Top 10 Highest and Most Impressive Mountains In Canada
Top 10 Highest and Most Impressive Mountains In Canada
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Canada is the world's second largest country, covering approximately 3.9 million square miles. It is famous for stretching "Mari Usque ad Mare," or "from sea to sea," encompassing three seas: the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic. And 873,000 square miles of this vast country's territory is mountainous.

How many mountains are there in Canada?

There are 24869 named mountains in Canada. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Mount Logan, which is found in the St. Elias Mountains.

How Much Of Canada Is Mountains?

Canada has a number of mountain ranges. Unemployment in the United States ranges between 2 and 4%. The country's mountainous terrain covers 26 million square kilometers, or 54 times the country's total area.

What Mountains Run Through Canada?

The Canadian Rockies are a section of the Rocky Mountains in Canada that extends southeastward for about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from northern British Columbia and forms nearly half of the 900-mile (1,500-km) border between British Columbia and Alberta.

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Top 10 Highest Mountains In Canada

1. Mount Logan

Height: 19,551 feet

Location: Kluane National Park Reserve, Yukon

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Logan, at 19,551 feet above sea level, is the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North America after Denali. It has the largest base circumference of any non-volcanic mountain on the planet and is topped by eleven peaks with elevations of over 16,400 feet.

Mount Logan, located in Kluane National Park, is Canada's tallest mountain and the second tallest in North America. In terms of circumference, it is also the world's largest non-volcanic peak. While anyone can admire the mountain's breathtaking beauty, climbing it is best left to the experts. Even in the summer, the temperature on the mountain, which is near 20,000 feet above sea level, remains below zero degrees.

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2. Mount Saint Elias

Height: 18,008 feet

Location: Alaska and the Yukon Territory

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Saint Elias, also known as Boundary Peak 186, is located on the border between Alaska and Canada. This peak is rarely climbed due to its steep ascent, which reaches over 18,000 feet in less than 10 miles. Only a few teams have completed this difficult climb, with the vast majority abandoning the mountain. The first team to do so was led by Prince Luigi Amedeo in 1897. They are one of the first ascents on this list, which is impressive considering the climbers had to deal with constant bad weather on the peak.

3. Mount Lucania

Height: 17,145 feet

Location: Yukon

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

As we continue our ascent, we come across Mount Lucania, which is located in the spectacular St. Elias Mountains of southwestern Yukon. Mount Lucania, while less well-known than its neighboring peaks, is a formidable giant in its own right. Its remote location and perilous weather conditions make it a difficult climb for mountaineers. Those who complete the challenge, however, are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding glaciers and the pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

4. King Peak (Yukon)

Height: 16,972 feet

Location: Yukon

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

We come across King Peak as we travel deeper into the rugged terrain of the St. Elias Mountains. This towering peak, named after Canadian geologist William King, commands respect from all who approach its slopes. Because of its remote location and difficult climbing routes, King Peak is a true test of mountaineering ability and endurance. Those who make it to the summit will be rewarded with an unparalleled sense of accomplishment and a panoramic view of the breathtaking environment as far as the eye can see.

5. Mount Steele

Height: 16,470 (±60) feet

Location: Kluane National Park, Yukon

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Steele is connected to Mount Luciana by a long ridge. According to some sources, the height of this peak is 16,644 feet, based on a measurement taken in 1913. If this is correct, it would be North America's tenth highest mountain. This is now considered unconfirmed, and an exact height has yet to be determined.

As a result, the height is commonly listed as being within 60 feet of 16,470. The lower end of this scale would place Mount Steele at number 11 on the continental list, but in any case, it is Canada's fifth tallest mountain. Sir Sam Steele, the head of the Yukon police detachment during the Klondike Gold Rush, inspired the name.

6. Mount Wood

Elevation: 15886 feet

Location: Kluane National Park and Reserve

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Wood, Canada's seventh highest mountain, can be seen from the Donjek River Bridge on the Alaska Highway. It is located on the northern boundary of Kluane National Park and is also known as Wood Peak. Only by plane can you get there.

7. Mount Vancouver

Elevation: 15,979 feet

Location: Alaska and the Yukon Territory

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Vancouver is the eighth highest mountain in Canada, straddling Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska and Kluane National Park and Reserve in Yukon. This peak is massive, rising over 3000 meters above the icefield. It was first climbed in 1949 and has only had 5-6 notable ascents since then. Mt. Vancouver has three summits on a north-south ridge, with the south summit, Good Neighbor Peak, located on the international border.

8. Mount Slaggard

Elevation: 15, 557 feet

Location: Kluane National Park and Reserve

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Mount Slaggard, located deep within the Icefield Range, is remote (about 40 kilometers north-west of Mt. Lucania) and heavily glaciated. In terms of size and scope of the expedition, it pales in comparison to other St. Elias summits contained within Kluane National Park and Reserve. That could explain why South Slaggard (4370m), one of its sub summits, was not reached until 1997.

On the western side of Mt. Slaggard, there are two other sub summits: West Slaggard I (4,290m) and West Slaggard II (4,210m), both of which are known for having the worst snowstorms.

9. Mount Fairweather

Elevation: 15,300 feet

States: Alaska and British Columbia

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Our journey through Canada's tallest mountains leads us to the magnificent Mount Fairweather, which sits on the border of British Columbia and Alaska. Mount Fairweather is known for its unpredictable and difficult weather conditions, despite its name. Because of its towering presence and breathtaking beauty, it is a sought-after location for mountaineers looking for a true adventure. The ascent to Mount Fairweather's peak is a test of strength, courage, and dedication, but it is rewarded with breathtaking views of the glaciers, fjords, and coastal landscapes that surround it.

10. Mount Hubbard

Elevation: 14,950 feet

States: Alaska and the Yukon Territory

Range: Saint Elias Mountains

Named for the founder and first president of the National Geographic Society, Gardiner G. Hubbard, Mount Hubbard is located approximately 60 miles north of Yakutat in the St. Elias Mountains. It straddles two countries’ national parks – Kluane National Park and Reserve on the Canadian side and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park on the American side.


With our expedition into the world of Canada's highest mountains completed, it's clear that the world's second largest country is home to some of its most spectacular as well as some of its most extreme summits.

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