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Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World
Most Famous Belt Brands in The World. Photo:

Belts occupy a central and most noticeable position in your outfit. Therefore, choosing luxury branded belts from famous brands in the world will create a trendy and stylish look for your style.

With a methodical and thoughtful investment from production to finished products, famous men's belt brands in the world have affirmed their leading position with extremely unique and classy collections.

Take a stroll through the fashion capital and discover famous global belt brands with!


1. GAP

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

If you love belts as an accessory and want to have some of the most iconic pieces in your wardrobe, then this brand is well worth a try. Founded in 1969, GAP has quickly become one of the most iconic yet affordable brands in the world. If you are looking for an affordable yet high quality leather belt, then GAP is the brand for you.

GAP is one of the classic & expensive belt brands since its inception. Internationally hailed as one of celebrity's favorite belt brands, the brand never disappoints with its novel and unique belt designs. The GAP features a genuine leather men's belt in black, dark brown and brown with a stylish belt buckle that will suit the office, polite and elegant environment.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World
Salvatore Ferragamo

The next name from that boot-shaped country is Salvatore Ferragamo. Belts are a line of leather products of this brand that are extremely popular with customers around the world. The common point of the Salvatore Ferragamo belts is that they have a fairly simple design inspired by tradition and a bit stylized, more fancy, but familiar but strange. That fuels people's excitement and creates success for the brand.

In addition to the premium brand value, the first-class quality of the leather materials used to the production process must be mentioned. Assure you that when holding and using a Ferragamo belt or as a gift for someone, you will certainly not regret the amount of money because it is so beautiful and quality. Beautiful from the leather strap, to the shiny buckle and even the box, it also confirms the class of the product.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World
Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, founded in 1985, is one of the world's most well-known fashion labels. The firm was founded by Tommy Hilfiger. The firm is well-known across the world for its classic designs that are influenced by American flair. This traditional belt is constructed of high-quality leather, which gives it a robust and sumptuous appearance. The sleek metal clasp with brand embossing has a simple style that is excellent for everyday use.

4. Montblanc

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

With a lengthy history of hundreds of years, the Montblanc brand has left its mark. Montblanc has a long history dating back to the early twentieth century. Took occurred in 1906, following the tragic meeting of Claus-Johannes Voss, August Eberstein, and Hamburg Alfred Nehemias. Since 1913, the Montblanc brand has been identified by its emblem, a rounded six-pointed star.

Montblanc leather belts are not fancy, but they are an important and vital item in the collections of branded personal accessories of businesspeople, great individuals, and famous people all over the world.

5. Allen Solly

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World
Allen Solly

If your fashion sense is understated and you like authentic products with less flash, fewer patterns, and a more refined appearance, choose belts from Allen Solly. This does not imply that their collection is uninteresting, but rather that it represents maturity. Allen Solly provides the ideal selection of belts for business wear. The pricing is a little on the expensive side, but their selection is definitely worth highlighting, and everyone should have at least one Allen Solly belt in their closet.

6. Viniciobelt

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

Ryser's Inc. created and manufactured the Viniciobelt brand. The company's headquarters are in San Francisco. The brand claims to deliver the greatest leather items on the market based on its more than 40 years of expertise in the leather business. The primary product line of Viniciobelt is high-quality leather belts. The belts are all constructed of real cowhide. This ensures that VinicioBelt belts are as durable and beautiful as possible.

VinicioBelt belts were the first recognized choice in the American market. Genuine VinicioBelt belts are available on Amazon's site. Before being released to the public, the brand's items are thoroughly inspected for quality. VinicioBelt has a wide range of belt designs. The fundamental style of the brand is young and graceful attractiveness. The majority of the belt types are basic in design, with few decorations. This is the beauty that many followers want; the minimalist style is always at its best.

7. Gucci

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

The interlocking G that flaunts your outfit underneath and your waistline is perhaps the most popular and conspicuous accessory that celebrities have ever owned. A Gucci leather belt on your waist is a sign of status and a symbol of fame. Italian leather belts give you the best look ever. The belts are mostly classic but still modern and never out of fashion.

Gucci is one of the most sought after brands by many fashion influencers in the world who consider it important to own at least one belt from the brand as it is associated with Luxurious and exclusive. Gucci once ordered the most expensive belt in history, worth $256,970. Gucci diamond belts are made of platinum and diamonds. The company incorporated them into the fabric. The signature double G logo is a beautiful accent to the 30 carat diamonds on the belt.

8. Lee Cooper

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper, located in London, is one of America's most prominent fashion houses. It was established in 1908 and has had a significant impact on the Indian fashion industry. Denim jackets, t-shirts, shoes, jeans, and fanny packs are among the most popular goods from the company. Lee Cooper is one of the top 10 belt brands in India. This basic belt is made of high-quality synthetic leather that is incredibly durable, and it has a simple pattern that gives it a classic appearance. It features a buckle clasp that is used to alter or fit the belt to the user's comfort. The unique Lee Cooper insignia embroidered on the belt enhances its attractiveness.

9. Wrangler

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

Wrangler is the leading manufacturer of jeans and workwear in the United States. CC Hudson is the one who started this brand. The Kontor brand runs Wrangler, which is also Lee's owner. It has become one of the most famous clothing brands. Wrangler supple belts are made from thick, full-grain oily leather for a luxurious look. Ornate stitching and nickel clasps combine to create an ultra-elegant look that adds a lot of value to the wearer's outfit.

Wrangler's beautiful belt is made of leather, creating a solid and luxurious look. It has a buckle that allows the user to adjust the straps to their comfort. The traditional brown belt is beautiful and goes with almost any outfit. These leather belts are easy to dry clean and users can dry clean them every few months and it will last longer. Wrangler's sleek belts are made with genuine leather and look absolutely stunning with any outfit.

10. Levi's

Top 10 Most Famous Belt Brands in The World

Few people realize that Levi Strauss began the history of Levi Strauss in the United States. Levi Strauss was the founder of the dry food business and the Western representative of the family firm in New York.

In 1853, Levi Strauss founded the firm, which quickly became a global denim sensation. The firm provides denim fabrics as well as belts and wallets. Levi's is the brand of choice in India for belts, jeans, and denim jackets. This Levi's Bridle belt is made of genuine leather, which increases the product's longevity. It includes a polished two-prong clasp for a trendy look, and the buckle fastening allows the user to adjust the belt to their liking.


With the names KnowInsiders mentioned above, you must have gained more knowledge about famous brands of men's belts in the world, right. Wish you choose for yourself the best branded belt to match perfectly with your outfit.

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