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Top 10 Most Famous Mexican Restaurants In The US Top 10 Most Famous Mexican Restaurants In The US
Top 10 Most Famous Mexican Restaurants In New York
Top 10 Most Famous Mexican Restaurants In New York
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When it comes to sampling cuisines from all over the globe, few places can compare to New York City. Throughout the city, you'll find some of the finest Mexican restaurants in the country. The five boroughs of New York City are home to nearly a thousand Mexican restaurants, so whether you're craving an al pastor burrito or a plate of arroz con pollo, you're sure to find something delicious.

Top 10 Most Famous Mexican Restaurants In New York

1. Casa Azul, Park Slope

Address: 369 7th Ave, Brooklyn

In Park Slope, you'll find Casa Azul, a Mexican restaurant that puts an emphasis on Oaxacan recipes. The restaurant, which takes its name from Frida Khalo's former home, is hip and artistic without being stuffy. The barbacoa adobada with avocado salsa, jalapeo-onion escabeche, and homemade corn tortillas is a novel take on a traditional dish. A great place to bring a date or just stop by for a drink after work, thanks to its casual yet sophisticated vibe.

2. Casa Enrique

Address: 5-48 49th Ave, Queens

A Mexican eatery in Long Island City, Queens, Casa Enrique has been awarded a Michelin star for its cuisine. Their menu, helmed by chef Cosme Aguilar, features both regional specialties and innovative takes on classic Mexican dishes. The de pollo con mole de piaxtla enchiladas and the chile relleno are two of their most well-known dishes, both of which feature inventive twists on traditional Mexican fare.

3. Ruta Oaxaca

Address: 35-03 Broadway, Queens, NY

Ruta Oaxaca in Astoria, with its flashy decor and bright pink awning, may take a lighthearted approach to the dining experience, but its authentic Oaxacan food is anything but frivolous. The mole that is liberally applied to the dishes and the 2-for-1 brunch cocktail deal are the restaurant's claim to fame. Try some of their chicken buuelos and shrimp costeos, which are both served in halves of sliced pineapples. You won't go hungry here like you might at some of Manhattan's fancier restaurants.

4. Los Tacos No. 1

Locations: Grand Central – 125 Park Ave

Chelsea – 75 9th Avenue

NoHo – 340 Lafayette St

Midtown – 229 W 43rd St

Tribeca – 136 Church St

There are multiple Los Tacos No. 1 locations in the city, each serving authentic street tacos. Three Tijuana friends with a shared dream of bringing delicious Mexican food to New York launched the company. Los Tacos No.1 is among the best places to get tacos and quesadillas, despite not having a particularly extensive menu.

5. Mesa Coyocan

Address: 372 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

Williamsburg's Mesa Coyocan is a fine dining establishment known for its authentic Mexican fare. The space is open and comfortable, with large communal tables, attractive wallpaper, and dangling Edison lightbulbs. Grass-fed beef carne asada and rajas con crema are just two of the highlights of the curated plate and taco menu. Mesa Coyocan is unrivaled in New York City as a Mexican eatery with both a welcoming ambiance and creative dishes.

6. La Morada, Bronx

Address: 308 Willis Ave, The Bronx

Native Mexican fare from the Oaxaca region is the focus at La Morada, a family-run and community-oriented Mexican restaurant in the Bronx. Enter this restaurant, which looks like it was designed to resemble a doctor's waiting room, complete with purple walls and multiple tables. However, they are very different. You can find some of the best moles, gorditas, tortillas, and more on the extensive menu at La Morada. They also run a mutual aid kitchen that gives back to the neighborhood, and their vegetarian options are plentiful. We are big fans of charity dining!

7. Cosme

Address: 35 E 21st St, New York

Cosme, a popular Flatiron restaurant, is known for its high-end cuisine but can be pricey for a family dinner. Cosme, opened in 2014 by the world-famous chef Enrique Olvera, serves New York's elite octopus tostada, halibut Meztlapique, and duck carnitas. If you don't dress to impress, you might feel out of place in the restaurant's tastefully minimal decor.

8. Oxido, Times Square

Address: 1450 Broadway

Don't cross the Boss of Bosses! Every day, he prepares all of Oxido's meals from scratch. This restaurant takes pride in serving an updated take on classic Mexican fare. Burritos, bowls, tacos, quesadillas, and other standard Mexican fare are all on the menu. You can create your own meal from a variety of different components (Chipotle-style). However, their sauces are what truly set them apart. Their homemade sauces, which range from mild to fiery, are the perfect complement to any dish.

9. Mexican Rose

Locations: 61 Colombus Avenue, Lincoln Center

Branded as a "elevated fiesta" steeped in Mexican tradition, Rosa Mexicano is proud of its cultural ties to Mexico. The menu features both traditional fare and creative twists on familiar favorites. There's a little something for everyone here, from their Camarones Diablos to their homemade mole and enchiladas. In addition, there is always a lively buzz to the place. Make sure to order some of their tableside made guacamole and chips to enjoy with your tequila or mezcal beverage.

10. Nina's Fantastic Burritos

Address: On the High West Side

Earlier this year, Nina's Great Burrito Bar opened up shop on Columbus Avenue, having previously been located on Amsterdam Avenue for over 25 years. The restaurant is run by Nina Flores and her family, who serve traditional Mexican dishes that were influenced by Nina's upbringing in Oaxaca. Pulpo Tostada, Huarache, Sopecitos, Enchiladas De Mole, Suizas, Conchinita Pibil, Picadillo Tacos, and Birra Tacos are just a few of the restaurant's most famous dishes.


The claim that there is none of New York City's best Mexican cuisine should be old news by now, we hope. It's not true, but New Yorkers still make better bagels, so Californians keep spreading the falsehood that they can take the subway to a mole restaurant tonight.

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