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Is Mom contacting you every 15 minutes after the sun has gone down? "Just checking in on you," she says. Five minutes later, your pocket vibrates with her call again. We cannot guarantee that attending any of these institutions would solve the problem, but it will undoubtedly put you and your concerned mother at ease. Here are the top ten safest college campuses in America, where every safety measure has been taken to ensure that your college experience is joyful. The first deciding factor of student to violent crime ratio was fairly close. To assess whether a college is safe, certain variables must be considered, including on-campus violent crime reports, the city's annual violent crime rate, on-campus housing availability, campus safety resources, and overall disciplinary incidents. Let's get to it!

What constitutes a safe college campus, and why should a student care?

A safe college campus is one in which the school actively strives to improve campus safety by introducing measures such as ride-sharing programs, emergency blue light phones throughout campus, security cameras, security guards, mass notification systems, and even self-defense lessons for students.

Increasing campus safety initiatives allows students to focus on their studies and parents to feel more at peace about sending their children away to college. After all, the primary reason students attend college is to learn and prepare for a better future. But can they achieve that if they feel unsafe and uneasy on their college campus?

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Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today
Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today

Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today

1. Penn State Lehigh Valley


Address: 2809 Saucon Valley Rd, Center Valley, PA

If you're anything like me, it took you until junior year to discover that Penn State and UPenn are not the same institution. Penn State is located in the town of State College, and if the name "State College" doesn't scream party, I don't know what will. Despite being a big campus with over 98,000 enrolled students, Penn State has some amazingly low crime rates. Last year, the university had only 55 violent crime incidences. State College has 75 total violent crime events last year, making it a very safe community as well. Penn State reported only 2,201 cases this year, with 50% being simply reprimanded by the school and 40% being arrested for possession.

"It is a party school so there are the dangers of that; but, everyone I know is really nice and people care about each other here," Amanda Scott, a second-year student, said.

2. St. Catherine University

Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today


Address: 2004 RANDOLPH AVE SAINT PAUL, MN 55105

Imagine a place where you can reach your best potential while being surrounded by people who care about women's education. Where you may openly express yourself while being supported by your peers. Where leadership is encouraged rather than a competition, and strong female role models are ubiquitous. Where a diverse group of women is improving the world.

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3. Concordia University - St. Paul


Address: 1282 CONCORDIA AVE SAINT PAUL, MN 55104

Concordia St. Paul is an above-average private Christian university in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a tiny university with 2,130 undergraduate students. Admissions are quite tough, with a 68% admission rate at Concordia St. Paul. Nursing Science, Education and Practice, Business, Kinesiology and Exercise Science are among the most popular degrees. Concordia St. Paul graduates 53% of students, and their beginning wage is $39,100.

4. Southwestern Assemblies of God University


Address: 1200 SYCAMORE WAXAHACHIE, TX 75165

SAGU provides a one-of-a-kind, tailored educational atmosphere that fosters both mental and spiritual growth. Interact with compassionate faculty members who are professionals in their fields and genuinely want to help you reach your goals.

Create lifelong friendships in a learning environment that seems more like a family. And when it comes to entertainment, you can choose from a range of activities, including inspiring chapel services, exciting campus sports events and intramural competitions between dorms, year-round music and arts events, and even study-abroad or mission trips.

5. Penn State Scranton

Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today


Address: 120 RIDGE VIEW DR DUNMORE, PA 18512

Penn State Scranton is an above-average public institution in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, part of the Scranton Area. It is a tiny university with 896 undergraduate students. Penn State Scranton's admittance rate is 82%. Penn State Scranton graduates 40% of their students, and their beginning income is $40,100.

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6. Molloy University



Molloy University is a private Roman Catholic institution in Rockville Centre, New York. It was created as a women's school but has since become co-educational. It offers more than 50 academic undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree programs to nearly 4800 students.

7. Bay Path University



At Bay Path, every learner's hopes of a better career, a richer life, and a brighter future will come true.

Over 50 career-related degree programs and a guaranteed internship will help you prepare for your desired career.

All of our accepted students receive scholarships, and we provide stipends for internships. Save money by taking an accelerated road to our Graduate School degree programs.

8. Gwynedd Mercy University

Top 10 Safest College Campuses In The US Today



At Gwynedd Mercy University, you will see and be seen; hear and be heard; and know and be known. That's because GMercyU is large enough to provide the academic, athletic, and real-world learning experiences you seek while being small enough for your professors to recognize you by name.

9. University of Mount Olive



Mount Olive is a private Christian institution in Mount Olive, North Carolina. It is a tiny university with 1,236 undergraduate students. Mount Olive's acceptance rate is 83%. Popular majors include Business, Liberal Arts & Humanities, and Health Service Preparatory Studies. Mount Olive graduates 47% of its students, with an average starting salary of $34,500.

10. Joyce University of Nursing and Health Sciences



Joyce University is a for-profit university in Draper, Utah, which serves the Salt Lake City area. It is a tiny university with 1,518 undergraduate students. Joyce University's admittance rate is 89%. Popular majors include nursing and occupational therapy assistant. Joyce University graduates 82% of students, and their starting wage is $43,900.


All of those campuses are ranked A+ in terms of safety by Niche. College student safety entails assessing the security measures of the college campus and municipality.

While there has been a recorded decline in on-campus crimes, they still occur. According to the United States Department of Education, only 2% of all crimes are unsubstantiated. No college campus is completely protected from crime. However, other schools and universities have greater safety and security procedures and programs, making them appear safer.

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