Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today
Top 10 Most Best and Popular Bed Styles In America Today. Photo: knowinsiders.

The bedroom - the most important space in the house

In many ways the bedroom is the most important space in the house. With the demands that the digital world places on our time, the need for good quality sleep is ever more apparent. In addition to improving concentration and productivity, being well rested has been shown to benefit immune function, mental health, and even help weight loss. Creating an environment that encourages sleep is vital and, as the junction of functional and beautiful design, the bedroom has been the focus of experimentation by some of the greatest architects and designers as reported.

People seem to spend almost two-thirds of their life sleeping, mostly in bed. People begin and end their day in bed. Therefore, it must be one of the pieces in your home that you must invest in.

When shopping for a new bed, most people tend to focus their time on researching which type of mattress and foundation are best for their specific wants and needs.

Those are important components to any bed purchase, but they aren't the only factors that need to be considered. Purchasing a quality bed frame is just as important as investing in an excellent mattress and foundation, as it has the important job of supporting the mattress while you are on it. A cheaply-made bed frame won't keep your mattress and foundation steady and secure, and it may squeak or shift with even the smallest of movements, reported.

Beds are the focal points of most bedrooms. Choosing a style might be challenging because of the wide variety of bed frame designs available in the market. In this article, we help you find 10 best and most popular bed styles in the US.


List of top 10 best and most popular bed styles in the US

1.Sofa beds

2.Bunk beds

3.Ottoman beds

4.Divan beds


6.TV beds

7.Storage beds

8.Trundle beds

9.Sleigh beds

10.Upholstered beds


What are the best and most popular bed styles in the US?

1. Sofa beds

Sofa beds and futons are similar options in that, rather than removing cushions to reveal a mattress, you typically push the back of the frame down, and the cushions form the bed—no mattress necessary. These are great for smaller rooms since they take up a lot less space.

The sofa bed is one of the most popular items you’ll find on the market if you are looking for multi-purpose furniture which saves space and makes your life easier at home. But actually what is a sofa bed?

The clever and versatile combination of a sofa and a bed, a sofa bed instantly provides a comfortable sleeping space. Basically, a sofa bed is a couch that can be converted into a bed. A sofa bed can be bought for everyday use in small apartments, as reported.

When it comes to a sofa bed, comfort is key! As reported, you want your sofa bed to be comfortable enough to relax when using it as a sofa without feeling the bed frame. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure that you can’t tell that you’re sleeping on a sofa bed. We all know that getting enough sleep is important for our health and, in terms of comfort, a sofa bed is worth investing in to guarantee it has the right mattress type and cushion interior for you or your guests to enjoy.

When researching sofa beds, the cushion type is often overlooked. But, this is a key aspect when choosing a sofa bed, so make sure to take note of it! The depth of the cushion interior and filling can make all the difference when it comes to sitting and sleeping on a sofa bed. Think of what kind of fibre or foam you prefer.

Advantages of Using a Sofa Bed

You know the answer to the question of what is a sofa bed. This article also has much more information you need to know before purchasing the perfect sofa bed for your apartment, house, or office. Here are some advantages of sofa beds:

-Space Saving Features

-As Comfortable As a Real Bed

-Great for Friends’ Sleepovers

-Create Extra Comfort at Home For Yourself

-Blends in Your Living Room

-Easy to Unfold and Move

-More Storage

-Durable Structure

-Wide Range of Style Options

-Budget Friendly

Top 10 Sofa Bed Styles in America

1. Rasberry 81'' Rolled Arm Sofa Bed, $1,939.99

2. Lark Manor Rasberry Rolled Arm Sofa Bed at Wayfair, $1,940

3. Mercury Row Imani Velvet Convertible Sofa at Wayfair, $550

4. Pottery Barn Buchanan Deluxe Sleeper Sofa at Pottery Barn, $3,849

5. Darby Home Co Velvet Sleeper Sectional at Wayfair, $4,000

6. Joybird Hopson Sleeper Sofa, $2,249

7. Crate & Barrel Barrett Sleeper Sectional at Crate & Barrel, $2,399

8. Pottery Barn PB Comfort Twin Sleeper Sofa at Pottery Barn, $1,999

9. Crate & Barrel Bedford Trundle Sleeper Sofa at Crate & Barrel, $3,199

10. Bellona USA Sleeper Sofa-in-a-box with storage, from $583

2.Bunk beds

It is a fact that space is at a premium for any growing family. You may find that much of your floor space ends up occupied by much-needed storage options such as wardrobes and toy boxes. This means that room to play is often limited for children!

According to, bunk beds can free up a few much-needed square metres by making the most of your unused vertical space. By opting for bunk beds, instead of two single beds, you can free up more floor area giving your children more space to play, grow and develop.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

Sometimes, sharing a room is inevitable due to space limitations. However, just because you're sharing a bedroom doesn't mean you won't have your own private time. With some clever use of curtains, your children can make some brilliant dens to play in or simply to shut out the world.

You could also use some clip-on lamps to help provide illumination in their personal space, giving them a way to read their favourite books at night. This is also perfect in case one child likes to sleep with a night on as it means that they won't be disturbing their sibling!

Sharing a room teaches children great life lessons, like sharing and being courteous to others. It can help siblings to bond as they will be spending time together which they may otherwise not. Sharing a room can also be a handy way of implementing a shared bedtime routine, useful for twins!

We've mentioned how bunks provide more bed space and free up the floor, but if you'd prefer bunk beds with storage, there are plenty of wonderful options available.

3.Ottoman beds

One of the key benefits of sleeping in an ottoman bed is the amount of storage space you have underneath your mattress. If you look at the pictures of the Birlea Phoenix ottoman bed you will see exactly what we mean as the entire space is available for you to store your items away in. If you compare this with a 4 drawer divan bed, then you will notice how much extra storage you get with an ottoman bed as reported.

Ottoman beds are compatible with any type of mattress providing you with great flexibility as to what you actually sleep on. Ottoman beds either have a slatted base for a slightly softer feel or a hard top to provide a firmer support. When you combine this with your choice of mattress, for example, coil sprung or pocket sprung and the tensions that both of these options are available in, then suddenly you have a tremendous opportunity to get the comfort level just right.

If finding a bed that is as unique as you are is important to you, then you will not go too far wrong with an ottoman bed. They are available in either a wooden finish, wrapped in faux leather or completed with a fabric design. The greatest range of colours is with the fabric ottoman beds as can be seen with the Sweet Dreams Sparkle ottoman bed, giving you the chance to add style and flair to the bedroom.

If the thought of building flat-packed storage furniture fills you with dread or the idea of having to put an entire bed together is something that you do not find appealing, then an ottoman bed could be what you need. All the lifting mechanisms will already be in place and the only thing you may have to do is screw on a headboard, but otherwise, an ottoman bed requires no assembling, meaning that you will not have to spend your days following building instructions that are written in another language.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today
Fenton Grey Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed. Photo:

4.Divan beds

Divan bed bases are a popular option which have so many different benefits. Discover the benefits of divan bases and how this type of bed could be the ideal option for you.

There are so many different options available when buying a divan bed with storage, as reported.

For maximum drawer space, go for a four-drawer divan with the four standard drawer sizes available. This type of divan bed with storage is perfect if you have space to spare at either side of your bed.

If you’ve bedside cabinets, you can still enjoy the benefits of storage - simply opt to have two drawers either side at the foot of the bed. You can even go for what we call the 2+2 drawer combination, which allows you to have two larger drawers at the foot of the bed and two smaller drawers near the head. The smaller drawers are positioned further down the head of the bed so having a divan bed with storage doesn’t interfere with your bedside tables.

A single bed with storage is ideal for keeping your child’s bits and bobs tidied away. Again, there are assorted storage options to choose from, making it easy to select a single divan bed with storage that suits your family’s needs.

Another fantastic choice of bed with storage is the ottoman bed. This can be a full front or side opening ottoman for maximum storage, or a half ottoman with just the foot of the bed providing storage.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today


When you select a bed, the headboard might be the least crucial item in your selection process. You may even wonder if you must get a headboard for your bed. After all, upon first glance, it just seems like an overpriced and bulky form of decor in a bedroom.

Without much effort, as reported a headboard can serve as a unique space filler on a blank wall. This can come in handy if you do not want to hang something above your head while you sleep. You can pick an intricate design that can take up the area just like a painting or bulletin board would if it had been placed instead.

By filling up space, your room will be able to:

-Look more elegant and complex in terms of decor and style

-Creates a focal point that draws the eyes of a visitor in

-Adds to whatever style you have inside of the room

You should carefully choose your headboard based on what fits best for your room. Do not pick something that will draw attention in a bad way, as the overall look of your room could potentially be ruined. Research and compare colors, patterns, and styles before settling on the one that you will put in your room.

6.TV beds

Does your idea of a relaxing weekend consist of lying in your bed all day while bingeing on Netflix and watching entertaining content? A bed that has a built-in TV is one of the best combos for people who want to watch videos while enjoying the soft embrace of a mattress. The laziest lie-ins are now more high-tech!

According to, a TV bed will have a hollow space near the foot of the bed to allow for a variety of flat screen TVs. Simply press a button on the remote, and voila! Your TV rises or lowers on command. It’s quiet, unobtrusive and cool, to boot.

A tv bed will have spaces where you can hide the clutter of wires. Most television beds will have special compartments and storage spaces where you can put the cables, the remote, gaming peripherals, consoles and satellite equipment. High-end and premium tv bed designs may even have space to build a surround speaker system in. Messy wires will be a thing of the past and you won’t have to worry about tripping on wires and cables.

Save up on the costs of a TV stand while enjoying the creature comforts of a wide screen TV right in your bedroom. TV beds are versatile because they offer a lot of conveniences. Moreover, they come in with a full warranty and free installation options are available.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

Want to charge your phone whilst you rest in comfort? Or perhaps you want to make use of the fantastic surround sound that your TV bed offers you. Every TV bed we stock on Happy Beds provides a range of connectivity options that will transform your morning or nighttime routine!

Whether it's USB charging ports or Bluetooth connectivity, they are perfect to help reduce how much you have plugged into the wall. Chill in the morning in a super king TV bed with your favourite playlists, or get ready to sleep with a soothing podcast thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, letting you connect up your phone to your bed!

The best thing is, TV beds are most commonly offered in sizes from a double bed, so if you have space then a super king TV bed provides you with the ultimate viewing experience. If you're investing in a TV bed, then why not go all out!

7.Storage beds

According to, it goes without saying that space is so important in ones home. We usually buy many goods for our selves such as clothing and food, however these have specific places to be held. Storage beds are a practical solution for extra storage for extra pillows, sheets, blankets, and etc. There are storage beds with drawers or even an ottoman design. The use of the space is limitless!

If your bedroom is compact, then storage beds are a great option. These beds allow you to sleep and keep the room uncluttered. Usually a child rooms is much smaller than a master bedroom so by having a storage bed it will definitely help with spacing. Hopefully keeping the room tidy as well!

Having a bedroom with not enough storage can be quite stressful as many things can accumulate and its prone to clutter. Having more storage can help keeping the room tidy and allowing you to get better sleep.

Although storage beds are a perfect solution for storing sheets and more, you should know that there are also some pitfalls.

As reported, this kind of bed sets close to the floor, and therefore it traps dust, not only inside the container but also under the entire structure itself. We suggest organizing objects and textiles in well-sealed boxes to protect them better. Depending on the model chosen, cleaning under the bed can be more or less complicated. If the storage area doesn’t have removable panels, you will have to move the entire bed to clean the floor underneath.

Another unpleasant aspect of storage beds is linked to Feng-Shui. According to the principles of this ancient Chinese discipline, energies should be free to flow across the bedroom. Therefore the section under the bed should remain completely clear.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

How to choose a storage bed?

After evaluating all the positive and negative aspects, if you believe that a storage bed really suits your needs, here are 2 additional features to consider when buying.

Opening and closing of the storage compartment. The opening mechanism is certainly a fundamental aspect to consider. A heavy manual lifting system would make the extra space difficult to use.

However, some models have automatic opening systems that operate through a remote control allowing you to adjust the bed base as you wish. This solution surely allows an easy opening to anyone.

Removable panels to facilitate cleaning. Make sure you choose a bed with removable panels and feet high enough to facilitate cleaning.

8.Trundle beds

A trundle bed is a two-in-one bed that features a primary bed frame and a second mattress that slides out from underneath the frame. When the second bed is stored within the trundle bed frame, you can effectively have two sleeping spaces in the footprint of one single bed frame.

According to, a trundle bed offers many benefits for people seeking extra sleeping space.

-Space: A trundle bed serves the function of a full bunk bed without taking up vertical space in a kid's room. Pullout trundles provide an extra bed for sleepovers.

-Size: Trundle beds come in many sizes. While twin-size trundles are popular, particularly twin-over-twin trundles for kids, full-size trundles also make great options for accommodating overnight guests in small spaces.

-Material: Trundle beds come in both metal frames and solid wood frames with various finishes including natural, cherry, and espresso to blend in with other bedroom furniture such as nightstands, bookcases, and tables.

While a trundle bed is an appealing option for a guest bed, it isn’t without downsides. Because a trundle has to fit underneath another bed, both the frame and mattress have to be less robust. This means that the frame usually can’t support people of a higher body weight. On top of that, a thinner mattress may offer less comfort and spinal support, which is part of why trundle beds aren’t intended for everyday use.

Furthermore, while a trundle is very space-efficient when put away, its footprint grows significantly when in use. Customers should make sure to check the dimensions of the trundle bed and their available floor space to make sure it won’t make the room too cramped, reported.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

5 Types of Trundle Beds

Trundle beds come in different styles and sizes to accommodate space needs and preferences:

-Roll-out trundle: A standard trundle bed contains a mattress that rolls on casters.

-Pull-out trundle: This trundle bed's mattress can also be mounted on a platform attached to a metal frame. Pull-out trundles may not support as much weight as roll-out mattresses.

-Pop-up trundle: The frame of a pop-up trundle pops up to be the same height as the parent bed.

-Trundle bunk bed: Some twin bunk beds feature a trundle drawer beneath the lower bunk, thus offering three mattresses instead of the standard two.

-Captain's bed with trundle: Some captain's beds may have a trundle mattress in addition to its storage drawers.

9.Sleigh beds

Sleigh beds are comfortable and decorative bed designs that can make quite a statement in both traditional or contemporary design schemes.

Traditionally, sleigh beds were made of heavy wood with quite exaggerated curves, scrolls, and side rails, which give the bed a bulky appearance. Nowadays, sleigh beds are more modernized and are made of materials such as aluminum, iron, steel, and some models are available with less exaggerated curves in comparison to traditional styles. Read our article about 6 different sleigh bed styles to find the right design that complements the overall look of your bedroom, as reported.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

A sleigh bed is a type of bed characterized by a curved or scrolled footboard and headboard that models the silhouette of a sleigh or sled. Some sleigh beds have sideboards or side rails, which cover up the mattress and/or the box spring.

Sleigh beds are available in different styles and colors and can be made of different materials to complement the style of your bedroom, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. They are most commonly made out of wood, but can also be upholstered or made of metal.

Traditional sleigh beds have ornate designs carved into the wood which adds warmth and elegance to the room. More modern styles have subtle curved headboards, and footboards in various heights. Contemporary sleigh bed options include lattice sleigh beds, upholstered sleigh beds, storage sleigh beds, and minimalistic sleigh beds—all of which are elegant and refined.

Some sleigh beds come with built-in storage space so that they fit inside small apartments with limited storage. Storage sleigh beds with drawers or spacious ottoman sleigh beds are practical and stylish.

10.Upholstered beds

An upholstered bed has a cloth covering on top of a sheet of padding which makes up the fluffy, sections of a bed. To put it simply, upholstered beds are any bed structures that contain fabrics other than wood, such as faux suede or leather, silk, or other materials. Its headboards are smoother to the touch, which you might find more relaxing, ideal if you like sitting up in bed and reading.

To give them a luxurious appearance, they're often embellished with decorative ornamentation such as button studs or embroideries. You may draw inspiration from a wide variety of interior design styles, such as classic designs that will look great in a vintage house or modern style.

Top 10 Most Best and Popular Sofa Bed Styles In America Today

Upholstered beds are rapidly becoming a common choice for those in the market for new bedframes.

According to, upholstered beds are constructed of superior hardwood. Such frames make them highly stable and durable. The thickly insulated cushions safeguard the structure from any impact that may cause it to break or get damaged. The upholstery used doesn’t easily tear as it's strong enough, notwithstanding that it's leather or fabric.

Apart from their durability, these kinds of beds are often easy to maintain. Daily dusting or vacuuming can be adequate to access the corners. It's easy to keep it clean, right? It goes without saying that keeping your sleeping area clean is one way to keep healthy.

Therefore, if your prime concern in purchasing a bed is durability and low maintenance, then an upholstered bed might be right for you. Not only will they last long; they’re fashionable too.

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