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It's understandable why the Philippines consistently prevails in the most esteemed international beauty pageants. It is evident that Filipino women are truly among the smartest and most beautiful people on the planet.

There is currently fierce competition among attractive girls in the Philippines who have the potential to become actresses. Although there are many talented people in the nation, only a few girls are able to capture the hearts of the general public.

Continue reading to learn more about the top ten most attractive girls in the Philippines in 2024 if you're curious about the specifics.

Who are the Most Beautiful Phippino Women - Top 10

10. Myrtle Sarrosa

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: ArenaPile

One time, Myrtle Sarrosa was proclaimed the winner of the wildly popular Big Brother reality show franchise. However, this charming, talented, and doe-eyed girl caught the attention of many with her cosplaying endeavors before she was announced the winner. Sarrosa is currently the second-ranked cosplayer in the nation. This stunning girl is making even more waves by appearing on the front cover of FHM magazine.

Given that FHM is regarded as one of the leading publications in the nation, Sarrosa's profile increased as a result of her presentation.

Sarrosa's career was put on hold for a while, but with her current reputation—which is more mature and violent—she is undoubtedly prepared to win people over once more.

9. Janella Salvador

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Manila Bulletin

In addition to being a household name from her role as "Nikki" on the now-canceled television program Please Be Careful With My Heart, this adorable young girl is making waves in the entertainment business. She achieves this by using her dancing prowess in an engaging dance video for a shampoo commercial to keep the nation amused during commercial breaks. Her career is being shaped by her managers to emulate her mother's footsteps. It is known that she is the daughter of popular singer Janine Desiderio.

It won't come as a surprise to fans to see Janella perform, dance, and sing in a theater in the future.

8. Lauren Young

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr

This pretty girl may have captured the limelight when her elder sister named Megan Young dominated the Miss World pageant in the year 2013. However, this gorgeous and artistic girl is accomplished to make a mark in the industry very well. Presently, Lauren is getting better and challenging roles and is developing even more attractive day-by-day.

It would be actually of no surprise to see Lauren adorning beauty pageants in the near future as well as becoming a beauty queen. In the year 2012, she relocated to GMA Network and altered her manager; she selected Pia Magalona, who is the wife of the late Francis Magalona.

7. Nadine Lustre

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: MUBI

From one successful film to the next, Nadine Lustre possesses all the qualities of a leading lady in the business. The films "Diary ng Panget" (An Ugly's Diary) and the more recent "Talk Back and Your Dead" show off how marketable this adorable girl is.

Fans are excited to see more of her in an upcoming teen series as she is steadily establishing herself on television. Nadine first gained notoriety for her roles as Georgina Evangelista in the television adaptation of the well-known Bagets film series and as the lead role in Diary ng Panget.

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6. Julia Montes

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Twitter

Julia was first cast in adult roles for drama television series and motion pictures. But despite a dramatic line she delivers on TV, this lovely girl with a big heart managed to captivate and move her fans to tears.

This stunning child was born into a mother who was given a hearing impairment diagnosis; she serves as an inspiration to others, showing them that even celebrities have personal struggles of their own. Also, this stunning woman—her professional name is Julia Montes—is an actress of German descent who currently resides in the Philippines. She began her acting career as a child character on television, making appearances in Goin' Bulilit and taking on guest roles.

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5. Julie Anne San Jose:

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Manila Bulettin

What fans love most about Julie is the surprised child who can play most musical instruments with his lungs, hitting high notes when he moves like a professional hip-hop dancer. Julie Anne San Jose, a stunning young woman from the Philippines, is well-known for her YouTube mash-up and cover videos. This girl enjoys hosting and watching television, and she obviously never runs out of things to do related to her main passion, music.

Julie, who has always been a performer at heart, is undoubtedly ready to rule the music industry for a very long time.

4. Janine Gutierrez

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: ABS-CBN News

Janine Gutierrez, better known as the daughter of entertainment royalty Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon, comes from a family where acting runs in the family. This stunning girl attended Ateneo De Manila, one of the best universities in the Philippines, and graduated with a degree in European Studies. As Janine decided to pursue a career in show business, she immediately captured the hearts of viewers and admirers.

In contrast to other teenage celebrities who must go through multiple VTRs and auditions, the Philippine entertainment industry quickly welcomed Janine. This gorgeous girl deserves the recognition because she is truly giving it her all and exceeding the expectations of her devoted followers.

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3. Liza Soberano

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Pinterest

Liza Soberano, a stunning 19-year-old, was born in Santa Clara, California, to a Filipino father and an American mother. She first relocated to the Philippines in 2010 and made a friend who was in the modeling industry. To further increase her notoriety, Soberano made her acting debut in the fantasy anthology Wansapanataym in 2011.

Four years later, she landed her first feature film role in the romantic comedy Just the Way You Are. After being cast together in the 2014 romantic comedy series Forevermore, this girl and actor Enrique Gil became well-known as a couple. They went on to work together frequently in subsequent shows and movies.

2. Julia Barretto

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Inquirer Entertainment

Another stunning member of the showbiz family is Julia Barretto, who made her name as a perfumer for children's shampoo commercials on television in the past. Now that she is an adult, Julia is establishing a name for herself in the entertainment sector. This stunning girl from the Philippines does it all—sings, dances flawlessly, hosts, acts, and does everything else an artist can do.

Julia's gorgeous face and her poised head on her shoulders indicate that she will undoubtedly achieve great things. This is because she breaks through in the entertainment industry with a distinct style that sets her apart from the competition. S It is well known that Julia became well-known after appearing in the ABS-CBN series Kokey, where she played Anna Calugdan, the main character.

1. Kathryn Bernardo

Top 10 Hottest Girl In The Philippines in 2021 | Trendrr
Photo: Pinterest

Known as the Queen Bee of her generation, this adorable girl is undoubtedly blowing up the entertainment industry. Her reputation in the industry started to grow thanks to her strong team, which included Daniel Padilla, the King Bee of his era.

Though Kathryn is a star in her own right, she is usually featured in commercials, TV series, and films as part of his equally brilliant love team. This gorgeous girl has a number of ongoing projects in addition to releasing her debut album of the same name. Kathryn is currently the most renowned teenage actress in the history of the Philippine showbiz industry, and her fans can't get enough of her.

Philippine girls have a distinct charm that can help them land a good job in the entertainment business. These girls will undoubtedly become well-known stars in the near future given the way they are developing.

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