keys family who appear to be perfectly normal, accepted members of their small community, but are really hiding some dirty secrets under their happy family exterior. Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, and more stars in this twisty, dark thriller that’ll fill your Behind Her Eyes-shaped void.

7. 'You'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: indiewire

Penn Badgely sheds his candy Gossip Lady character for the creepy Joe Goldberg of You, a darkish thriller that’s quickly returning for Season 3 on Netflix. Joe, who thinks he’s a very good man, could be very clearly a serial killer, though he’ll insist he’s doing all of it within the title of affection. As his obsession together with his relationships deepens, Joe goes even additional, with one surprising transfer after the following.

It is about a bookstore manager's twisted obsession with an aspiring writer. All the seasons of the highly suspenseful show will keep you at the edge of your seat, Narcity recommended

8. 'Mindhunter'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: tecake

In terms of what you’d want from a crime thriller, Mindhunter ticks all the right boxes. Smartly written, brilliantly acted, and technically sound, Mindhunter is a rare breed of the TV show and certainly a must-watch.

The concept here is simple. Set in the late 1970s, two FBI agents are tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve open cases. This unique concept helps pave way for some unnerving dialogue and a really gripping story across the show’s two seasons. With a third season still unknown right now, Mindhunter has enough to enjoy with its two seasons to make it essential viewing for anyone who enjoyed Behind Her Eyes.

9. 'Legion'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: seriesnetflix

Legion is a challenging sci-fi series that exists somewhere within the weird space of the X-Men universe. It’s also one of the more unusual and visually stunning shows you’re likely to see in quite some time. When you’ve watched Legion, you’ll know why this is on the list, especially given some of the twists during the latter periods of the show.

The story here revolves around a super mutant named David Haller. This troubled young man spends his time institutionalized after being diagnosed as schizophrenic.

What follows is an unforgettable journey as David tries to make sense of what’s happening and why he’s there. The show has three seasons and ends conclusively too, making for a solid watch that’s very much recommended.

10. 'Quicksand'

Top 10 Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’ To Watch If You Can’t Wait for Season 2
Photo: netflix

Based on the Swedish novel ‘Störst av Allt by Malin Persson Giolito, Quicksand is a surprisingly well-written, absorbing series, one that does an excellent job adapting the novel into one of the best dramas of 2020. With two timelines separated through Maja’s flashbacks and one school shooting anchoring everything into place, Quicksand is an easy show to binge on and a tough one to put down.

Blood spattered across school tables and the ground set the tone for the series, opening with the aftermath of a shooting and the shell-shocked, 18-year-old Maja sitting with the murder weapon by her side.

As police grab her and take her into custody, across the 6 episodes we learn of the events leading up to that day involving Maja’s mentally unstable boyfriend Sebastian and all the drama that transpired between the victims inside the classroom. The slow build around all of this paves way for a really satisfying conclusion where Maja’s fate is revealed, Thereviewgeek reported.

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