Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World
Top 10 Best Instrumental Songs in The World

Instrumental music is a genre of music produced by instruments without the vocalist's voice as in traditional singing.

Many people love instrumental music not only because it is melodious and gentle, but it also has countless effects and benefits for life. Some of the great benefits of instrumental music include:

• Helping people relieve stress and tension in life

• Help people focus more

• Help sleep better

• Music without lyrics is good for heart and blood pressure

• Helps prevent depression

• Helping the fetus develop comprehensively...

Can you see how wonderful music without lyrics is? Below we will introduce to you the best instrumental songs for you to enjoy. Let's listen together to soothe your soul, make your life lighter and more peaceful.


1. The Godfather Love Theme

Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World
The Godfather Love Theme

The Godfather Love Theme is the soundtrack of "The Godfather" released in 1972. The film is a classic that is loved by many people, along with it, the music "The Godfather Love Theme" also becomes an archive song. international immortality. The music is like a whisper of love, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong climax. Listening to "Godfather" our feelings as well as the music of highs and lows, like the emotions of a hot loving heart that is always sobbing and passionate.

While the version of The Godfather Love Theme is the version without lyrics, the version with vocals is called Speak Softly Love. Speak Softly Love has lyrics by Larry Kusik but music is by Nino Rota. The characteristic tone of the piece closely resembles the theme appearing in "Preludio-Povero Ernesto", in Gaetano Donizetti's opera Don Pasquale (1797-1848). Since then, the echo of the love song has still been hummed here and there, many famous singers and bands such as Andy Williams, Bobby Vinton, Dalida, Guns & Roses, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra... have recorded. This song follows different styles of music. There is a version with soft music, beautiful as the love story of Michael Corleone and the Italian village girl - Apollonia; there is a version that is remixed and arranged in the style of hysterical rock (hard rock) like brutal battle battles between mafia groups.

2. Love is blue

When it comes to the world's best classical instrumental music, it is impossible not to mention Love is blue. The song gives listeners many expressive colors, is joy, sadness, is green full of hope, is the opposite of suffering and happiness, is the confession of a person who has just broken in love.

The music for Love is blue was composed by Andre Popp and the lyrics were written by Pierre Cour in 1967. Brian Blackburn later wrote the English lyrics for this song. Love is Blue was first performed in French by Greek singer Vicky Leandros, and has since been recorded by many other artists. Most notable is the French conductor Paul Mauriat, whose version is the most familiar and number one hit by a French artist to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

3. Becoming A Legend

Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World
Becoming A Legend

John Dreamer is the author of the song Becoming A Legend that once stormed. This is a song from the 3D animated movie of the same name. The melody is mixed from low to high to represent the climax and hardships in life that you encounter. In the end, all obstacles will be overcome with strong will.

4. Childhood memory

Childhood memory has a gentle melody and saxophone sound that brings everyone back to their own childhood. The music helps listeners recall sweet childhood memories. As an instrumental song performed by the Swiss band Bandari on the album Sunny Bay, Childhood memory is like a narrative about each of us's peaceful childhoods. The music seems to weave a peaceful picture full of nostalgia. The soft melody of "Childhood memory" can evoke a lot of emotions in listeners. Sometimes nostalgic, nostalgic longing, sometimes regret to choking. "Childhood memory" is a whisper reminding us of the peaceful times we had, a song that comforts us when we need to rest and relax.

5. Kiss the rain

Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World
Kiss the rain

This song without lyrics is loved by many people, they can come to Kiss the Rain when they are sad, lonely, or desperate, or when they need to calm their soul, need a private space to enjoy things. most gentle and delicious.

Each person who comes to Kiss the Rain will have a unique mood, a true feeling, but the attraction of this wonderful song cannot be denied.

6. River flows in you

River flows in you is composed by Yiruma, stage name of Lee Ru-ma, a world famous pianist and composer from Korea. In 2001, he released his most popular album to date, First Love. His number 1 bestseller is River flow in you included in this album. Since 2001, River flow in you has been released on two other albums, First Love (Repackaged) and Wedding Essentials: The Ceremony.

Right from the first sounds to the last notes, the music is a deep, intense underground flow hidden under the softness and sweetness from the sound of the piano keys that cover the hearing. . Each of us has little secrets we don't want to let anyone know, we often have to try to hide what belongs to us. Sometimes we are not happy but we still have to smile and say "I'm fine". River flows in you are like underground waves that suggest your true self, the person you want to hide. The music is so gentle that it can erase all the stress in your heart, replacing it with a strange feeling of emptiness. That empty feeling is also the necessary silence for you to rest and reflect on yourself, to ask yourself "Who am I? What am I supposed to do in this life? Have I really done well? ".

7. Papillon

Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World

Papillon is one of the world's best, timeless instrumental music of all time. As soon as it was sung, Papillon made us sob to choking. There is an invisible sadness that always reigns throughout the music, which makes us feel tormented and regretful about something.

If "Kiss the rain" gives listeners a feeling of sadness, Papillon makes us sob to the point of choking. Sadness reigns throughout the song like strong waves crashing on the shore, the song evokes many feelings of nostalgia and regret. Sometimes, listening to the music we just want to cry. The sadness and despair seem to invade our souls, but at the end of the song, a long, soaring sound seems to come out of the previous sadness. That sound is like hope, faith helps us to love life more, like the message "You can be weak, you can cry when you are sad and desperate, but never give up hope, friends!" . Papillon is known as one of the world's best and immortal instrumental music of all time.

8. Romeo và Juliet

The song "Romeo and Juliet" is a song about a sad love story with a gentle melody transformed into instrumental music that brings listeners into deep emotions. Romeo and Juliet is the love story of all time. And like a beautiful but unjust love story, the song "Romeo and Juliet" also gives listeners indescribable emotions. It is the sound of the hearts of two hearts that are in harmony with the beat, facing each other with one heart, it is the words of a loving heart sobbing, longing, but separated. What's sadder when two people who truly love each other can't be together. The song makes listeners feel the same sobbing, the longing for love, the pain of wanting to be with the person they love.

Songs written based on the touching story of Romeo and Juliet always receive great attention from the public. Up to now, the music has recorded many songs created from that story. At the same time, the instrumental Romeo and Juliet also have different versions of the lyrics.

9. Yesterday

Top 10 Best and Popular Instrumental Songs in The World

Yesterday's soft and melodious song leads the listener back to the memories and nostalgia of "yesterday". It can be sad memories, regrets, mistakes that we have made. It is also possible that it is the simple and peaceful things, the truest "me". Throughout the song is a sad sadness and regret. Today, Yesterday still shows its charm when it has more than 2,200 covers and is one of the most covered songs in music history. The melody of this instrumental song has attracted many enthusiasts. music with a gentle tempo. Yesterday is proud to conquer even the most difficult music hearts of all times.

Yesterday is still popular today with over 2,200 covers and is one of the most covered songs in recorded music history. In Vietnam, the lyric version of the song "Yesterday" performed by singer Ngoc Lan also received great popularity.

10. Sadness And Sorrow

Sadness And Sorrow, also known as Ai To Hi, is a piece of music from the world famous anime Naruto. Sadness And Sorrow was created by Yasuharu Takanashi, a famous Japanese composer and choreographer for animated series and video games. Naruto is a Japanese manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was published in Akamaru Jump magazine in 1997.

To us, Sadness And Sorrow must not be a strange song. It's the Naruto soundtrack. About an unfortunate boy, his parents died early, he was discriminated against and was always alone. Although he always shows a naughty smile, deep down in his soul, the boy wants people to notice him, wants to be recognized by everyone. Like the name, the song is a painful sadness. It was a cry of despair and pain that few could hear. The music crept into everyone's soul, bringing out the loneliness, the pain that each person buried, so that we realize how weak and lonely we are, then we just want to retreat to a corner where Cry like a baby, to satisfy the sorrows in your heart.


Instrumental music has a way of capturing our imaginations and inspiring dreams. Music without words give us the freedom to think or feel whatever we want, so we may personalize them.

Instrumental music makes it simple to connect and see ourselves in art, whether you enjoy the huge, sweeping instrumentals of your favorite movie's soundtrack or the improvised songs on your favorite band's most obscure record.

Above are the best instrumental music in the world today that we want to share with you. Thank you for following the article.

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