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Traveling to Asia is among the most economical options. You should definitely try some of the unique attractions and adult-only activities it offers.

Recently, Uswitch released a poll to determine which Asian villages are the most picturesque by gauging their level of social media popularity.

The List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Asia





Total number of Instagram posts

Total number of Pinterest pins

Combined total social media appearances

1.Ha Long Bay









Asia / Europe












4.Ko Phi Phi









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10.Cua Van








Which are the 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Asia?

1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Photo Bao Quang Ninh
Photo Bao Quang Ninh

The most exquisite village on this continent is located in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay. It is understandable why this is the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam and ranks first on the list with just over 1.1 million social media appearances. This site of ethereal beauty is formed by towering limestone pillars and tiny forest islets rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Ha Long is home to amazing and enigmatic caves and islands, but it's also home to a rich cultural heritage that is tucked away in every monument, traditional celebration, and generation of people. Among these distinctive qualities, the age-old splendor of the floating villages in Ha Long Bay has made a lasting impression on visitors from both domestic and foreign countries, leaving those who have had the chance to experience the culture with lifelong memories.

Remaining fishing villages in Ha Long Bay:

Cong Dam Fishing Village

The heart of the people of Cong Dam, the grandeur of the sea's poetic mountains. This section of the outdoor geological museum has a rocky park area with mountain ranges created by man-made and perfectly natural rock overlapping.

Numerous coral reefs, lakes in the limestone mountains, and underwater caves can be found in the area. There are numerous large beaches in this area with small white sand beaches and clear water.

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

Halong bay fishing village with crab fish market, seafood market, the introduction of aquaculture techniques, supplies, and catering services.

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Ba Hang fishing village, which has about 50 households, is a floating village on the sea that is part of Ha Long city's Hung Thang commune. When you visit, you'll be astonished by how untamed and uncomplicated the scenery is.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Located in the northeast is a sizable floating village called Vung Vieng, home to long-term residents. The second-largest fishing village on Ha Long Bay, after Cua Van, is Vung Vieng, which is an hour's drive from Bai Chay port on the mainland. Vung Vieng is drawing more and more domestic and foreign visitors with a new kind of tourism: travel experiences thanks to its distinctive landscape, customs, and tourism offerings.

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2. Göreme, Turkey

Photo Pinterest
Photo Pinterest

Numerous travel publications have named Göreme as one of the world's most beautiful villages.Half of the village is buried in the hill. Beneath its stone house facades is a labyrinth of cave-rooms. The primary activity for the majority of visitors is hot-air balloon tours.

Every morning, balloons take to the sky above Göreme, soaring over the moon-like valleys that encircle the village. Situated on Müze Caddesi, a short stroll from the center, are the fresco-adorned El Nazar Kilise (Evil Eye Church) and Saklı Kilise (Hidden Church), which are both on the route to Göreme Open-Air Museum.

3. Shirakawa-go, Japan

Photo Unplash
Photo Unplash

Another stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site is Shirakawa-go, which is distinguished by its gassho-zukuri style farmhouses with triangle roofs that resemble the hands of Buddhist monks folded in prayer. The 60-degree slopes make it easy for snow to slide off, and in the winter, silkworms are frequently cultivated in the warm attics.

The village might be your perfect rural retreat, surrounded by enormous mountains crowned with pine trees, lush greenery on the ground, or perhaps a blanket of snow.

4. Ko Ko Phi, Thailand

Photo agoda
Photo agoda

Fourth place goes to Ko Phi Phi. Film enthusiasts will recognize this as the location of Leonardo Di Caprio's 2000 film "The Beach." In case you haven't watched the film, it's a sight to behold. With golden beaches and crystal-clear blue waters by day and a vibrant nightlife at night, Phi-Phi Don is a hedonistic haven. In contrast, Ko Phi Phi Leh is a primitive, undeveloped paradise with sections of coral reefs in pristine waters beneath craggy cliffs.

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5. Stepantsminda, Georgia

Photo Freepik
Photo Freepik

At this geographic midpoint, Stepantsminda, Georgia, ranked fifth with 27,867 social media appearances, is another village. This village, which is 5,000 meters above sea level in the Caucasus Mountains, is surrounded by old churches and the snow-capped peak of Mount Kazbek.

Georgia's most visited mountain destination is Stepantsminda. The town draws a lot of tourists because of the picture-perfect landscape of Mount Kazbegi and the Gergeti Trinity Church at its foot. Furthermore, it's reasonably close to Tbilisi, making it an ideal day trip from the city. There are breathtaking views from the Georgian Military Highway, which leads to Stepantsminda, and the hike up to the church is quite impressive.

6. Mawlynnong, India

Photo Wildlife Zone
Photo Wildlife Zone

Discover India Magazine named Mawlynnong the "Cleanest Village in Asia" in 2003. Mawlynnong is a small, picturesque village in Meghalaya, 90 km from Shillong, the state capital. Nature, sometimes referred to as "God's own garden," is breathtakingly beautiful and immaculate, and it will enthrall you. The elevation of Mawlynnong is 4,906 feet above sea level.

Their well-maintained surroundings and excellent sanitation practices have earned them the title of Asia's cleanest village. To ensure there is no littering, they have bamboo bins and baskets on every road and toilets in every home.

5 Reasons For Visiting Mawlynnong

One always needs reasons to visit places and these reasons are despite not being enough, always serve as excuses to take your loved ones on a much-awaited grand tour!


Tribal Locals

Living Root Bridges

Places To See In Mawlynnong

Local Dishes

Best Time To Visit Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong experiences year-round pleasant weather. The monsoon season is still the ideal time to visit Mawlynnong, Meghalaya. Rainy season brings lush greenery to the village and its surroundings, making them incredibly picturesque.

You can also go during the holiday season. Some of the major celebrations held in and around Mawlynnong Village are Behdienkhlam in July, Wangala from September to December, and the Nongkrem Dance Festival in October or November.

7. Hongcun, China

Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Asia You Must Visit
Photo Trip Zilla

Hongcun, which lies at the base of the Yellow Mountains, is the ideal union of the natural beauty of the world and the Ming and Qing dynasties' architectural legacy. The layout of the village, which most Chinese people believe to be in the shape of a cow, was inspired by feng shui. The water system was constructed in such a way by laborers who carefully considered how to improve the lives of the villagers while also providing water for their plants.

According to conventional geomancy, the village is located at Moon Pond, also known as "the heart of the cow." The UNESCO World Heritage Site frequently resembles a Chinese painting due to its use of water, trees, and gardens, particularly when viewing the mirrored reflection of the houses on the pond's crystal-clear water.

Additionally, villagers reroute water into their own courtyards, transforming them into lovely homes with water gardens.

Fun fact: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, one of the best-known Chinese films ever made, was filmed in this lovely village.

8. Zuluk, India

Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Asia You Must Visit
Photo Trip Zilla

Only 700 people live in the tiny village of Zuluk, which is situated 3000 meters above sea level to the east of the Himalayan mountains. A former stopover on the ancient Silk Road that once connected Asia, this new and unusual location will provide breathtaking views of the untamed, mountainous landscape in addition to the chance to see some of India's most untamed creatures, like red pandas, bears, and deer, in the surrounding dense forests.

One will never forget the breathtaking beauty of Zuluk, with its uncharted forests full of exquisite flora and fauna and its three-level zigzag roads providing breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga mountain.

The village doesn't have any hotels, but don't worry. You are welcome to stay and experience the unselfish kindness of the people while fully immersing yourself in Sikkimese culture.

9. Palangan, Iran

Photo Iran Travel Agency
Photo Iran Travel Agency

Palangan, in the Middle East, is ranked as Asia's ninth most beautiful village. This exquisitely preserved village, perched on the hillsides of the Tangivar valley, features old stairway architecture with a view of the meandering river below. This will provide the chance to stay with the locals and experience nature at its most serene, all while remaining relatively unexplored by tourists.

10. Cua Van, Vietnam

Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Asia You Must Visit
Photo Nhan Dan

With its few dock boats and vibrant raft houses, the floating village of Cua Van, nestled among the striking limestone mountains, is truly charming and has managed to preserve the country's traditional way of life. It is clear that the allure of modernity has not interfered with people's lives. The fishing village is home to over 200 households, many of which have settled near the edge of the rocks.

This could get romantic. Why not, then? Take a boat ride with your significant other from Ha Long Bay and enjoy the view of the limestone cliffs above the glistening waters as you row into the middle of the sea. The only thing you would have left would be a wefie with that amazing background!

When you visit Cua Van fishing village, you can experience more of the friendly fishermen's way of life in addition to losing yourself in the quiet, serene, and lovely surroundings. The sight of the brown bamboo corrals parked in front of every home, the blue wooden fishing boats, and the tied-together rafters floating on the waves will all instantly captivate you. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to speak with the kind but naive fishermen, the dark-skinned kids navigating boats on the water, the housewives doing laundry on the rafts, and so forth.

You will have the opportunity to take a boat tour around Cua Van fishing village at night with the locals, experience dragging nets, go night squid fishing, and take in the glittering Halong Bay scenery. The most thrilling part is when you catch the fish, shrimp, or squid, put them in the baskets, and then get to eat the hard work you put in. Cua Van village hosts art shows on boats during special events like village festivals and weddings. These performances feature traditional operetta, a type of performance that features many of the typical folk songs of Halong Bay, as well as teaser singing.

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