Top 10 Most Popular Conference Call Services for 2024
The Most Popular Conference Call Services 2024
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With remote teams continuously (and, in some cases, rapidly) expanding and more firms maintaining a substantial portion of their workforces virtual, we must be able to connect with our coworkers—not to mention customers, clients, and prospects—from almost anywhere.

And conference call services enable us to do just that.

In this post, we'll analyze leading conference call service providers and discuss what features to look for when connecting and collaborating with a geographically scattered team.

What is a conference call?

A conference call is a phone call in which numerous persons are connected at the same time, typically via telephone.

A conference call may incorporate audio, video, and web conferencing. The word "conference call" can refer to a communication between two or more persons who are not physically present in the same area.

AT&T Corporation created conference calls in the 1960s, and they have since become a significant form of communication in business and government.

Why Do You Need a Conference Calling Service?

A conference call service is an excellent approach to ensure your presence and engagement at all times. It also allows your team members to work together and share ideas while on the same call.

The advantages of using conference calls are:

- Allowing employees to focus more on a certain activity, such as writing or marketing, without disrupting their work flow.

- The capacity for staff to work remotely, eliminating the necessity for frequent in-person meetings.

- The capacity for remote employees to feel like they are a part of the same team rather than being isolated.

- Reducing travel-related expenditures, which can be especially useful if your organization has many locations.

How do I lead a conference call?

To lead a conference call, follow the guidelines listed below:

Create and distribute a meeting agenda to attendees prior to the conference call.

Make conference calls using modern technology such as CallHippo.

Keep the agenda in front of you during the call.

Allow everyone to talk; quiet yourself if necessary.

Before you end the call, recap what was decided and outline any future steps. Also, thank you for your cooperation.

How many members can join a phone conference?

CallHippo, a cloud-based telephony technology, allowing you to have up to 100 participants in a call conference. The 100-person capacity allows you to plan large virtual meetings while working away. Furthermore, the CallHippo conferencing calling system does not limit call duration, allowing you to prolong the connection for as long as necessary.

Top Ten Most Popular Conference Call Services for 2024

1. Zoom

Zoom is a popular video meeting service that provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), webinars, and audio conferencing options. The scalable solution can accommodate 100 to 1,000 attendees and features a free version for 40-minute video sessions. Zoom is our top-rated conference call service due to its feature-rich subscriptions, ease of use, and AI-powered assistance.

The artificial intelligence (AI) companion is included with paid Zoom One plans. Business users describe this function as a game changer for audio and video conferences. It summarizes meetings in real time and generates searchable (and shareable) transcripts. Employees can also view meeting action items and receive support when sending emails or chat messages.

Although Zoom requires users to download an app, meeting attendees can connect by web browser or phone (if the host has a subscription plan). Attendees do not need to create an account, making it an ideal option for meeting with clients or consumers. Indeed, according to Alanna Gerton, CEO and creator of LANA, "Zoom stands out with its user-friendly interface and high-quality video calls."

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2. UberConference

UberConference promises free video conferencing with no PINs or app downloads—it's a conferencing platform that allows attendees to communicate, video chat, and screen share quickly, regardless of where they are.

Audio calls are another video-first conferencing technology that comes in second place to UberConference. However, they are simple to use—especially if you will largely be connecting internally. With UberConference's Instant Conference Call functionality, you may start a conference simply by dialing your UberConference number or sharing your UberConference URL.

One of their most prominent selling features is their voice intelligence system. UberConference includes built-in AI technology that generates a complete, searchable transcription of your conference at the end of each call. This allows participants to focus on the discussion at hand rather than worrying about taking notes.

3. CallHippo

If you want a robust conference call function at an affordable price, go no further than CallHippo's corporate phone system. You can also enjoy a free conference call service if you have CallHippo's platinum plan subscription.

CallHippo, trusted by over 5000 global brands, allows you to set up your conference call function in just three minutes. In addition, you can purchase local and toll-free numbers from over 50 other countries. This helps you establish trust with native customers and encourages engagement.

Furthermore, CallHippo includes a personalized solution for managing inbound and outbound conversations, as well as internal calls (via conferencing). Its power dialer feature automates the calling process, enhancing your sales team's efficiency. It also includes a global connect feature that shows you the optimum time to call your customers in different regions.

4. Vonage

Vonage is a commercial cloud communications company that provides flexible and scalable phone, message, video, and data capabilities to small businesses and larger organizations. Their offerings are divided into three categories: communications APIs, unified communications, and contact centers.

Vonage's Unified Communications service includes various options for holding a conference call. First, their Conference Bridge function allows you to link up to 30 individuals with the press of a button. Simply share a bridge number with participants, invite them to join, and then utilize the moderator dashboard to simply add or mute conference attendees.

For smaller conversations, you can use their Call Conference tool, which is included free with the Unified Communications package. This only enables three-way conversations, but it allows you to effortlessly add another person to an existing call without having to create a new number and password.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral's unified communications platform brings together audio, video, and texting. It can accommodate 1,000 audio conference attendees and up to 200 video participants. Although there are numerous independent teleconferencing options available, RingCentral is the best all-in-one VoIP phone system for large audio conferences. Instead of switching apps to hold a meeting, your team can use a familiar platform and preserve all interactions (and recordings) in one place.

Attendees at audio conferences can register using email, text message, or an access code. RingCentral offers paid toll-free numbers in over 80 countries, as well as local numbers in over 50. The service is compatible with computers, desktop phones, and mobile devices. Users can switch devices throughout a call without interruption.

AI systems help during meetings by recording important details such as action items, highlights, and summaries. The phone system supports end-to-end encryption for video, texting, and calls. AI-noise cancellation reduces background noise to a minimum.

6. FreeConferenceCall

Businesses can use to host video and audio meetings with up to 1,000 attendees from the United States and across the world for any price (or nothing). The company's innovative pricing mechanism suggests costs for its various plan levels, but ultimately allows you to pay what you believe is reasonable for the service. It provides dial-in numbers for over 65 countries, as well as popular mobile apps. Along with its interactive features for lectures, Q&A sessions, and business meetings,'s cost flexibility makes it our top pick for the best conference calling service for budget-conscious enterprises.

Hosts can handle conference calls by phone, laptop, or computer. All free accounts come with 1 GB of cloud storage for recording, with hosts able to purchase up to 40 GB. The radio component allows internet streaming, and hosts can broadcast recorded video or audio during the meeting. memberships come with a free US phone number and unlimited inbound calls.

7. Cisco Webex

We chose Cisco Webex as the finest conference calling service for small organizations because to its price, security features, and convenience of use. Webex provides both free and commercial video and audio conferencing services, including security, accessibility, and meeting features. The free audio conference app can accommodate 100 guests and 40-minute meetings, while commercial versions start at $14.50 per user per month for 200 participants and a 24-hour length.

Gary Warner, marketing manager at Joloda Hydraroll, adds that one of the most important aspects in choosing Webex as a conference calling service was the greater security capabilities Webex provides when compared to other conference calling systems. All collaboration data is secured, and other features include user identification, secure data storage, and customized security restrictions.

8. Genesys

Genesys is a comprehensive conference call service provider that also manages business calls, emails, chat, social media, messaging, self-service choices, and workforce optimization through analytics.

Furthermore, it combines calls, emails, chats, social remarks, and instant messaging into a single discussion, allowing you to personalize client care.

Its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered resource management function enables you to better forecast and schedule your personnel to meet the increase in call volumes. Furthermore, its quality assurance and monitoring capability allow you to measure productivity in your contact center, thereby increasing agent performance and meeting client expectations.

9. Fuze

Fuze is an online meeting software and contact center that combines phone, HD video calling, conferencing, integrated chat, and information sharing. Fuze provides a unified application experience for both end users and administrators, allowing everyone to get to work.

Fuze's all-in-one platform consolidates your calls, meetings, and contact centers into one place. Fuze, like other PBX services, offers basic functions such as call transfer, conference, parking, call recording, and voicemail. However, it also provides a localized experience in more than 110 countries, serving as a single consolidated voice carrier for distributed enterprises.

Fuze provides HD audio and video for conference calls and meetings with up to 1,000 participants. Like the other apps on our list, it provides dynamic screen and material sharing to enhance your meetings.

10. Twilio

Twilio is another cloud-based conference call provider that offers unlimited conference calls. It also provides intelligent chatbots to answer popular questions.

By centralizing all of your client communications, your staff will be able to provide tailored care to each and every customer. You can also use Twilio's AI to automate mundane processes like qualifying sales leads, scheduling appointments, rule-based call routing, and auto-respond via SMS, voice, chat, and WhatsApp from a single platform.

The analytics dashboard provides agents with complete visibility into their performance. Managers can also track each representative's performance and provide appropriate coaching.


Working remotely is one of the most adaptable trends of the past several years.

And, with the correct call conferencing service, we can collaborate just as readily with colleagues from other countries as we do in an office.

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