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Cheapest Countries in the World 2024

Cost of Living

You're not the only one who has ever wondered what life would be like in a different nation.

Without counting military personnel, it is estimated that there are currently close to 9 million Americans residing outside of the country. Whatever your motivation for traveling abroad, there are many nations to pick from where the cost of living is considerably lower than it would be in the US, Canada, or the UK.

Living expenses differ greatly from one nation to the next, with some offering significantly lower costs of living than others. With a few exceptions in Europe, the majority of the world's least expensive nations are found in Asia, Africa, and South America.

With a cost of living index of $294, Pakistan is the least expensive nation in the world. With cost of living indices of $316 and $385, respectively, Sri Lanka and Nepal are ranked second and third, respectively.

A number of African nations are also included in the top ten least expensive nations in the world. North African nations Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia all place in the top ten, with cost of living indices ranging from $391 to $416. With a $425 cost of living index, The Gambia, a country in West Africa, is also among the top ten.

The list also includes Bangladesh, which is in South Asia, and Kyrgyzstan, which is in Central Asia. The list also includes the Eastern European nations of Ukraine and Moldova as well as the South American nation of Paraguay.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Algeria, Afghanistan, Libya, India, Tunisia, Egypt, and The Gambia are the ten least expensive nations to live in. Pakistan has the lowest cost of living in the entire world, at $294 per month. The second-cheapest country to live in is Sri Lanka, where a $316 monthly living expense is necessary. With a $385 cost of living, Nepal ranks third in terms of cost of living. With a $391 cost of living, Algeria is the fourth-cheapest country to live in. Afghanistan comes in fifth place with a $397 cost of living.

With a $398 cost of living, Libya comes in sixth place. India has the seventh-cheapest cost of living, at $416 per month. Eighth on the list of least expensive places to live is Tunisia, with a cost of living of $416; ninth is Egypt, with a cost of living of $418; and tenth on the list, The Gambia, with a cost of living of $425.

Top 10 Cheapest Countries in the World in 2024 by Wisevoter

1. Pakistan – $294

2. Sri Lanka – $316

3. Nepal – $385

4. Algeria – $391

5. Afghanistan – $397

6. Libya – $398

7. India – $416

8. Tunisia – $416

9. Egypt – $418

10. The Gambia – $425

Top 10 cheapest Countries in the World in 2024 by World Population Review

Afghanistan: $354

Pakistan: $370

India: $423

Tunisia: $424

Sri Lanka: $428

Kyrgyzstan: $430

Algeria: $431

Syria: $435

Nepal: $439

Turkey: $447

Final Words

Have you ever fantasized about living in a nation where all of your costs are $500 or less?

You've now learned which nations in the world in 2014 had the lowest living standards. Thanks to the article above.

The list above combines information from the most prestigious organizations in the world and is based on the monthly cost of housing and living expenses for a single person living alone.

If you're thinking about moving abroad to live and work, you'll find this list of the least expensive nations to do so helpful.

Living on a budget does not require sacrificing a rich life. As we've seen, many nations provide a pleasing fusion of culture, adventure, and affordability. The world is teeming with opportunities just waiting to be discovered, whether you're looking for a permanent home or a short-term getaway.

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