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Mysterious Places That Still Exist on Earth - Photo: KnowInsiders

1. Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in Superstitious Mountain, Arizona, USA

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is located in the Superstitious Mountains, east of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. A German emigrant to America named Jacob Waltz mined the gold mine and kept it a secret until his death.

Since Jacob Waltz died in 1891, many people have come to the gold mine, but most of them have died or mysteriously disappeared, so no one dares to come here to find gold anymore.

2. Anjikuni Lake in Nunavut, Canada

Anjikuni Lake

Anjikuni Lake is one of several lakes located along the Kazan River in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, Canada. The lake's shore is notable for rocky outcroppings of the Precambrian Shield, being part of the Hearne Domain, Western Churchill province of the Churchill Craton. Caribou migrate through the area, and the lake contains trout, pike, and Arctic grayling.

This place contains many strange stories, the most frightening is the fact that an entire fishing village has disappeared.

During the first half of the 20th century, the fishing village of Inuit settled on Lake Anjikuni. More than 30 people in the village, including women, men and children have disappeared without a trace.

The strange thing is that there was no trace of fighting, the chaos and their belongings were not stolen. In a hut of the fishing village one can still see moldy food pots because no one is eating. The local cemetery has been excavated, and the bodies have also disappeared inexplicably.

Those living near Lake Anjikuni said they saw a strange flying object around the time the fishermen disappeared.

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3. Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan

Suicide Forest

Aokigahara "suicide" forest is located on the majestic but also scary place of Mt. Fuji. Locals say there are many ghosts and demons lurking in the forest foliage.

Every year, many people come here to commit suicide. This is the second place in the world where many people end their lives. Since the 1950s, more than 500 people have committed suicide here.

Do you know…?

Japan has a tradition of ritual suicide.

Self-inflicted death doesn't carry the same stigma in Japan as it does in other countries. The practice of seppuku—a samurai's honorable suicide—dates back to Japan's feudal era. And while the tradition is no longer the norm, "vestiges of the seppuku culture can be seen today in the way suicide is viewed as a way of taking responsibility," Yoshinori Cho, author of Why do People Commit Suicide? and director of the psychiatry department at Teikyo University in Kawasaki, told the Japan Times.

Japan has a high suicide rate.

The global financial crisis of 2008 and ensuing economic instability seemed to spur a 15 percent increase in suicides in Japan. The incidence peaked in March 2009, the end of Japan's fiscal year. In 2011, the executive director of a suicide prevention hotline told Japan Times, “callers most frequently cite mental health and family problems as the reason for contemplating suicide. But behind that are other issues, such as financial problems or losing their job.”

4. The "ghost" city of Moguicheng, China

The ghost" city of Moguicheng

Moguicheng is a desert in Xinjiang, China. The name Moguicheng means "the city of Satan" or "the city of demons".

Many people say that there have been many strange things that happened here, such as suddenly hearing tigers roar, children crying and even guitars breaking strings. Although many people told the same story, no one knew where the noises came from.

5. Mount Roraima, Brazil

This flat-topped mountain is both a strange natural landscape and a place with the most unique geological structure on the planet.

Mount Roraima is not only oddly shaped, but also home to "unique" plant and animal species on the planet.

Trekking on Mount Roraima

Today, Mount Roraima is a destination for backpackers. Almost all who go up the mountain approach it from the Venezuelan side. Most hikers hire a Pemón Indian guide in the village of Paraitepui, which is reached by dirt road from the main Gran Sabana road between kilometre 88 and Santa Elena de Uairén. Although the path to reach the plateau is well marked and popularly traveled, it is easy to get lost on top of the mountain, as there are few distinct trails and the near constant cloud cover on top and the uncanny rock formations make visual references problematic. Paraitepui can be reached easily by four-wheel-drive vehicle, with great difficulty by car if the unpaved road conditions are unusually fine, or by foot in about a day.

From Paraitepui, most hikers take one day to reach the base of the mountain, and then another day to follow “La Rampa” a natural staircase-like path, up to the top. Another two days are typically needed for the return, and many people spend one day and night on top of the mountain, making five days in total. Longer treks can reach the northern portion of the tepui, mostly in Guyana, with less explored and more intriguing sites such as Lake Gladys, although this offers more dangers than its more popular southern part and should only be attempted by well-supplied groups. The less adventurous can also reach the mountain, weather permitting, by helicopter tours available from the nearby Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Uairén.

6. The Richat Cycle, in Mauritania

Richat Cycle

The Richat vortex like an eye in the Sahara desert has challenged scientists for many years.

The diameter of the vortex is 49km long, so it can be seen from space. Previously, it was thought that this strange vortex was formed by volcanic activity and falling meteorites.

The Richat Vortex also known as the Eye of the Sahara located in Mauritania has a diameter of 49 km and is visible from space. Some experts say that the Richat Vortex was formed by volcanic activity and falling meteorites. Others speculate that this structure is the result of erosion of the rock structure that forms the vortex. However, experts have not been able to explain why those vortexes are so concentric and so strangely perfect.

Today, some people think that the erosion of the rock structure forms a vortex.

It is very difficult to explain how to form such a perfect and even concentric vortex.

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7. Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland


No one knows why so many dogs commit suicide every year at Overtoun Bridge. Every 6 months, 5 dogs jump to their death from a bridge over 12m high. In the past 50 years, 50 dogs have committed such suicides.

Many people believe it is due to a man named Kevin Moy. In 1994, he stood on a bridge and threw his son away because he thought the newborn son was "against God".

When asked why he did this, the cruel father replied that it was because the bridge made him do it.

8. Lake of human bones in India

Lake of human bones

In 1942, a terrifying discovery was made in Roopkund, India. When the glacial lake melted, 200 human skeletons were revealed in the lake bed.

Initially, these skeletons were thought to be from Japanese soldiers, but testing found the skeletons date back to 850 AD.

These skeletons are still well preserved by the natural temperature of the lake. No one knows why so many people died together, only seeing that each skull had a small crack as if it had been killed by a blow.

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