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Top 10+ Best Free Apps To Watch Premier League
Top 10+ Best Free Apps To Watch Premier League. Photo: KnowInsiders
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"Premier League" refers to the top division of English soccer. English Premier League soccer is widely considered to be among the best in the world. The league has been going strong since its inception in 1992, making this season its 30th.

There will be twenty teams competing for the title of champion. The regular season for the league runs from August to May. The Premier League season consists of 380 games, with the final in late May deciding the league champion.

There is no way for spectators to watch the game at the stadium. But have no fear. You can easily watch the entire tournament without having to sign up for an expensive local cable package if you have the best options available on the device.

Top 10+ Best Free Apps To Watch Premier League

1. Official Premier League App

What better way to stay up to date on Premier League events than with the league's official app? With this app, you can manage your fantasy football team directly from your smartphone in addition to customizing it to focus solely on your favorite team. Additionally, you can easily access the most recent scores, upcoming games, and standings with just the click of a button.

The Fantasy Football features on the Premier League app are its most useful aspect, allowing you to manage transfers, formation changes, and keep track of your performance in your fantasy leagues all from your phone. The Premier League app allows you to select specific teams to customize your user experience with, but this is not its most useful feature.

Did you forget that the transfer deadline was approaching and that you are 15 minutes away from it and away from a computer? Use the PL app to meet the deadline without a problem!

Link to download apps:

2. Sky Sports Live Football

Photo: skysports
Photo: skysports

Fans of football clubs should definitely download Sky Sports Live Football, which is developed by Sky UK Limited. As the name suggests, this application only focuses on the football-related content.

You can follow all of your favorite football clubs' most recent results from any league in the world with this football streaming app. This fantastic app is readily available for download from the Google Play Store in the spots section. This application will offer sports videos from the EFL, MLS, La Liga, and World Cup in addition to the Premier League.

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3. StarTimes – Live TV & Football

Do you want a service with a wide selection of channels, including sports channels? You need StarTimes, that's what! It will give you the opportunity to view premium football matches from various leagues, including the Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, FIFA, ICC, and Ligue 1.

You can watch online videos on more than 400 channels when you combine these features to create a multi-optional app that has no restrictions. Since there are so many options, you can find something new and interesting every day. You will receive daily recommendations based on your preferences if you do this. In addition to live streaming, there is also the most recent football news.

You can set a reminder so that the app will send you a notification before a big football game if you want to watch it but are worried you'll forget. Furthermore, all significant matches are automatically notified. Therefore, you can always rely on this mini-TV in your smartphone wherever you are!

Link to download:

4. SuperSport

SuperSport is without a doubt one of the top Android football streaming apps. You should definitely use this application because it has so many top features. Here, the application will contain the fundamental live streaming features.

The fact that it has a special feature of video highlights is the best part. If you don't have time to watch a sporting event live, you can use this feature to watch it later. Your preferred video will be accessible in the resizable window of this application. in order for you to navigate it within the application. Additionally, you will find leaderboard features here, which allow you to easily follow the progress of your preferred sports club's score.

Link to download:

5. Football Live TV

Photo: cbssports
Photo: cbssports

This app is essentially a fully functional TV on your device. With it, football fans can watch any football channel, perform live streaming, and do other things. Live scores, football video highlights, betting advice, and daily news are some of the options available.

It is possible to watch any matches and leagues from around the world, including the Europa League, Champions League, Asian Sport, and the Euro and World Cup. Simply select the game you want to watch, and the app will provide you with all relevant details, including the time and location of the game.

Sky Net Sports, ESPN, SuperSport, Bein, Silk Sports, Sports Klub, Dubai Racing, Eurosport, Russian Sport, Motor Sports, NFL Network, Pac 12, and many other channels are available for viewing. Additionally, options like Score Preview and Predictions are available.

While streaming, you will be able to see betting advice and current standings. Additionally, the app includes a selection of memorable videos or excerpts from outstanding games. The Chromecast is compatible with live football broadcasts.

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6. YipTV

YipTV is your best option if you want to be free of the problems caused by cable providers without ever having to give up your access to sports programming. It offers a tempting freemium-style subscription model along with a wide variety of distinctive live channels. This platform offers more than 100 live TV channels that cover everything from sports to entertainment to news, and it continues to expand daily. Therefore, it offers something special to viewers of all types. The most well-known highlights include BelN Sports, Flight Network, Bloomberg, EuroNews, and many more.

Link to download:


ESPN is renowned for being a sporting broadcasting powerhouse. Currently, this business is providing top-notch services as a sports broadcaster. They provide content to roughly 100 million viewers in the US on a monthly basis, and the number is rising. Such reliable channels as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Classic are available. All are constantly active and provide useful information about a wide range of sports events, news, and other analytics.

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8. CBS Sports App Scores & News

Popularity in sports has never changed, and this era is no different. There are many soccer fans all over the world, but what should you do if your team's game is about to begin while you are still traveling from work?

That issue is resolved by the CBS Sports App Scores & News. This app allows you to:

• Receive news from the world of sports around the clock. The news is based on your interests, nothing extra.

• Watch exclusive soccer matches and pre and post-match broadcasts of major events on CBS.

• Watch live soccer games of your own passion

You can watch games from the EPL, NFL, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, Masters, PGA Championship, SEC on CBS, March Madness, PGA Tour, National Women's Soccer League, WNBA, and more live on the CBS Sports app.

Obtain daily betting advice from SportsLine professionals. In just a few clicks, you can make good money!

What matters is that this app is completely free to download and that there are no additional fees for using it.

Link to download:

9. Football Scores – FotMob

FotMob is an app both for Android and iOS that lets you track scores and see match stats. Let’s be honest, watching streams consumes lots of data, so if your device is not connected to WiFi, it may not be an option for you. The good news is that you can follow your favorite games without watching them.

This app, as well as the ones below, allows you to update information about the ongoing matches, see scores and read comments. It may be not as entertaining as watching football but it is something and if you are a big football fan, you will probably appreciate it.

This app lets you follow matches from Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, FA Women’s Super League, and many others. You can listen to audio comments in 10 different languages. If you’ve got special preferences, you can create a list of your favorites and read or listen to only what’s interesting to you.

In sum, this is a very nice app that lets you stay updated on your favorite teams’ games. Download FotMob now and be the first to know who scored when!

Link to download:

10. LiveScore

The LiveScore app can give you instant access to all information about any sporting event you want to follow from a remote location. Due to its direct access to popular games like cricket, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and many more, this app is very popular on both Android and iOS platforms. Users give it high marks for its interactive interface and ability to function flawlessly even with a sluggish internet connection. While ensuring quick and responsive detailing, it uses less data. Sports fans can also get immediate information about the latest results from various leagues and events.

However, users must have Android OS 2.0.1 or higher installed on their device in order to use this app, and iOS 8 or later is required if you want to use this app to watch live sports on an iPhone or iPad.

♦ Link to download:

11. Bein Sports

The following program is on the list of top Android football streaming apps. Bein is the most well-liked cable television channel, if you have one. This live streaming app was created by the Bein Media Group.

The needs of sports fans who want to follow and watch their favorite team's game on this app will be met by this application. A scoreboard feature, which includes statistics, highlights, and other pertinent information, as well as the most recent news about sporting events, is one of its many magnificent features in addition to live streaming.

♦ Link to download:

12. Mobdro

Fantastic online application Mobdro is offered without charge. It is frequently used for video streaming requirements and enables users to start a simple internet search for their preferred videos. Operating systems for Mac, Windows, and Android are all compatible with this application. You can find a lot of useful features, such as bookmarking, here. That implies that one can bookmark their preferred video content and easily return to it hours or days later. A sizable database on Mobdro TVfree sport has the capacity to store a sizable number of videos.

♦ Link to download:

How to Record Football Match with Wondershare DemoCreator

A football game may occasionally be recorded so you can watch it later or show it to your friends. We advise you to try Wondershare DemoCreator in this situation. It offers three different screen recording options, including full-screen, target window, and custom selection, so you can easily record a sporting event.

How to Mirror Football Match Live to Windows PC in Real-Time?

Although mobile live-streaming apps are small, simple, and provide a better user experience, there are times when you'd prefer to watch your favorite football game on a bigger screen. A screen mirroring app like iMyFone MirrorTo can be useful in this situation.

With the aid of this software, you can easily cast your smartphone to a PC for a wonderful HD visual experience. Along with watching a football game live, you can use a mouse and keyboard to control all the apps on your phone and play mobile games like Among Us and ARK: Survival Evolved.

This is useful for creating how-to videos and tutorials, recording mobile screens, and managing social media apps like Snapchat, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp more effectively.

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