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It's easy to understand why the streaming platform is so well-liked given its abundance of well-known films and TV series and its membership base of over 41 million.

Regretfully, Hulu costs money! However, there are in fact ways to get Hulu for free!

We walk you through everything you need to know and how to sign up for a short-term, free Hulu trial. We also investigate if there are any other, legal ways to obtain Hulu streaming service for the cheapest price or for free.

But you should definitely look into streaming devices if you want to use any streaming service, including Hulu, for free or very inexpensive. the greatest offers on Roku.

Legal ways to access Hulu for free
Legal ways to access Hulu for free

How to Get Hulu for Free (2024 Update)

You'll be glad to hear that there are a few ways you can use Hulu for free if you don't want to pay $7.99 to $69.99 per month for the streaming service.

Although it might seem too good to be true, getting Hulu for free isn't!

A plethora of highly recommended TV series across various genres can be found on Hulu.

Are you set for your next Hulu binge-watching session of your favorite TV series and movies? It's 100% free!

Here are some legit ways to get Hulu for free (Update):

1. Sign Up For A Free Trial of Hulu

The simplest way to get Hulu for free is to go directly to the source. That is accurate, indeed! You can get direct, free access to Hulu by using the website.

Hulu is available for a free one-month trial. You can watch Hulu shows for free for the duration of this month, but this offer is only available to new and qualified returning subscribers.

Choose the 'Free Trial for up to one month' option when you visit

It is up to you to choose whether or not to watch Hulu with commercials. There will also be an option to bundle Disney+, ESPN+, or Live TV; however, these bundles do not come with a free trial option.

After selecting a plan, you will be asked for your name, email address, birthday, and gender. After logging in, you have a full month to watch Hulu at no cost.

Get your Hulu free trial here.

2. Get free Hulu with US Mobile

Actually, Hulu is free to use on US Mobile. With their Unlimited Premium lines, US Mobile customers can choose from over ten different streaming, gaming, and audio services at no cost.

In addition to other services, customers have the option to subscribe to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN.

Get Hulu for free with US Mobile here.

3. Share Someone’s Plan

Though opinions on whether it's acceptable to share streaming service logins vary, Hulu allows multiple accounts per plan.

You can stream simultaneously on up to two devices and create up to six profiles (using the same login). (Keep in mind that Hulu Live TV subscriptions are limited to one device per user.)

Navigating this can be a little challenging, particularly if several people wish to watch at once. A "too many screens" error will appear on any additional screens after the first two that are streamed.

However, the unique profiles let you store your personal viewing preferences and history without compromising the privacy of others.

4. Microsoft Rewards

Getting a Hulu gift card in exchange for web browsing and getting paid to play games seems like a crazy way to get Hulu for free. However, you can use Microsoft Rewards.

You can earn Microsoft Rewards points every time you enter a query when using Bing as your search engine.

After that, you can exchange those points for gifts, such as gift cards to Hulu.

Here's how to earn it more quickly, though. A gift card for Hulu is 28,000 points. It just takes 26,250 points to select five $5 Walmart gift cards.

Next, to save 1,750 points, use your Walmart gift card to purchase a Hulu gift card.

5. Do tasks on Idle Empire

On the rewards website Idle Empire, you can earn points for completing a range of activities, including:

Playing games

Answering paid surveys

Watching video

Completing offers

Testing software

Your points can be redeemed for complimentary Hulu gift cards, which can be used to purchase a Hulu subscription. Additionally, you can get paid into your PayPal account and use the money to cover the cost of your subscription. According to Idle Empire, your reward will be delivered within a day.

Get free Hulu gift cards from Idle Empire here.

6. Do online tasks with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another site where you can get Hulu for free by doing surveys and other tasks in exchange for money.

Playing games, making purchases through their portal, viewing videos, doing web searches, and directing others to their website are all ways to accrue SB points.

After that, you can exchange those SB for gift cards to your preferred stores, like Hulu.

It might only take two months to exchange your SB for a $25 Hulu gift card if you search, shop, and complete surveys frequently enough. You can get 3.5 months of Hulu service for just 2,300 SB.

Get free Hulu gift cards from Swagbucks here.

7. Rakuten

One well-known website for getting cash back is Rakuten. There are two ways to receive a complimentary Hulu membership, though.

By using Rakuten to sign up for Hulu, you will automatically receive a $1 reward. That only gets you $1 off of your first subscription month.

Nevertheless, Rakuten offers a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up to shop online.

Additionally, you'll receive cash back on regular purchases—up to 15% or more. It won't take long to have enough cash back—up to 15%—to pay your Hulu bill.

8. Get Spotify Premium Student

Do you recall CDs? Before the advent of streaming services like Spotify, people got their fix from this. You can now rock out wherever you are with your favorite songs available on demand.

You also receive even more value with a Spotify Premium for Students subscription: a complimentary Hulu membership.

This is among your best options if you're a student looking to stream Hulu for free.

Join Spotify Premium for Students to receive SHOWTIME, Hulu's ad-supported plan, and on-demand access to the newest music for a single, affordable price.

9. Verizon Unlimited

Verify your plan if you use Verizon Wireless. Customers with qualifying Verizon Unlimited plans receive The Disney Bundle at no cost!

Disney+, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ are all included in the $14.99/month Disney Bundle. To register for your complimentary bundle, sign in to your Verizon account and navigate to Add-ons.

The qualifying Verizon Unlimited plans are more expensive, so please be aware of that. Currently, the Play More Unlimited plan costs $70 per month, while the Get More Unlimited plan costs $80 per month.

It's probably not worth upgrading if you're not already enrolled in one of these plans in order to receive The Disney Bundle's $14.99/month savings.

You can combine your Hulu subscription with those of other streaming services, such as ESPN+ and Disney+.

In actuality, Verizon offers the Hulu bundle plan at a cheaper price. Although it's not free, you can save money with it.

For $10 a month, you can add the Disney bundle—which consists of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+—to a Verizon line that qualifies as a myPlan benefit.

The regular monthly price for the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle is $12.99 or $19.99.

Get Hulu for cheap through Verizon here.

10. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another cashback app that offers free Hulu gift cards as a reward. It may seem strange, but this app really pays you for scanning your grocery receipts!

Every receipt you scan and upload will earn you points, and you'll get extra credit for purchasing goods from more than 250 partner brands.

eReceipts are my preferred method of earning because they don't need to be scanned and submitted! Using my email address and Amazon account, Fetch Rewards scans my online purchases to provide me with rewards.

Currently, a $50 gift card is worth 50,000 Fetch Rewards points, and a $25 Hulu Plus gift card is worth 25,000 points.

11. Watch videos and do other tasks on PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel gives you points when you:

  • Watch videos
  • Take market research surveys
  • Sign up for brand name offers

Through the company's website, you can exchange your points for free Hulu gift cards, which can then be redeemed for a free Hulu subscription. Additionally, you can exchange your points for PayPal cash to access Hulu at no cost.

The website states that processing of all reward claims will be finished in about a day after you redeem your reward.

Get free Hulu gift cards from PrizeRebel here.

12. Use promo codes

We suggest using promo codes, coupon codes, and other deals if you want to save money or receive a free Hulu subscription.

You may potentially receive Hulu for free by using coupon codes, which can help you save a significant amount on your subscription.

Here are some locations where you can get coupons, promo codes, and other offers for Hulu:

  • Los Angeles Times
  • Forbes
  • Groupon

By using Google to search for "Hulu promo codes," "Hulu coupon codes," "Hulu discounts," and "Hulu deals," you can find even more savings. Then all you have to do is browse the outcomes to find savings.


You've just learned how to stream Hulu for free legally. We hope you can effortlessly follow the above instructions and easy methods to get Hulu for free.

With all of the streaming content available, Hulu is obviously well worth the low monthly fee of just $7.99.

However, you still have other ways to watch Hulu completely free and save a lot of money for low-income people.

Now that you know these safe and authorised methods to stream Hulu for free, it's time to unwind, settle in, and lose yourself in an endless world of entertainment.

FAQs About Hulu Free

Is there a Hulu free trial?

There is, in fact, a free Hulu trial! You can currently get one month free of both the no-ads and ad-supported Hulu plans. You might as well subscribe to the no-ads plan if you're only going to be using Hulu for a month in order to avoid any disruptions. Your credit card information will need to be provided, but you won't be charged until the end of the trial period of one month. But just as there isn't a free trial for Disney Plus, there isn't one for Hulu with Live TV either.

Can you get Hulu for free?

The easiest way to get Hulu for free is to sign up for the free trial, but if you want to use the service for longer than a month, there are other options. Having a Spotify Premium Student account is one way to solve this, as it allows you to get Hulu (with ads) for free in addition to Spotify. To qualify, you must be enrolled in school, but if you are, this is a great way to save a lot of money. Alternatively, some Sprint plans allow you to stream the greatest Hulu original series for free.

As an alternative, you may want to look into some of the other services that are offering free trials, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, Showtime, and so on. While they are undoubtedly not comparable to Hulu, they do have a ton of content to keep you occupied until you can get a subscription!

Are there any Hulu deals?

There are various options available to you when registering with Hulu. Stick with Hulu (ad-supported) for $8 a month or $80 a year if you don't mind advertisements. Choose the $18/month ad-free Hulu if you detest being distracted from the greatest movies on the platform.

Nonetheless, the Disney Bundle is a superior Hulu plan for the majority of users. Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN+ can all be accessed for $15 a month, which is 44% less expensive than buying each subscription separately. This one cannot be paid for annually, but with the savings, it is still a great deal. You can subscribe to Hulu and the other two services for $25 a month if you would rather not see any advertisements. The Disney Bundle plan is the better option if you can afford the extra. There are duo bundle options with just Disney+ and Hulu starting at $10 per month with commercials if you don't want all three.

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