WandaVision Theory: Agatha Could Not Be The Phase 4's Real Villain?
Agatha Harkness may not be evil in WandaVision. Photo: Screen Rants

Why Agatha Harkness may not be evil in WandaVision?

The words “it was Agatha all along” certainly give the impression that she’s WandaVision’s main antagonist, but this could all be one big misdirect. While it could be true that Agatha is responsible for Sparky’s untimely death, a fake Quicksilver coming to Westview, and Vision finding out the truth, none of these things necessarily mean that Agatha is evil.

What they do mean, though, is that Agatha has a vested interest in Wanda’s life. In trying to decipher Agatha’s real role in WandaVision, her comic book history could be the key to finding the answer. In Marvel Comics, Agatha is an experienced sorceress who lived through the Salem Witch Trials. She’s also Wanda’s mentor and a character who has helped her through numerous challenges that were magical in nature.

Based on past MCU stories, it wouldn’t come as a huge shock if Marvel changed Agatha into a villain in WandaVision, but it may be that the series is tricking viewers for the time being.

WandaVision Theory: Agatha Could Not Be The Phase 4's Real Villain?
Photo: Screen Rants

Her actions thus far may be indicative of her true plan. The results she has gotten show that she may be trying to tear down Wanda’s fake world. The things Agatha has done have caused chaos in Westview and problems for Wanda. Vision figuring out what’s really going on has made carrying on as normal increasingly difficult for Wanda. It may be that Agatha knows Wanda is more powerful than her, so she’s avoiding a direct confrontation.

Instead, she could have been trying to get to Vision and doing other things that can wear on Wanda’s psyche. If Wanda is misusing her magical abilities, she could be a threat to the Earth and perhaps the fabric of reality itself. Agatha may believe that destroying Westview is what’s best for the world. As for the boys, whatever she’s done to them may not be an act she perceives as morally wrong, considering that both are just manifestations of Wanda’s power.

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Why do we think Agatha isn't working alone?

There is also the fact that the quirky "It was Agatha all along" song only revealed how Agatha fits into an already established plot, how she has been manipulating Wanda's surrounding, and as we mentioned earlier, trying to make her expend a large quantity of her power to weaken her. She looks less like the true villain and more like the lackey of one who is setting the stage for them, MovieWeb cites.

And despite how Agatha's spooky dungeon literally screamed "Mephisto" with all those devilish figurines and signs, it is the mysterious book (which we think is the Darkhold), radiating evil energy that says otherwise. And if we are right and it's indeed the Darkhold, the ancient book of dark spells that can bring nothing but chaos, then we might be dealing with a different, more powerful kind of evil whose presence WandaVision is teasing just like Thanos' arrival was hinted at since The Avengers.

How strong the Darkhold is?

We have already seen The Darkhold in two of Marvel's TV shows- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rarely remembered, Runaways. It played a significant role in the former where we saw how the book was used to create the evil Framework in which the team was lost in season four, left to figure their way out of an alternate reality controlled by HYDRA.

WandaVision Theory: Agatha Could Not Be The Phase 4's Real Villain?
Photo: Marvel

As per the appearance of the dark grimoire in the shows, it was made explicit that the book possesses the power to bring the reader's desires to come true but, in the process, the person's mind is corrupted by its contents and they develop a dangerous obsession to possess the Darkhold, such that they are ready to kill to become its sole owner.

We agree that if the book in Agatha's basement is indeed the Darkhold, it is starkly different from how it looked in the TV shows. But the book is known to reform itself and change its appearance when damaged, maybe that's what happened here too. Or maybe, the above-mentioned shows are still not canon and WandaVision is presenting its own version of the Darkhold.

Kang could be the villain going after Scarlet Witch in Phase 4

Agatha may not be the only MCU character who has set their sights on Scarlet Witch in WandaVision. There’s also Kang the Conqueror, who is confirmed to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, presumably as the villain. Kang is known for being a time-traveling villain from the future who tangles with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

WandaVision Theory: Agatha Could Not Be The Phase 4's Real Villain?
Photo: Screen Rants

According to Screen Rants, in Marvel Comics, both Kang and Scarlet Witch are “nexus beings”, people capable of affecting the timestream. WandaVision’s Nexus commercial teased this might be the case in the MCU, at least for Wanda, and given the nature of Kang’s character, his MCU counterpart would likely be one as well.

As a character who is believed to be Phase 4’s main villain, it would make sense for Kang to be connected to WandaVision in some way. After all, Kang is deeply connected to time and the multiverse, which is confirmed to be key to Scarlet Witch’s next MCU story, which will play out in Doctor Strange 2.

All 12 Marvel TV Shows Releasing After WandaVision

There are several upcoming Marvel TV shows releasing after WandaVision now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 is officially underway. In 2019, Marvel Studios unveiled their plan for a massive Phase 4 following the releases of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the execution of that plan was, unfortunately, hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The long-awaited solo Black Widow movie was supposed to release in May 2020 - 10 years after the character made her debut in Iron Man 2 - and kick off the new era.

Although a prequel movie with little to no significant ties to upcoming storylines, Black Widow would've tied thematically with the first batch of Marvel TV shows - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki - which also looked back on the MCU rather than primarily looking forward. After some more delays, and skipping 2020 entirely, Marvel Studios returned with a bang with WandaVision on Disney+. The series got off to a slow start with its sitcom-focused episodes, but it quickly ramped up midway through and became a sensation, just like Disney+'s The Mandalorian has been for two years.

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