Diego Maradona and the Best Goals in World Cup History:
Diego Maradona and the Best Goals in World Cup History:

Here are 10 goals that are considered the most beautiful in World Cup history voted by Knowinsiders and readers.

1. Diego Maradona (Argentina 2-1 England, June 22, 1986)

In the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup, Diego Maradona scored twice to help Argentina beat England with a score of 2-1. If the "golden boy" cheated when he scored the first goal with his hand, the second goal was scored after an undeniable effort.

Four minutes after scoring the "Hand of God" goal, Maradona created a masterpiece when he single-handedly dribbled past a series of English players to score. Having the ball from home, Maradona passed Peter Reid, Peter Beardsley, Terry Butcher, Terry Fenwick and Peter Shilton in turn before hitting an empty net.

The ball from the home field fully demonstrates Maradona's superstar qualities, from strength, speed and technique to sophistication. This is considered the most beautiful goal in World Cup history.

2.Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands 2-1 Argentina, June 4, 1998)

When the quarter-final match of the 1998 World Cup between the Netherlands and Argentina entered the 89th minute, striker Dennis Bergkamp had a technical control of the ball after a long pass from central defender Frank de Boer. He twisted the ball, twisted Roberto Ayala's ribs and flicked the outside of his right foot to bring home the second goal for the Orange Storm team. In fact, Bergkamp only touched the ball 3 times and also recorded his name on the scoreboard.

3.Esteban Cambiaso (Argentina 6-0 Yugoslavia, June 16, 2006)

This was a goal that most clearly demonstrated the collective play and Cambiasso was only the last to finish.

According to statistics, before Cambiaso leaned over to finish with his left foot to help Argentina lead 2-0 Yugoslavia, the South American representative made nearly 30 continuous passes across the field.

4. Carlos Alberto (Brazil 4 -1 Italy, June 21, 1970)

Carlos Alberto's goal in the 1970 World Cup final marked both individual and collective impressions.

The proof is that before Alberto launched a thunderous kick from a narrow angle to burn the Italian national team, the ball was passed through the feet of 9 Brazilian players that the opponent could not win.

Brazil is leading Italy 3-1, but it seems that the Brazilian players still want to continue the Samba dance with the ball. Cloadaldo alone dribbled past four opponents before passing the ball across the left to Jairzinho. After walking a few beats, the player passed the ball to Pele in the middle.

Pele watched and gently passed the ball into the space on the right edge of the penalty area for Carlos Alberto to rush in like an arrow to launch an unstoppable cannonball into the Italian net.

It was also the tournament where Brazil won the World Cup for the third time and permanently retained the Golden Goddess Cup.

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5.Michael Owen (England) against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup

The 18-year-old striker of the England team appeared at the World Cup that year with extremely brave dribbles.

In the match against England, from Beckham's counter-attack from his own half, Owen made a technical move with the outside of his cheek to eliminate his tutor Chamot and then led the ball straight into the center.

Facing central defender Ayala, this young striker also gently edged past before shooting diagonally into the goal of goalkeeper Carlos Roa.

6. Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina) against Mexico at the 2006 World Cup

Midfielder who used to play for club Atletico Madrid had a goal of life in the match against Mexico in the knockout round of 1/8.

A difficult match for Argentina when coach Pekerman's students were held back by an underrated opponent in the two main innings and forced to enter extra time. From a precise cross from defender Sorin, Maxi had a classy chest support before turning the volley to bring home the decisive goal.

7. Manuel Negrete (Mexico) against Bulgaria at the 1986 World Cup

After a 1-2 phase with his teammates, midfielder Manuel Negrete of Mexico in an unfavorable position still launched a "scissor" kick that caused goalkeeper Borislav Mikhailov to fly to the limit and could not save the Bulgarian team. .

8. James Rodriguez (Colombia) against Uruguay at the 2014 World Cup

With his back to goal, James received a header from a teammate and from 25 yards out he masterfully controlled the ball with his chest before turning the volley through a series of backs. The defender made the opponent's goalkeeper unable to react. A super product of James has brought his name to light in the world football village.

9.Pele (Brazil 5-2 Sweden, June 29, 1958)

Surrounded by a crowd of defenders, 17-year-old striker Pele was still able to catch the ball with his chest and bounce the ball over a person's head before unleashing an unstoppable finish. This is one of two goals Pele scored in the 1958 World Cup final to help Brazil beat Sweden 5-2.

10.Arie Haan (Netherlands) against Italy at the 1978 World Cup:

In World Cup history there have been many excellent long shots. However, legendary Dutch midfielder Arie Haan's pointed shot against Italy deserves to be included in the list of all-time best goals by a host of factors. Before scoring, Haan had an own goal and caused the home team's goalkeeper to be injured and had to leave the field.

The goal was scored from a distance of 35 meters at a time 40 years ago when the ball was not as fast as it is today. In addition, the goalkeeper beaten by Haan from this amazing distance is the legendary Dino Zoff at his peak.

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