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Mysterious-people illustrated. Photo: Mixi's
Mysterious People In The World - llustrated. Photo: Mixi's

They came without name, make their own place in the world’s history and gone away. Following is the list of 10 people who eventually came into existence from no-where.

Their identity never been found which turned them the most mysterious people on earth.

Who are the Most Mysterious People in the World of All Time?

1. Babushka Lady

Photo: ravindu karunarathne - Medium
Who is Babushka Lady? Photo: Ravindu karunarathne - Medium

Pictured here, the Babushka Lady was seen photographing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. While visible in the famous Zapruder film, she’s never been positively identified and her film has never been recovered.

While a woman, Beverly Oliver, came forward in 1970 as the Babushka Lady to researcher Gary Shaw at a Joshua, Texas church revival, she never proved her claims.

2. The Man from Taured

Photo: News Nation English
The Man from Taured - Photo: News Nation English

A well-dressed man enters Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, in July 1954. He travels to customs much like other travelers. But whatever transpired after this has left everyone perplexed and worried. The enigmatic traveler, also known as Taured Mystery, identified himself as being from Taured when questioned by customs officials.

The unidentified individual claimed that this was his third trip from his nation to Japan. Officers were shocked to discover that there was no country called Taured. The individual, described as Caucasian-looking with a beard, spoke French as his first language. She was allegedly conversing in numerous different languages, including Japanese.

Officers were baffled since they were unaware of such a nation. Of course, the Taured issued the man's passport. The location was unfamiliar even though the passport appeared to be genuine.

Location of Taured

After that, the man was given a map and asked to identify his nation. He instantly made a gesture toward the region where the Principality of Andorra is located. Spain and France share a border with Andorra. The man claimed that his nation had been around for a thousand years and expressed some confusion at the name Andorra that appeared on a map of his nation. The man engaged the customs officials in a protracted argument without yielding.

He was also carrying different currencies, most likely as a result of his many business travels. The unidentified man also revealed information about his employer and the hotel where he lodged, among other things. Officials learn that the company he cited was actually located in Tokyo and not Taured. Similar to that, the hotel he mentioned existed, but staff members there told them that no such booking had been made. Officers were motivated to arrest the individual for further questioning as a result. Officers seized his personal things and documents after developing a suspicion that he might be a criminal. While they looked into the matter, the officers lodged the unidentified man at a nearby motel.

Mystery Man Vanishes Amid Tight Security

To ensure that the mystery man didn’t escape, two guards were placed on the door. It must be mentioned that the hotel room in which he was staying only had one entry and exit point. But to everyone’s surprise, the man vanished the next morning. Not only that, but all his personal documents had also disappeared. A search was launched to find the man but in vain. The thing that was troubling investigating officers was that he was put up in a room high up in the multi-storey hotel building with no balcony.

Unexplained Phenomena

Some people argued that the mystery man was indeed from Taured but the country happens to be in another universe and somehow passed through a parallel dimension and ended up at Haneda Airport. Another theory is that the mystery man was a time traveller and had mistakenly landed at the airport. Above all this, there are people who claim that it’s just an elaborate internet hoax.

3. The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask - Photo: wonderslist

Nope, it's not just a made-up film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it's difficult to verify what details of this uber-mysterious prisoner are fully verified from the little we know about him, "The Man in the Iron Mask" was apparently a genuine guy.

Under the name "Eustache Dauger," he entered the Bastille "super jail" in 1698. He did wear a mask of some kind, possibly an iron one, and it has been suggested that he was a high-ranking political prisoner. He was also known as "Prisoner 64389000," was unable to reveal his identity, and had already served 20 to 30 years of his sentence.

He died in the Bastille in 1703, and his identity is still unknown today.

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4. Tank man

Photo: The New York Times
Photo: The New York Times

In the morning of June 5, 1989, when the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protest, a man protested against them by stood up against the column of tanks.

Though a newspaper claimed that his name was Wang Weilin and he was a student, but the Communist party of China rejected this news. They declared the man didn’t arrested and have no idea about him. Still, there is no reliable information about that man and its fate.

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5. The Isdal Woman

Photo: Medium
The Isdal Woman - Photo: Medium

In 1970, an unidentified body of a woman found in “Death Valley” in Bergen. She was naked and police found her burned passport and sleeping pills next to her. After investigation, it is found that the woman had up to nine fake identities which she used to travel in Europe.

The woman had taken several sleeping pills before the death which supports that she may had done suicide. Though, some believed she may have been killed, but her identity is still in dark.

6. Agent 355

Agent 355 - Photo:

This is a pseudonym given to a female spy in George Washington during American Revolution. She was an intelligent agent, however, captured and imprisoned by British on a ship and also supposed to die there. Her real identity never been found.

7. D.B. Cooper

Photo: Doi song phap luat
D.B. Cooper

The date was November 24, 1971, and a man under the assumed identity of Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 in the airspace over Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, successfully extorting $200,000 as ransom (over $1.1 mil in today’s moolah). Dramatically, Cooper then parachuted from the plane at midnight to make his escape.

Due to a miscommunication, the media dubbed him “D.B. Cooper,” and the legend was born. While it’s doubtful ‘ole D.B. survived the jump, no one knows the ending to his story—and it stands as the only unsolved air heist in commercial aviation history. For its part, the FBI kept an active investigation open for 45 years.

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8. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper - Photo:

The name Jack the Ripper came from a letter sent in 1888 to London police, purporting to be the killer of five prostitutes.

His true identity has never been proved. Stories about the serial killings on the streets of Victorian London captured readers around the world, spurring intense speculation that lasted well beyond a century.

Crime writer Patricia Cornwell contributed to the theories with her 2002 book "Portrait of a KIller -- Jack the Ripper: Case Closed." Cornwell fingers painter Walter Sickert, in part based on the similar watermarks on the letter to police and Sickert's personal writing paper. She also argued that many of his paintings depicted Jack the Ripper crime scenes.

9. Kaspar Hauser

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kaspar Hauser - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A child appeared in a Nuremberg street on May 26, 1828. He was carrying a letter that was addressed to the 4th Squadron Captain of the 6th Cavalry Regiment.

The youngster stated that his name is Kaspar and that he spent his formative years in a small, gloomy cell that measured just over two meters in length, one meter in width, and 1.5 meters in height. The boy's only knowledge of his past was that his father had been in the cavalry.

The youngster just drank water and consumed black bread, grabbing at anything shiny as if he had never seen light before. Although there are a few stories, it has been established who he really is.

10. Green Children of Woolpit

Photo: The Librarian Witch
Green Children of Woolpit - Photo: The Librarian Witch

In 12th century, two children, brother and sister, having unusual green skin suddenly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk. They spoke unknown language and ate nothing except the beans only. Soon, they learned the English language and started to eat other foods.

The green color of their skin also gone away with time. The boy was sick and died, but the girl claimed they came from a place called St Martin’s Land which is located underground world. The sun never shone there and everything there is green.

Nobody ever found their origins. Did they come from some alien world? It is still a unsolved mystery.

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