Where is toilet paper made in the UK
Where is toilet paper made in the UK

The UK used around 1.25m tonnes of hygiene paper in 2019, more than half in the form of toilet tissue and the remainder as hand, facial, industrial and sanitary tissues.

Around 60 per cent of this tissue was made in the UK (seventeen tissue mills) with the balance being imported

Because of the light-weight and bulk of the shelf-ready product, most international trade is in the form of multi-tonne parent reels, ready for conversion into shelf-ready rolls and packs closer to the end market. This conversion can happen either at paper mills or separate facilities.

Tissue is generally made from sustainable wood fibres – either recycled or virgin. Recycled fibres are largely sourced from within the UK, or close-by European countries.

Paper tissue is normally a blend of fibres, mostly conifer and plantation-grown eucalyptus sourced from Europe, north or south America.

Top 10 most popular brands of toilet paper in the UK

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

In 2020 the average weekly household expenditure on toilet paper was 90 pence per week. Households with a reference person aged between 30 and 64 spent slightly higher than this amount, at one British pound per week.

Households with a higher average income were also likely to spend more on toilet paper per week, with households in the highest ten per cent of income earners spend an average of 1 British pound and 20 pence on toilet paper per week. Households in the lowest ten percent were only likely to spend 50 pence per week on toilet paper.

In 2019, manufacturer sales of toilet paper had a value of 1.05 billion British pounds.

1. Andrex

Photo: U-buy
Photo: U-buy

Andrex is a British brand of toilet roll. It is owned by the American company Kimberly-Clark. The "Andrex Puppy", a Labrador Retriever puppy that appears on the company's television adverts, is synonymous with the brand.

The brand Andrex is also used by Kimberly-Clark in the Hong Kong market, with products from their Taiwanese factories (though wet wipes are imported from South Korea), along with the brands Scott, Kleenex and Scotties.

Its sister brand in the U.S. and Australia is Kleenex Cottonelle. In Austria it is called "Hakle," and in Germany simply Cottonelle. In The Netherlands, Andrex is known as Page. In Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal it is branded as Scottex. In South Africa, it is branded as Baby Soft.

In Australia, the puppy is known as the "Kleenex Puppy" and Kleenex is a partner and supporter of Guide Dogs Australia.

Andrex was originally developed in 1942 by paper manufacturer St Andrew Mills Ltd., as a disposable handkerchief. Harrods department store in London sold the handkerchiefs exclusively. Before Andrex, brands such as Bronco and Izal produced products that were harsher. They were mainly sold through chemists and known as “shinies”.

The name Andrex comes from St Andrew Mill, on St Andrews Road in Walthamstow, where the toilet tissue was first made. The concept of two ply luxury paper had been inspired by the facial tissues used by American women, as witnessed by the man who created the name Andrex, Ronald Keith Kent. It was the first two-ply tissue.

St Andrew Mills was taken-over by Bowater in 1955, and in 1956, Bowater formed a joint venture with the Scott Paper Company, Bowater-Scott, that specialized in tissue products, including Andrex.

One of the most popular TV ads in the UK almost did not happen. The original idea in 1972 was for a girl to run through a house trailing a roll of Andrex. The television regulators did not approve this as they felt it encouraged children to be wasteful. Bowater-Scott's Marketing Director, Raymond Dinkin decided to use a Labrador puppy instead. Since then there have been 130 different adverts featuring the puppy.

In 1986, Bowater sold Bowater-Scott to Scott Paper, and in 1995, Kimberly-Clark purchased Scott Paper.

Andrex says that it marketed the first moist toilet paper in 1992.

In 2004, Andrex replaced its advertising slogan “Soft, Strong and very very Long”, with “Tuggable, Huggable softness”, and changed to “Be Kind To Your Behind” in 2008. By 2015, it was using the slogans “Andrex clean” and “How Andrex do you feel?”

2. John Dale Limited

Photo:  www.johndale.co.uk
Photo: www.johndale.co.uk

John Dale Limited is proud to be a UK manufacturer of a wide range of our own label, branded and award winning private label wipes. In addition to our own wet wipe ranges which include baby wipes, toddler wipes, facial cleansing wipes, flushable moist toilet wipes and self-tanning wipes, we also manufacture for leading UK retailers and brands. All of our wet wipes are dermatologically approved. The emphasis is always on quality and convenience.

The business is owned and run by John Dale MBE together with his wife Pauline. They have been in the manufacturing industry for almost thirty years and have built John Dale Limited up from the ground. As a family business, both John and Pauline continue to be at the helm of the day to day running of the business ensuring that every enquiry or communication with our customers is handled with that personal touch. John lost his sight in his early teens, but has always had a life-long ambition to go into manufacturing, and was awarded his MBE in 1997 for his services to British Industry.

3. Rose Tissues

Rose Tissues produce toilet tissue and kitchen towel products in the North West of England. Branded, unbranded & private label. Supplier to wholesale businesses. Possibly all their products are UK made, but do check the labels first.

4. Plenty

Photo:  VK Wholesale
Photo: VK Wholesale

Plenty kitchen towels are made in the UK. Bounty kitchen towels were re-branded as Plenty following the sale by Proctor and Gamble of their European tissue businesses to Swedish company SCA in 2007. SCA’s tissue business has since become Essity and is still a Swedish company. They have factories all over the world and export from and import to the UK. Essity also own the Tena, Tork, Bodyform, Velvet and Cushelle brands sold in the UK. Some Plenty kitchen towel and tissue is foreign made. Essity has manufacturing sites all over the world. In the UK they have manufacturing a site in Manchester which makes paper and converts it into products including Plenty household towel and Cushelle toilet roll as well as own-brand labels for major UK customers such as Asda and Tesco; Prudhoe is Essity’s largest site in the UK and makes paper and converts it into products including brands such as Velvet, Cushelle and Tork and own brand label products for UK customers such as Asda; Skelmersdale Tawd makes TAD (Through Air Dried) tissue paper that is converted at other sites into products such as Cushelle; Skelmersdale mill is a converting site that buys in paper from other Essity sites and converts it into Tork products as well as some other own label products, Tork being Essity’s leading business-to-business brand; Stubbins Ramsbottom mill makes paper primarily for Essity’s Skelmersdale site; and the Oakenholt paper mill which produces toilet tissue, facial tissue and paper towels for the UK market including brand labels such as Quilted Velvet and Triple Velvet and also private label products for Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Wilkinson, Lidl and Costco and paper products for customers including Bunzl, Jangro, Asda and the NHS.

Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Toilet Paper in the United States Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Toilet Paper in the United States

What are the most popular brands of toilet paper in the United States today!

5. Presto

Presto toilet paper is a septic-safe bath tissue, along with enough plush and thick. This 308-sheets mega rolls toilet tissue is ultra-soft and strong enough you expect. As it is certified by PEFC, so one can use this one without taking any mental pressure.

Presto toilet paper is septic safe you expect from a brand. Thanks to Amazon for giving us such a product to us. This product is most preferable for those toilets where are being used in a septic system right now. In addition to this, it’s easy to dissolve and thin excessively to use. One doesn’t need to subscribe to buy this product again and again in the future time.

The sheets of the Amazon presto brand are thick enough and very convenient to use both home and office. Eventually, your picky husband will be happy with you after having this toilet paper once. Apart from this, it’s fit enough with your young kid at the time of fiddling with them.

Moreover, this toilet paper is recommended to clean up your younger children’s dust.

The biggest reason for buying this product is that Presto toilet paper is more economical in price. As this toilet paper has strongness, softness, and septic safe too so that you’ll have been a typical buyer if you buy any product for testing for the first time.

To sum up, presto toilet paper is perfect for a small paper holder. You should choose it for you if your toilet paper holder’s size is not too large. Overall, Presto 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper is now the favorite one on the market as if it has fewer sheets super-mega roll.

6. Cusheen Quilted Luxury

Even though picking the right kind of paper can be a little tricky, there are some features that make different brands distinct. This Cusheen quilted paper is scented, for example, but not in an aggressive manner, making the scent faint but noticeable.

This particular package comes equipped with 60 rolls, which is standard nowadays. The 3-ply structure of the sheets makes them exceptionally soft and tender, something that people with sensitive skin will surely appreciate. While the rolls look quite thick, we were surprised to find out that each roll consists of only 155 sheets. That said, it is barely noticeable since every 3-layer sheet in each roll can absorb more liquid than standard 2-ply toilet roll.

With these specifications out of the way, let’s talk about the freshness of your bathroom. Each sheet of every roll from Cusheen is scented with lavender, however, even though the scent is not aggressive, some might still find it a little too much. So, if you are not really a fan of lavender, lemon and aloe vera scents are optionally available too.

Finally, if you are currently searching for something effective and nice to the touch, then these rolls are perhaps the softest toilet paper you can find.

7. Gentille Quilted 3 Ply White

Unlike premium-grade paper, affordable products are usually hit and miss when it comes to the quality of their rolls. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon these 3-layer rolls from Gentille that are not quite your regular bunch of paper sheets.

To start off, despite the modest price tag, these rolls consist of high-quality quilted paper sheets, which makes them quite thick. With that in mind, the water absorption rates are off the charts and, as a result, this toilet paper is not limited to bathroom use. Napkins, paper towels, you name it, this paper makes cleaning a much simpler task, so if you happen to make a mess, these rolls will take care of it.

The only thing we didn't like about this product is that its texture could be just a tad bit softer than it is. But, other than that, there’s not really anything negative that stands out.

In the end, the quilted 3-ply toilet paper from Gentille will be an excellent pick for those who want as much value from as little money as possible. It is reasonably cheap and features almost every aspect of more premium bathroom paper rolls, like high water absorption, softness, and thickness, which makes it the best product in its precise price segment.

8. Freedom 3Ply

If you want quantity first, then this package from Freedom will be right up your alley. This long-lasting set of bathroom tissues includes 45 rolls of 3-layer paper, which should last for quite a while before you will have to order a new one.

Quantity out of the way, let’s proceed to the actual quality of the paper. While the 3-ply design surely makes each sheet thick, the quilted texture of the pieces is quite nice to the touch, and although we cannot say that it is the softest paper out there, it is soft enough for bathroom use.

Moreover, the thick structure of the sheets helps in absorbing the water (as well as all liquids) quite a bit. In fact, the absorption rates are so high, these bathroom tissues can easily compete with some of the more premium-quality brands when it comes to cleaning wet messes. The thing that might seem offputting for some users, though, is that these rolls are fragranced with a scent that might be a bit too strong. On the flip side, though, unless you put them close to your bed, this won’t be that huge of a deal.

All in all, this pack will come in handy for users that need a big bulk of paper rolls that can act as both standard toilet paper and as regular tissues.

9. Scottex 96 Rolls

This package comes equipped with not 50, not 70, but with 96 rolls of paper that can be used pretty much anywhere around the house aside from their main purpose.

First things first, this paper is comparatively thick. While there are a lot of rolls in the main pack, each roll has 200 sheets, which is quite a lot, considering that the sheets are, again, pretty thick. Each sheet is made of 3-ply paper, which makes every single one soft and pleasant to the touch.

The thing that we think this paper could do a bit better is its water absorption rate. Although the absorption rate is not something that matters that much when it comes to toilet paper, it does, however, make the paper harder to flush, so it is not recommended to throw large quantities directly into your toilet.

On the bright side, however, the combination of thick sheets with an overall soft surface of the sheets makes this bulk of toilet rolls fairly universal, so as long as you don’t forget to dispose of them properly, you won’t have to use the plunger.

All things considered, if you are searching for budget-friendly bathroom tissues that can be used pretty much anywhere throughout the house, then this package from Scottex is, perhaps, the best deal that you can find for the money.

10. Scottonelle Soft and Quilted

The soft and quilted toilet paper from Scottonelle is one of the most delicate bathroom tissue packs you can find. But does it make it a good product for bathroom use only? Let’s take a look and find out.

Unlike most paper brands out there, Scottonelle has an FSC logo, which means that the materials used to make the paper come from FSC-certified forests. Likewise, the paper brand's products have been dermatologically tested, which makes using it highly unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.

When it comes to the qualities of the actual paper, this premium brand features a quilted pattern on every single sheet. Speaking of which, each roll features 200 sheets, which should be more than enough to cover the needs of you and your family for at least 5-6 days before you need to place another roll on the bathroom paper holder. Combined with the fact that this bulk package includes 84 rolls, by opting for it, you will get enough paper to last for quite a while.

Wrapping things up, if you are looking for a high-quality product, then this package from Scottonelle is, hands-down, the best toilet paper that you can find. Soft and nice to the touch, it can be used as regular paper napkins and as paper towels around the house, so its use is not limited to the restroom only.

The tissue industry in UK may be divided into three segments

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

1. Manufacturers of parent reels of tissue from fibrous raw materials ready for conversion (‘Integrated tissue’)

2. Converters of tissue parent reels either manufactured in the UK or imported from abroad (‘Converted tissue’)

3. Importers of finished tissue products (‘Imported tissue’).

1. Integrated Tissue

The UK manufactures 762 kTonnes of tissue parent reels, of which 560 kTonnes are for toilet papers.

These reels are manufactured using 550 kTonnes of imported woodpulps and 379 kTonnes of recovered papers.

Whilst the source of woodpulps imported by tissue parent reel manufacturers in particular is unknown, the paper and board industry as a whole uses just over 1 million tonnes of woodpulps, including 800,000 tonnes of imported woodpulps, 60% of which come from the EU. There is no reason to believe this ratio does not apply to the tissue sector as well.

Of the 762 kTonnes of parent reels manufactured in the UK, 758 kTonnes (99%) are converted in the UK and the remaining 1% exported abroad for conversion.

The UK’s integrated tissue sector consists of six companies operating 25 sites, of which 17 are paper mills manufacturing parent reels of tissue.

2. Converted Tissue

UK tissue converters consume 1,067 kTonnes of parent reels, of which 741 kTonnes are for toilet papers:

Assuming 10 per cent losses in conversion, this will manufacture approximately 960,000 tonnes of tissue products.

The UK’s tissue converter sector consists of eight integrated sites (converter on the same site as the paper mill), a further eight standalone converters operated by the integrated companies and an unknown number of independent converters.

3. Imported Tissue

The UK imports 405 kTonnes of finished tissue products and exports 112 kTonnes giving a net import of 293 kTonnes. Of this, 258 net kTonnes (88 per cent) was imported from the EU.

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