Top 10 Free or Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In Australia Today
Free or Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In Australia

A web host is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals or businesses to make their website available to people all over the world. There are numerous hosting service providers in Australia that provide various types of hosting services based on your budget and specifications. There are many free web hosting options in Australia, but not all of them are secure.

You'll have to sift through hundreds of thousands of free or low-cost web hosting options to determine which ones are the best.

Check out these free and secure web hosting services that you can use without worrying about the cost.

Questions before you commit

Not sure what to ask when comparing web hosting providers? Use this checklist.

1. What is their uptime guarantee?

2. Do they offer 24/7 live support?

3. Is it a reputable company?

4. Do they offer website security?

5. What type of hosting plans do they offer?

Rate each company you’re considering on each item. Go with the company that has the highest score.

Start with the right questions

Many hosting companies offer seemingly low-cost hosting plans, which appeal to us all because we all like to save money. However, it is necessary to delve a little deeper and ask a few questions:

1. What is their uptime guarantee?

Uptime guarantee simply means that the web host promises that most of the time your website will be up and running.

Never accept an uptime of less than 99.9%.

Why? Customer satisfaction is lost for your company when customers and prospects can't access your website. Nobody enjoys clicking a link and getting a message that the website is unavailable. When they see this message, people are likely to move on to another website that they can access. This could result in a decline in sales for your company.

2. Do they offer 24/7 live support?

Round-the-clock When technical problems occur or your website goes down in the middle of a significant promotion, live support is essential. You'll regret choosing a hosting provider without adequate customer support.

3. Is it a reputable company?

A hosting provider's reputation is crucial because a no-name company may fall short in the crucial area of dependability. Do your research before making a choice; if your hosting isn't dependable or simple to use, a year may seem like an eternity.

4. Do they offer website security?

Website security is a growing issue that needs to be taken seriously because hacking can have serious repercussions for any company, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Any business owner who has experienced a hacking incident will be able to describe the potentially disastrous effects to you.

This is why GoDaddy's web hosting packages all come with DDoS protection and 24/7 security monitoring. Additionally, GoDaddy charges extra for SSL encryption and daily malware scanning (although SSL encryption is already included with GoDaddy's Ultimate and Business Hosting).

5. What do they charge after the initial term?

Once you are familiar with the various hosting packages, pay close attention to the prices stated for the subsequent 12 months. Some hosting providers offer affordable introductory rates, but after the first year, the costs skyrocket.

How much does hosting cost?

It can be challenging to choose which option will work best for your company within the constraints of your budget when it comes to cost. The price rises as you add features, power, and support, as is the case with most services. You can purchase the bare minimum for a reasonable price with plenty of functionality, and you can upgrade if and when you require more power.

Top 10 Free and Cheap Web Hosting Providers In Australia Today

1. Hostpapa

HostPapa is a privately held web hosting company with headquarters in Canada. It first entered the market in 2002 with application software for dedicated hosting services. After three years, they started providing their first hosting services, and eventually, in 2006, Jamie Opalchuk officially founded the business in Ontario, Canada. They have been offering shared, reseller, WordPress, and VPS hosting to clients all over the world for many years. They've also been able to establish a respectable reputation for their dedication to security, dependability, technical prowess, and strong customer support.

Since its inception, HostPapa has won numerous accolades, including Uptime Awards from NCM Online and WHTop. Additionally, they have made three appearances on the PROFIT 500 list of Canada's fastest-growing businesses, the most recent of which was in 2015. They announced a partnership with Dropmysite, a global cloud software platform with headquarters in Singapore that offers backup for websites and databases, in the same year.

The emphasis on being and maintaining a green image is one way HostPapa stands out from its rivals. The use of 100% green renewable energy to power data centers, web servers, and all electronic devices in their offices demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility. Concerns about the environmental impact of their business have been highlighted in their marketing materials and have always been a differentiator for them. As part of the Love Trees charity, HostPapa also supported the planting of 10,000 trees on Earth Day throughout Africa in 2011.

According to HostPapa, its mission is to offer every customer a fully featured hosting package at the most affordable price without sacrificing quality. All of the aforementioned things ought to work together thanks to first-rate customer support and green, renewable energy. With this in mind, we anticipated affordable prices, and that's essentially what we got.

The shared hosting Starter plan supports hosting up to two websites and starts at $3.95 per month (although renewal after the first three years will cost $7.95). It also comes with a free domain, a starter website builder (with a two-page limit), 100GB of SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. This seems to offer decent value for the money.

Despite the fact that all customers have the right to immediately stop using HostPapa, there is a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. However, it only applies to reseller and shared web hosting plans, which seems a little too constrictive.

In terms of payment options, HostPapa accepts PayPal and credit/debit cards.

2. FastComet

FastComet, a web hosting company based in San Francisco, strives to excel in almost every field. Some web hosting companies market themselves on features, while others emphasize power, cost, or ease of use.

You desire to have a variety of products to choose from. A graphical website builder, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce, Magento, and more are all available from FastComet.

Features? Even the most basic shared hosting package comes with free CDN, Let's Encrypt SSL, SpamExperts spam filtering, malware scanning, free daily backups, cPanel site management, Softaculous for quick WordPress and app installation, live chat support, and SSD-only storage.

The pricing at FastComet isn't exactly what it seems. Yes, shared hosting plans appear to be a great value, with prices starting at just $2.95 per month when paid over one to three years. The plan renews at $9.95, so this is more due to the steep introductory discount.

Similar circumstances apply to VPS plans, where even the entry-level Cloud 1 product begins at $35.97 billed monthly and increases to $59.95 on renewal. Even though some providers have headline prices of $10 a month or less, that seems pricey, but when you look at the specifications, the reasons become obvious. You receive twice as much memory (2GB), storage (50GB), and bandwidth (2TB) as some beginner VPN plans. FastComet manages all aspects of this fully managed product, including the low-level technology, on your behalf. Premium features like daily backups and spam filtering are also included in the price, along with CPanel, Softaculous, and WHM, which are frequently expensive extras elsewhere.

If you're searching for unlimited resources at the lowest possible cost, FastComet might not be the best option, but if features and functionality are more important to you, there's a lot to like. Particularly given that you have 45 days to decide if FastComet is the right provider for you, thanks to the generous money-back guarantee.

3. SiteGround AU

The website for SiteGround describes them as the "Google Cloud Data Center in Sydney." You now have a Google presence in Australia as a result of this. Problems with web hosting can range from downed servers to programming errors that result in data snarls. All of that has been eliminated by SiteGround's collaboration with Google. Because, let's face it, when you're running your website, you don't really care what went wrong with your web host; all that matters is that your Singaporean customer can't access it.

SiteGround has a down-stream partnership with WordPress in addition to their partnership with Google. Being formally endorsed by WordPress gives you two benefits up front. First, you can be confident that some of the most well-liked templates and simple customizations will work with your website. Second, you are aware that WordPress and your web host are already partners, which means both parties have seasoned customer service representatives who understand how to make your website successful.

Other Services

In addition, SiteGround provides SSD storage and SSLs. Solid State Disks are faster and more dependable storage options. Their association with WordPress also offers a free site transfer. SiteGround is an option if you're dissatisfied with your current web hosting provider (which is why you Googled "Best Web Hosting in Australia").

Additionally, because of their affiliation with Google, you benefit from some of the assurance that comes from working with a business that is committed to using only renewable energy. This indicates that Google is taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint, and by using a web host who follows suit, you are as well. Put that on your website to gain more favorable clicks and another important search term.

SiteGround also offers small business tutorials, website building tutorials, and great customer service. Overall, if you can sacrifice a little on your connectivity, SiteGround offers the best industry vertical relationships for web hosting.

Does Google Have Web Hosting for Free? Does Google Have Web Hosting for Free?

Google is well-known for being the most popular search engine. Everyone uses Google for many purposes. How about Google Website Hosting?

4. Hostinger

Look no further for quality, affordable web hosting. Hostinger is your solution.

Hostinger has perfected promotional pricing, ensuring that you benefit as much as they do.

Hostinger charges $0.99 to $2.15 per month. For 48 months, lock in the low price discount. This remarkable hosting price is below $70.

Let me dispel any notion that their service is inferior due to pricing. Hostinger delivers despite its newness.

Hostinger offers all the basic features of other hosting providers, but with great pricing. You won't get all the plans' attractive accessories. Before choosing a package, you should assess your needs.

Hostinger's Zyro website builder is easy to use. Zyro is simple and requires no coding.

Zyro offers free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. We also liked the huge free image library you can use to design your website.

Design or improve your logo here. Zyro's Logo Maker promotes your brand. You can design your logo quickly without help.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites. It simplifies and demystifies website setup for beginners, especially WordPress users. All plans include a free domain for the first year, great uptime (based on real-life data), a CDN, a drag-and-drop website builder, and an SSL certificate.

Bluehost has top-tier security. Bluehost's security features save time. It also gives beginners peace of mind.

Bluehost plans include resource protection, and CodeGuard Backup Basic costs $2.99 per month. CodeGuard provides daily backups, monitoring, and change notifications.

The basic security feature has 1GB storage, daily backup and monitoring, and three monthly restorations. Choice Plus and Pro offer free one-year automatic backups and 24/7 network monitoring.

Bluehost has excellent customer support. Any web hosting service needs customer support, but finding fast and efficient support can be difficult.

Bluehost provides that, and most users say the customer support is great for immediate issues. Bluehost's Live Chat system usually connects within five minutes.

You don't have to worry about time zones because its support is available 24/7. Bluehost offers phone and email support, but wait times vary. However, you can pass the time by browsing its extensive knowledge base support forum for web hosting-related FAQs, videos, in-depth articles, and support resources.

Easy to Use: Bluehost is the most popular web hosting service for its great features and ease of use. Web hosting can be confusing, so the onboarding process shouldn't be.

However, Bluehost's simple onboarding process will get your website up and running in minutes. With an intuitive interface, it will ask you to fill out a form with your website goals, what you want to add, and your site name and tagline.

After answering these questions, you can choose a Bluehost Marketplace theme and have WordPress automatically installed. Bluehost handles the backend and technical details while you customize.

High-Performance Servers: Bluehost Pro users get high-performance servers. We believe you get what you pay for. Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers keep large ecommerce websites running for $14.95 per month.

Bluehost limits users per server to 300,000, so this server is great for larger websites.

6. GreenGeeks

According to the same website that tested Hostpapa, GreenGeeks tested at less than 200 milliseconds and offers the same 99.9% upload time as the first two web hosting services we reviewed. The fact that GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting company, as implied by their name, is what really sets them apart from the competition in Australia.

Since GreenGeeks and WordPress are compatible, switching from another web hosting company should be a smooth process. Additionally, they offer 24-hour customer service, which is essential for Australians doing business with foreign companies.

They are among the less expensive web hosting services at just $2.49 (USD), which isn't always the case for items and services marketed as "eco-friendly." Speaking of cash, GreenGeeks wants to spread the word about their web hosting: they'll pay you for referring them to potential customers who are qualified. In fact, if you find them more web hosting customers in a given month, you might end up making $3,000 from them. That more than covers your web hosting fee, and it's cash you could make from networking while attracting visitors to your own website.

Overall, GreenGeeks has a lot to offer to itself.

7. A2 Hosting

They say that speed is the enemy, but in the world of online hosting, it may actually help your company last longer. One of the best in the industry, A2 Hosting has one of the best speeds.

It is an all-around good game with an incredibly high uptime, a reliable hosting platform, and helpful customer support.

A2 Hosting is tenacious. A2 has been in business since 2001, and in addition to its longevity, it has a reputation for excellence, frequently appearing on PCMag's list of the "Best Web Hosting Services."

Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers In The World Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers In The World

If you are learning about web hosting and looking for the best free web hosting in the world, you have come to the right place.

8. Crucial

Customers from all over the world have been able to purchase web hosting services from the American company Crucial Hosting since 2006. They provide packages with great value-added and fundamental features that are suitable for most websites. However, their assistance is insufficient, and their strategies are inappropriate for beginners.

With a variety of shared hosting plans from Crucial Hosting, you can get lots of storage, limitless bandwidth, and dependable essential features like:

• Business-class Intel SSD storage

• Numerous email addresses

• No bandwidth limits

Numerous MySQL databases

• Let's Encrypt SSL certificates that are free

Additionally, Crucial Hosting offers more freedom for development than other platforms. Their cutting-edge attributes include:

• CloudLinux, which isolates resources for every client.

• LiteSpeed Web Server for a server that runs more quickly

• Supports PHP 5.2 through 7.x, Perl 5.8 and Python.

• Daily backups kept automatically for up to 30 days

• A firewall program

Jobs supported by Cron

• Editing the DNS zone

Although their platform is sufficiently powerful to support the majority of personal and business websites, the full list of features can be found on their features page. They've invested a lot to keep their infrastructure up to date, and they were among the first hosting providers to offer virtualized servers on the market when those servers were still essentially unheard of. The only issue I actually have with their platform is their setup tools.

They assert to be WordPress and Drupal compatible, but they don't offer an auto-installer or website builder. Because of the need for manual setup, the cPanel platform is less than ideal for beginners. Experienced webmasters shouldn't encounter any problems using this platform, though.

9. Panthur

Panthur is in Australia-based web hosting company.

Initially, this business was a nonprofit institution.

Because of the high caliber of the web hosting services they provided, they quickly expanded in recognition across Australia.

Due to this, Panthur started to develop business hosting solutions. Numerous companies in Australia are now hosting with Panthur as a result of their growing reputation since 2009.

When compared to other Australian hosting companies, Panthur performs admirably. Their performance is below average, despite the fact that their prices are fairly competitive. However, you can clearly see that they are woefully lacking when you contrast them with more well-known hosting options like SiteGround.

Panthur, for instance, lacks international data centers. Additionally, they don't offer hosting options that are WordPress-friendly. This is significant because WordPress powers more than 25% of the Internet.

Transferring cPanel accounts to a new instance of the software is cost-free. There is no restriction on how many accounts you can move. To schedule the transfer, all you need to do is get in touch with the representatives and let them know when you want it to happen. Speak with their transfer specialist to ensure that the transfer goes as smoothly as possible and that your service is not adversely affected.

As you can see, "Business Hosting" plans were developed for companies with slightly higher CPU and memory requirements. They now offer a greater number of the extra features. For instance, all of the above-mentioned plans include all the extra features offered with the "Economy" plan as well as the following upgrades:

• 200 percent CPU speed

• 4 MB per sec. I/O speed

• 1000 emails per hour

• 2048 MB memory

The increased CPU memory and I/O speeds can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to run sites that are resource intensive. This would include businesses that have online stores or a lot of interactive activities.

10. Digital Pacific

Digital Pacific is one of the oldest Australian web hosting companies, meaning they have experience, and it shows.

They operate a very successful hosting company that is dependable and obviously here to stay. Free setup, daily backups, ssh access, good hardware, and other features are included by default. However, their basic plan only offers 1 GB of storage for $9.90 per month, making them quite expensive.

They have a wide variety of options. From domain name registrations, SSL certificates, and even Gmail and Office 365 email services, to shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated services, and more. There is no lack of variety in this situation.

Their entry-level "Personal" plan costs $9.90 per month and comes with the previously mentioned 1 GB of storage space in addition to 1 domain/site, 2 email accounts, daily backups, and DDOS protection.

Like Hostinger or SiteGround, they don't have any foreign servers; Sydney serves as their primary data center.

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