Top 10 Oldest & Beautiful Train Stations in The World Top 10 Oldest & Beautiful Train Stations in The World
Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries To Travel By Train In Europe Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries To Travel By Train In Europe
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries To Travel By Train In Asia. Photo KnowInsiders

Worldwide, trains are back and better than ever. With the expansion of night train networks and the resurgence of opulent rail routes, train travel is demonstrating that choosing alternatives to cars and airplanes is not only more environmentally friendly but also frequently more enjoyable.

Asia's prominence on a list of the world's greatest rail travels makes sense. This continent is huge, after all. It is inevitable that there will be a wide variety of amazing train journeys there given the diversity of its cultures and landscapes.

Top 10 Best Countries To Travel By Train In Asia

1. Taiwan

Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Countries To Travel By Train

The Alishan Forest Railway, a network of 71km of narrow-gauge rail lines in central Taiwan's Alishan mountain range, weaves through the mountain resort of Alishan. It is, in fact, one of Alishan's five wonders, along with the forest, the sea of clouds, the sunrise, and the sunset.

To preserve the century-old railway, cruise-style tours were recently introduced. While inexpensive, this train journey is anything but ordinary. You'll be riding the nostalgic train through Alishan's misty forests. However, your journey does not end when you step off the train. Visit the Jiemei Lake in Alishan and participate in an oolong tea tasting with local tea farmers.

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Best trains to take a ride in Taiwan

Alishan Forest Railway route

Jiji Line

Pingzi Line

West Coast Rail Route

TRA Eastern Line

2. Japan

Take this sophisticated, luxurious train around the island of Kyushu. The Seven Stars Cruise Train takes you on a four-day journey through five of Kyushu's seven prefectures: Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto. Spend the night in a traditional ryokan in Yufuin, one of the best onsen resorts on the island, to experience how the locals live.

Sit by the large windows and take in the scenery of Kyushu. If you're curious about the food, the Japanese and Western cuisine served onboard is prepared by Seven Stars' head chef, who uses locally grown vegetables and produce.

Best trains to take a ride in Japan

TokaidoShinkansen – bullet train ride

Hisatsu Line

Sagano Scenic railway route

Hanwa Line (Osaka – Wakayama)

Takayama Main Line

North Honshu line

Sagano Scenic railway route

Kurobe Gorge Railway Route

3. China

Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Countries To Travel By Train

If 22 hours just doesn’t cut it, then this Beijing-Lhasa is the trip for you. Travellers who undertake this journey rave about the distinctive ever-changing scenery, incredible number of bridges crossed (some going over extreme ravines) and passing through what is known locally as the Death Region, which is self-explanatory. You whizz past nomadic tribes, endless plains and nature reserves and suffer headaches from the altitude – but hey, that’s all part of the epic adventure. Nicknamed the Sky Road, the journey covers more than 4,000km and takes more than 47 hours.

Tickets are very reasonably priced considering the distance: expect to pay about $225 (£184) for a soft sleeper, which is your best option. If you’re on a budget, opt for the hard sleeper at approximately $140 (£114), although sitting for that amount of time on a hard seat in high altitude can be quite uncomfortable.

4. India

Few rail journeys can compete with the Palace on Wheels, which travels through northern India's former princely states.

Let us begin with the train: It debuted in 1982 and features pre-independence cars used privately by Rajasthan royalty that were renovated in 2009.

Guests can expect a silk and gleaming wood tapestry, ornate furniture, and silver tableware reminiscent of Raj opulence.

In the common areas, two dedicated dining carriages, a Royal Spa, and a bar and lounge round out the luxurious experience.

The 14 guest coaches, each named after a former princely state of Rajputana, give five-star hotels a run for their money when it comes to accommodations.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Train Journeys To Travel Around the World Top 10 Most Beautiful Train Journeys To Travel Around the World

5. Cambodia

For those who prefer slow travel, you and your friends can now private a whole train in Cambodia, fully staffed and catered for throughout your chosen journey. Travel in style through the Cambodian countryside to your next destination. From the capital of Phnom Penh, you can travel south to the coastal destinations of Kampot, Kep, or Sihanoukville, or take a road less traveled to Battambang or even as far as the Thai border.

Cambodian bamboo train

This bamboo vehicle does not have a motor or an engine; in fact, with the introduction of improved infrastructure throughout Cambodia, this railway would have become obsolete if it had not been transformed into a fun travel experience! This is a fun 20-minute short trip (ideal for kids) that allows you to see the countryside in an unusual way.

The Bamboo train is still operating ad hoc daily as it did before Covid, but I'm sure as rail traffic increases, this activity will cease. There is also a new and slightly Kitch tourist bamboo train which, in our opinion, is nowhere near as exciting and authentic as the original.

6. Indonesia

This lovely route through the Java countryside takes you through lush paddy fields and impressive volcanic peaks. If the most basic train options put you off, this rail service does offer a more comfortable first-class executive carriage with air conditioning and a surprisingly tasty lunch if you travel at that time.

Best trains to take a ride in Indonesia

Jakarta to Surabaya (Argo BromoAnggrek train)

Jakarta – Solo (Argo Dwipangga)

Surabaya – Bandung (Argo Wilis)

Probolinggo – Yogyakarta (Argo Ranggajati)

Surabaya – Banyuwangi (MutiaraTimur as called Eastern Pearl)

7. Laos

The Laos-China Railway's Boten-Vientiane section, which opened in 2021, runs through Laos from north to south, from the border with southern China to the capital Vientiane. ETG's Jamie was there to witness the epic scenery of Laos.

Passengers on the China-Laos Railway can now easily book and manage their journeys on smartphones thanks to a new mobile ticketing application, according to The Bankok Post.

8. Vietnam

Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Countries To Travel By Train

Visitors to Vietnam may have heard of the Reunification Express, a 1,000-mile link that connects Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north.

What the 30-hour journey lacks in amenities and luxuries it more than makes up for in scenery, passing through Hai Van Pass, the beaches of Lang Co, and the nearly ubiquitous rice paddy fields.

This stripped-down ride, however, is not for everyone. The Vietage provides a stark contrast for travelers seeking a more comfortable experience - and a price tag to match at $350 per person one-way.

9. Sri Lanka

Train travel from Ella to Kandy in Sri Lanka. It is regarded as one of the best train journeys in Asia and one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Tourists and locals alike enjoy this train ride.

This train journey is regarded as the most beautiful. It is a seven-hour journey that takes in all of Sri Lanka's beautiful scenery. The road from Ella to Kandy passes through beautiful green landscapes, tea plantations, and mountain scenery.

10. South Korea

River Cruising South Korean Haerang is also known as a hotel on wheels train ride. It passes through South Korea's most beautiful scenery.

This is one of Asia's most luxurious trains. Passengers can enjoy the spectacular scenery from the train's window.

What is the best trans-national train route in Asia?

The Belmond Eastern and Oriental Express is an obvious choice for this list. Since its inaugural voyage in September 1993, the Eastern and Oriental Express has connected Bangkok and Singapore. Fine dining, good company, and breathtaking views define life on the train. The interior of the train is opulent, with polished wood-paneled corridors, silken furnishings, and gleaming crystal and silverware.

The train travels through beautiful scenery and makes stops in three of Southeast Asia's most vibrant cities: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok, with stops at the Bridge over the River Kwai and the Death Railway Museum. The specially designed observation car at the back of the train is the ideal place to sit back and enjoy the scenery as it unfolds.

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