Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Documentaries
Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Documentaries
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Thanks to streaming, the documentary genre is undergoing a second golden age. You can learn more about your past, become inspired by the world around you, and become educated about global issues by watching documentaries.

Documentaries combine education with entertainment value. They tell gripping tales about actual people and events and are based on true stories.

Actually, you can watch the majority of documentaries on sites like Hulu for free, in exchange for a user subscription. There's no end to the amount of free and legal content available on the internet, ranging from industrial classics to small amateur shorts shot on a handheld camera. Now let's go exploring!

Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Documentaries

1. Top Documentaries Films

Complete documentaries are offered by Top Documentaries Films, which references reviews from reliable sources. Finding documentaries on your preferred subjects is made simple by the genre classification system for documentaries. In order to help other viewers decide whether or not to see the film, you can also leave comments about documentaries you've seen.

It's not necessary to have an account to begin streaming these movies. You can choose to purchase documentaries from the Best Documentary Store if you find any that you truly enjoy.


2. Documentary Heaven

Photo: netted
Photo: netted

Documentary Heaven offers thousands of free documentaries that can be sorted by Top 100, popularity, and category. In addition, movies can be arranged by title, comments, rating, or newest to oldest. Since anyone can submit videos, there are a ton of public documentaries available for viewing.

Additionally, all of the documentaries available for viewing are listed on a single page, making it simple to browse the categories and titles. Mystery, Science, Philosophy, Countries, Business, Drugs, Celebrity, Archaeology, 9/11, Art and Artists, Space, Music, and Spiritual are just a few of the numerous categories.

Anyone can stream, but to leave comments or mark videos as favorites, you must create a free account. You can sign up for their RSS feed or enter your email address to receive new documentary alerts sent to you via email.



When you first arrive at, you may not know where to start. The site has an enormous amount of content, so I suggest just jumping in and exploring the "Arts & Music" section to get a feel for how the various sections of the site operate.

The next thing you could do is just type the word "documentary" into the main search bar. I looked, and this yielded 85,846 results! Beware!

One cool feature is the ability to filter results by year; for example, 20,21 yields 5,245 results. Additionally, by media type: when I looked, choosing movies narrowed the archive down to 52,458 results.



Full-length, provocative, instructive, and enjoyable documentaries are streamed for free, without the need for registration, on They have compiled high-quality videos from around the web onto a single website. You can even download certain movies or watch trailers for them. While some of the films on the website are widely available, others are the work of independent filmmakers who rely on websites such as to disseminate their work.


5. Indocus

Only independent documentaries available for free YouTube streaming are listed on Indocus. These include everything from critically acclaimed films produced on a shoestring to some longer videos from well-known YouTubers that are essentially documentaries.

Top-rated documentaries that are currently available on the website and the most recent additions to the directory are listed on the main page. A more efficient way to browse the directory is through the Discover section. Money, self-help, psychology, crime, math and science, design and art, creating, history, personal stories and vlogs, and so on are some of the categories you can choose from. Another option for sorting is by video length: short, medium, or long. The order of entries is based on their upvote rank.


6. Films For Action

Photo: weinspiremovement
Photo: weinspiremovement

The website Films For Action focuses only on the social aspects of documentaries. The website is entirely free and features content that creators have uploaded with the express intent of affecting and changing society.

You can watch more than 2,000 documentaries for free at Films For Action. Opportunities for social activism are among the many new features and content that the website regularly adds.

To find the best documentaries, sort the videos and subscribe to a weekly email alert service to be informed when new content is added. Enroll in the RSS feed to receive updates every day.



A vast collection of free full-length documentaries on a variety of subjects, including politics, science, history, and nature, can be found on You can even watch mini-documentaries about the process of creating the documentaries themselves. You can also browse by category, sort by top films, and determine the length of your videos (short, mid, and long being less than 10, 11–30, and 30 minutes, respectively). The documentaries have no territorial restrictions and are accessible everywhere.


8. Freevee

Amazon Freevee (previously called IMDb TV) is a great place for free movies, and there's an entire section dedicated just to documentary movies. All 100% free, supported by ads.

After selecting the documentary genre, you can filter the list by subject to see just those movies, such as Art & Artists, Biography, Crime, History, Science & Technology, Travel, Music & Performing Arts, and more.

There's even a filter for subtitles so you can ensure that the movies will have captions in the language you prefer.



The creators of are documentary enthusiasts who curate the finest videos from the internet. They offer films covering other genres as well, but their specialty seems to be science documentaries, which appear to be the most underrepresented genre online. You are welcome to rate the movies and leave comments about the ones you watch on their website.


10. Documentary24

There are numerous free documentary categories on Documentary24, including Business, Religion, Politics, Culture, War, and Business. Alternatively, sort videos by categories like BBC, Asia, Banks, Africa, Sport, Terror, Internet, Ships, and more.

Both recently added films and the most well-liked documentaries have their own sections on the website. Useful sorting options are available for each category list, including popularity, date, and the most popular content over the last seven days alone, as well as review score.

The portal states that it works hard to provide only impartial and prejudice-free movies.



With the help of this list, you ought to be able to find inspiring and engaging documentaries that are accessible for free. If you know of any other useful websites for finding free and legally available movies, please share them in the comments.

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