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Top 10 Most Popular Shoe Brands In China. Photo: KnowInsiders

China's footwear industry has been booming and flourishing in recent years. Chinese people are becoming more fashion-conscious, and they prefer Chinese shoe brands that match their various occasions and daily outfits.

Quality has also improved significantly in terms of several criteria such as durability, material, style, design, comfort level, and so on. Of course, the price, which has always been the primary advantage of Chinese products, remains affordable.

If you're curious about or considering purchasing a Chinese shoe brand, KnowInsiders has compiled a comprehensive list of Chinese shoe brands you should be aware of, each of which manufactures shoes for specific occasions such as sports, formal, casual wear, and trendy.

Top 10 Most Popular Shoe Brands In China

1. RDF

Founded: 1984

Founder: Wu Rongzhao



Mr. Qian Jinbo, a Chinese business fashion guru, founded the RDF brand in 1995. More than 200 million people have chosen RDF business fashion leather shoes because they are both functional and fashionable. The red dragonfly was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's A-share main board on June 29, 2015.

Red dragonfly established the first shoe science and technology laboratory in China, as well as the first academician workstation in the footwear industry, and developed 83 standardized shoemaking processes to ensure that each pair of RDF shoes is comfortable and durable.

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Founded: 1997

Founder: Zhang Ruimin


Jiangsu Senda Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1977, is a Chinese shoe manufacturing leader. Senda became China's first well-known trademark in the leather shoes industry in 1997, and the Senda brand was successfully exported to Italy in 1998.

In 2002, the China Industrial Economic Federation and China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee chose Senda Group as one of 16 Chinese enterprises with international competitiveness to enter the world-famous brand, and Senda brand leather shoes were rated as China's famous brand products by the State Administration of quality inspection and quarantine.

3. Nei Lian Sheng

Photo xieselect
Photo xieselect

Founded: 1853

Founder: Shi Yuanguo


During the Qing Dynasty, Nei Lian Sheng was founded in 1853 and has since become a well-known brand for traditional cloth shoes. The company is known for producing high-quality, long-lasting shoes that are also comfortable to wear. Traditional techniques and materials, such as silk, cotton, and rubber soles, are used to create their products.

Nei Lian Sheng's product line has recently expanded to include modern versions of traditional cloth shoes, incorporating new designs, materials, and colors to appeal to younger generations. The company has also opened stores in major cities throughout China, and it is well-liked by both domestic and international customers.

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4. Anta

Founded: 1994

Founder: Ding Shizhong



Sneakers are likely to be Anta's most popular footwear products. If you asked me as a Chinese about the quality of Anta sneakers 5 or 10 years ago, I would have said they are not good enough. However, I believe they are quite impressive nowadays.

The Anta KT3 should be a hot seller, and for players who haven't tried playing in basketball shoes other than those from big brands like Adidas and Nike, I think it's a good place to start because the shoe provides great traction, a no-nonsense fit, an effective cushioning setup, and a premium upper that is worth the shoe's $120 price tag.


Photo Instagram
Photo Instagram

Founded: 1999

Founder: Ding Shuibo



Xtep, founded in 2001, is a leading professional sportswear brand with a large distribution network of over 6,300 Xtep Adult branded stores in the PRC and abroad. Xtep's signature "160X" running shoe series has enabled 49 Chinese athletes to win nearly 230 championships in major running events, including the 2022 Xiamen, Shanghai, and Beijing marathons. Its running shoes also ranked first in overall wear rate among the top 100 male marathoners of all brands in 2022.

6. 361 Degrees

Founded: 2003

Founder: Ding Wuhao



361 Degrees is a well-known Chinese sports brand that provides a diverse range of high-quality sporting goods. Footwear, apparel, and accessories are among their product offerings, which are designed to meet the needs of athletes of all levels.

Footwear is one of 361 Degrees' flagship products. Running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, and other types of athletic footwear are manufactured by the company. Their footwear incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide superior comfort, support, and performance. Some of the popular models include the 361-Sensation for running, the 361-Meraki for training, and the 361-Spire for basketball.


Photo Instagram
Photo Instagram

Founded: 1989

Founder: Xu Jingnan


Peak Sport Products Co., Limited is a Chinese sportswear and footwear manufacturing company based in Quanzhou. Founded in 1989 as a shoe manufacturer, the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009, but due to poor stock market performance, it was acquired in August 2017.

Basketball has been Peak's most profitable business since its inception. Currently, the company covers a wide range of sports, including association football, volleyball, running, tennis, and others. Peak's business is expanding in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with over 5000 exclusive stores. The company also owns several factories in Asia, employing 600 people and employing over 6,000 factory workers.

8. BeLLE

Founded: 1991

Founder: Sheng Baijiao


Belle is China's leading women's shoe retailer, with a 22% domestic market share. It manufactures, distributes, and retails footwear products under a variety of brand names, including Belle, Staccato, Teenmix, Tata, Fato, JipiJapa, Joy & Peace, and Bata.

As of its IPO in May 2007, the company had 3,828 retail outlets in 150 Chinese cities, as well as 35 in Hong Kong, Macau, and the United States. Belle was ranked No. 8 in the BusinessWeek Asia 50, Businessweek's annual ranking of top Asian companies, in September 2008.

9. Qiaodan

Photo Qiaodan
Photo Qiaodan

Founded: 1984

Founder: Ye Wen


Qiaodan's product line includes basketball shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, fitness apparel, and outdoor gear for men, women, and children. The brand prioritizes research and development, employing cutting-edge materials and technologies to improve the performance of their products. Qiaodan has also developed signature product lines with several well-known athletes, including former NBA star Michael Jordan.

Qiaodan is committed to sustainability and social responsibility in addition to product quality. The company has taken several steps to reduce its environmental impact, including using recycled materials and reducing water consumption in its manufacturing processes. Qiaodan has also participated in charitable activities such as disaster relief and supporting underprivileged youth.

10. Warrior

Founded: 1927

Founder: Yu Yuanhong


If you're looking for Chinese shoe brands, Warrior, which is essentially the Chinese All-Star shoe or Chinese Air-force shoe, should be mentioned.

Warrior was founded in Shanghai in the 1930s and became a national shoemaker in China from the 1960s to the early 1980s. Even as foreign brands like Nike and Adidas gained popularity in the mid-1980s, Warrior shoes continued to compete with their unique sneaker products. Warrior is now slowly beginning to export their shoe products to the west, selling alongside Feiyue shoes in fashionable areas of Chinese cities.

Wearing a pair of Warrior shoes has essentially become a way to experience Chinese culture, telling you a 90-year-long story about China, Chinese footwear history, and Chinese culture in general.


China has a piece of the pie every step of the way in every category as it remains the world’s largest footwear manufacturing country. The leading shoe manufacturers in China continue to pave the way in the industry, providing some of the best products.

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