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Top weird insurance policies policy in the world
Top weird insurance policies policy in the world

The majority of people who invest do so through insurance.Insurance policies for things like homes, cars, travel, and personal accidents come to mind when most people think of insurance, but did you know that you can also get insurance for things like your legs, your hair, and even alien invasions?

We found some unusual insurance policies, but they all exist. While the general public might find them strange, they actually serve a very practical purpose by warding off very real dangers.

There may be special coverages available from insurance companies in other parts of the world of which we are unaware.

These kinds of unusual policies for insurance do exist. In fact, they can take it one step further and offer insurance against getting frostbite.

Are there insurance companies specialized in weird insurance?

You can get your weird insurance from some regular insurance companies, as what gets popular gets on everyone’s agenda.

If you’re wondering who could insure all of the crazy policies listed above, our answer would be Lloyds of London. This company provides specialty insurance policies, which can be tailored to include every fear of yours.

Moreover, it’s serving in over 200 countries worldwide, and it is a leader for weird insurance policies since day one.

Paranormal Insurance

There are other types of insurance available in the paranormal section besides UFO insurance. Insurance is available for a wide variety of terrifying scenarios. Or perhaps we can label them as apprehensions. Numerous supernatural beings like warlocks, vampires, and ghosts populate the film industry. To top it all off, there are myths and legends about well-known creatures from all over the world, such as the Yeti, Bigfoot, zombies, etc.

You can buy coverage of up to $1 million, which includes:

Death or injury caused by paranormal creatures/activities

Damage to your property caused by paranormal creatures

Even attacks from vampires, zombies, warlocks, etc.

A group of paranormal investigators a few years ago reached the conclusion that the ghost was to blame for the death of a woman who had been thrown over the banister of her house. Claims totaling $100,000 were reimbursed by the insurer.

Claims that a monk who threw glasses in the hotel's pub haunted the establishment led the management to purchase an annual policy with a premium of $700 in 2002. Regardless of whether injuries or deaths occur, the insurance company will have to pay out more than $1.4 million.

Alien abduction insurance

20 Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Alien Abduction Insurance

You've probably heard of medical, dental, and even voice insurance. However, obtaining insurance in case the alien is abducted is unheard of. It's a fact, though, that can't be denied. That sort of insurance policy actually exists. St. Lawrence Agency, located in Florida, is the pioneering provider of this coverage. Twenty thousand people from all over the world have since purchased this insurance. It would appear that many people around the world are taking out this policy due to their concerns about alien invasion.

Let's pretend this has occurred. Abduction must have occurred, and you or a third party must provide evidence (photos, witness statements, etc.) in order to receive compensation. A single premium payment of $9.95 will get you this insurance policy with a benefit of $10 million.

But there's a catch, so make sure you read the fine print before expecting a payout of $1 per year for the next 10,000,000 years. What a thrilling development, wouldn't you agree?

You can get your friend UFO insurance if you want to give them a unique present like Donald Trump did.

Over the past decade, a London-based company has sold over 30,000 policies in Europe alone that cover the risk of alien abduction. Claims require proof of the incident's occurrence, of course. If you have faith, a few dollars in greenbacks might be all that stands between you and the little green men.

Loch Ness Monster Insurance

Though the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has been the subject of heated debate for decades, some people are willing to bet that the creature will never be discovered. The Cutty Sark Company of London is offering $1.5 million to anyone who can successfully capture the creature. They have taken out an insurance policy that will reimburse them if someone is found to have captured and tamed Nessie and presented her to authorities.

Vampire, Zombie Attack Policy

Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Vampires and Ghosts Insurance

There are people in the world who think that vampires are real zombies. There are many such people, who live in constant fear that vampires or zombies will catch them. In this case, you can buy an insurance policy.

Lloyds, an insurance company based in London, has specially customized such a policy for the people.

Insurance on Ghost

Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Ghost Insurance

It is possible to make a living by looking into paranormal activity. Due to the high stakes nature of paranormal research, legitimate paranormal societies that undertake this kind of work often partner with insurance firms. And for this, they offer people insurance.

Ghost insurance appears to be the next logical step in our cultural preoccupation with the afterlife. If a ghost were to attack you, this policy would pay out if you died or became permanently disabled. The first time this type of insurance was purchased was in a UK bar after a customer claimed to have seen a ghost. The company wanted to protect its employees from any harm that could come from the ghost.

The Sky Is Falling

A sound insurance policy could have given Chicken Little some peace of mind. For instance, "death caused by accident" in the form of a falling sputnik was included in the coverage offered and included in the actual insurance policy that was issued. No one has been killed by a falling satellite, shuttle, or space station component in the 52 years since Sputnik was launched.

Senseless Senses Insurance

Everybody knows that a coronavirus can make you numb for a few weeks to a month. After that, it makes sense to protect your senses if you rely on them for a living.

Hayleigh Curtis works as a chocolate scientist for Cadbury. In her line of work, she comes up with delicious chocolate treats that we can all try. This is why she has over a million dollars worth of coverage on her taste buds. Hayleigh treats her friends the way a football player values his legs.

While we can't deny our shared affection for chocolate, the truth is that coffee is the one responsible for our daily re-energize. Now, with eyes as wide as saucers, as if you'd just had two shots of espresso, read this: The unbelievable sum of over $14 million is covered by Gennaro Pelliccia's taste bud insurance policy. He has trained his palate to detect flaws in coffee and can identify more than 100 distinct coffee flavors. In other words, that's a thing now!

I hope the rest of this paragraph doesn't stink to high heaven. In case you can't, there's a guy who got his nose covered by insurance. The winemaker Ilja Gort puts the most stock in his sense of smell rather than his taste buds. He thinks his nose is his best physical feature. He operates a winery in Bordeaux, France, called Chateau la Tulipe de la Garde. After chugging those four glasses, does he still have his sense of smell? This wacky protection is keeping his scent intact. However, he has no idea. He could insure his wine collection against loss due to fire, theft, broken bottles, frost, and other hazards with this sum.

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Body Parts Insurance and Celebrities

Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Celebs Who Got Weird Insurance Policy For Their Body Parts

Numerous famous people, from musicians to athletes, have taken out extravagant insurance policies that have resulted in substantial payouts. In fact, just about any body part you can think of has been insured. These are only a few examples.

Now, if you are a footballer or a pianist, your legs or fingers are the main “tools” for making money in your life. When viewed in this light, insurance for individual body parts becomes more reasonable. But many celebrities take this too far, making it funny.

A Dutch Winemaker’s Nose

After hearing about a man who lost his sense of smell in a car accident, winemaker Ilja Gort took out an $8 million policy on his nose. Under the terms of the policy, he is barred from riding a motorcycle or working as a knife thrower’s assistant or fire-breather, among other things.

Gene Simmons

You don’t always have to insure the entire body. Gene Simmons, the legendary bassist for the 70’s rock band Kiss, allegedly insured his tongue for $1 million when the band was in its prime.

Troy Polamalu’s Hair Endorsement

Policies on athletes don’t have to be about performance. For example, this Pittsburgh Steeler is a star on the field, but Proctor & Gamble has something more specific in mind with their endorsement deal. As the star of their shampoo commercial, they’ve insured his famous hair for $1 million

Can you insure body parts?

Yes, of course, you can ensure body parts, body features, body-liquids, even your body hair. As you’ve read in our article, many people insure even their crossed eyes, ugly noses, and taste buds. Also, you can ensure your voice, bum, chest, and almost everything that comes to your mind, even your brain, will be replaced with a plastic one

Hairy Situations

A good mustache is a thing of beauty, and apparently it can be very valuable as well. Cricket player Merv Hughes insured his mustache for a remarkable $370,000. This number is dwarfed by the astounding $7,000,000 insurance policy issued to cover the chest hair of singer Tom Jones.

Legs With Capabilities and Famous Legs

Since their legs are such an important part of their jobs, many well-known footballers have insurance. Men also spend a fortune on the things they truly love. If you give it some thought, girls should be the ones who spend the most money on legs. We don't know much. The legs on Cristiano Ronaldo are a whopping $144 million.

One of the sports history's most heavily insured items is David Beckham's legs. He had $195 million in insurance on his face and legs.

However, not all athletes are fond of their legs. Former NFL player Troy Polamalu had a $1 million insurance policy on his curly hair.

How about some well-known models? Heidi Klum only has $2 million of insurance on her legs.

It will be useful to know which is more unusual at this point: insurance for footballers' legs or insurance for singers' legs, as some pairs of legs are functional and the others are merely attractive. Why, given that singers are paid for their voice boxes, would they choose to insure their legs over their voice?

Rihanna has a $1 million insurance policy on her legs. Mariah Carey is a fantastic performer, but her legs are shattering $1 billion in records instead of her voice. We would trip more frequently if we were Mariah. More singers have adopted this style. In addition, a lot of musicians spend a lot of money on insurance for their other body parts.

Over-Valued Hair

Many people consider the hairy areas of their bodies to be valuable. We offer you insured goatees, beards, and even chest hair in this category. Yes, that is what you read.

Tom Jones was once a sex icon, despite the fact that he is now old. For almost $7 million, he secured the rights to his chest hair. Fans were pulling out his hair when he wore sexy unbuttoned shirts. It was something that he thought added to his charm.

It seems quite normal to insure your mustache or beard among all these odd insurance policies. As if! Famous ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons insured his beard but refrained from boasting about the cost, unlike Merv Hughes, whose mustache is worth $370,000. At least he has a truly distinctive mustache.

Are you curious about the sources of all these odd insurance claims? It's Lloyd's of London, an insurance provider that also offers coverage for men's beards against theft and fire. We now merely ponder how someone could have stolen your beard.

Tongue-Twister $1 Million for an Oral Appendage!

Have you ever owned a shirt that featured a tongue? If not, you almost certainly know somebody who did. The rock band "The KISS" frontman has a $1 million insurance policy on his well-known tongue. Rock star Gene Simmons is the one who flashes his tongue around while donning makeup and driving his fans bonkers. Even as a young boy, he experienced bullying because of his tongue. Today, each fan has clothing or other items with his tongue on them. We can only speculate as to whether the musician receives payment for burning his tongue with hot soup while he sleeps.

Miley Cyrus and her tongue now seem like an odd insurance policy. She has similarly insured her tongue for $1 million as Gene did. When fame suddenly swept over Miley, she was only a teenager and had no idea how to deal with it. Unsure of what to do when a young star was the center of attention, she stuck out her infamous tongue. Now that this is her thing, she does it so frequently that it has become a part of her persona and signature pose.

Flaw Insured as a Virtue

In the 1920s, Ben Turpin gained notoriety as a comedian in silent movies. He purchased a $25,000 policy, which is currently worth $333,817. The contract stated that Ben would receive payment if his crossed eyes ever became uncrossed. Turpin, I apologize but they could only uncross during REM.

People and businesses alike are capable of inventing bizarre insurance policies like this. It all started with Jimmy Durante's nickname, "Schnozzola," an Italianized version of the word, which he chose to use as his middle name because he loved his big nose so much. Big noses are known as "schnoz" in slang. In the 1930s, this man achieved fame as an actor, comedian, singer, and many other things. He paid $1,884,365 in insurance for his pronounced nose. Big nose, big bucks!

Lottery Insurance

Lottery insurance is yet another peculiar form of insurance we've encountered. In the event that a worker wins the lottery, it serves as insurance for business owners.

Let's face it, not everyone today plays the lottery. Even if they do, the likelihood of winning is extremely unlikely.

However, business owners want to safeguard their organizations. Therefore, a lot of owners choose lottery winners insurance. You might also wonder where the staff members would be if they won the lottery. We don't believe that many people would return to their preferred nine to five job, though.

Change of Heart Policy

If you have made up your mind to run away and refuse her at the last moment of marriage, then this policy is for you. No insurance company can fix your broken heart, but if it is present, you will not have to worry about paying for wedding decorations and food. It helps you to be prepared in that situation.

Contest Insurance

Some competitions offer significant prizes, such as cars or large sums of money. We'll explain how they handle everything if you're curious. Insurance is what it is.

People progressed to the point where the competition for catching the Loch Ness monster alive is awarded the title of weirdest insurance in this category. The competition was held in the 1970s, and the winning bid was £1 million ($1,378,507). The company decided to insure itself against someone capturing the Scottish beast, as absurd as that may sound.

Another example in this group is the infamous "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" competition. We all shared in the joy of the many winners. There is protection in place in case someone doesn't actually take home the top prize. The renowned Lloyd's of London sold this insurance policy. Six viewers managed to take home the prize when the show first debuted, and Lloyd's later sued the producers for asking such simple questions.

Riot Insurance

Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Riot Insurance

We take a risk whenever we travel to a foreign country in search of adventure, but there is one nation that wants to make travel there even more alluring. Thailand has been the scene of numerous attacks and riots that take place all year long, but this thriving tourist destination doesn't want that to ruin a good vacation. The Thai government makes traveling to this dangerous country a little more alluring by providing a $10,000 insurance payout for tourists who get caught up in a riot.

What celebrities have insured body parts?

Sports athletes, dancers, singers, and actors make up the majority of celebrities with insured body parts. They typically use their body parts as a "tool" to generate income. Some of them are covered by their employer, including America Ferrera, whose smile was covered by a toothpaste company, and Mariah Carey, who was covered by Gillette. Along with many other well-known individuals, David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, and others also spent a lot of money on insurance.

Can't Buy Me Love

You can’t buy love, but apparently you can insure against it. Lloyd's of London issued a $100,000 dollar policy to protect a photographer if his prize model married. Did she get married? Yes, but only after the policy had expired.

No Laughing Matter

What happens when a comedy team has irreconcilable differences? Abbott and Costello didn't take any chances. The famous duo took out an insurance policy for a quarter of a million dollars to cover them if an argument split their team.

Gambling Losses

Most Weirdest Insurance Policies Around The World
Gambling Losses Insurance

Even though taking a risk is the entire point of gambling, there have still been attempts to guard against the inevitable losses. A machine that could be installed inside a casino or gaming lounge and allow patrons to choose their level of coverage was once granted a patent by two inventors. The machine was never actually tried out in a casino, despite only being applicable to excessive losses.

Tastes Like Money to Me

Believe it or not, there’s actually an insurance policy that will cover your taste buds. Food critic Egon Ronay had his taste buds insured for a whopping $393,000.

Sitting On a Fortune

Would you pay $27 million dollars for a seat? Apparently there is an insurance company willing to pay that much for J. Lo's. The actress/singer, Jennifer Lopez, reportedly secured a $27 million dollar policy for her butt. Yes, that's 27 followed by six zeros, if they actually wind up writing a check to cover it.

A Million Year Payout

What type of insurance reimburses you for $1 annually for a million years? Obviously, alien abduction insurance. Why receive the benefits all at once when you can spread them out over a million years? The benefit of being kidnapped, I suppose, is a meager but reliable income source that will be challenging to survive without. The first company to offer this special coverage was St. Lawrence Agency in Florida, and it claims to have settled at least two claims.

Food Truck Insurance

Here’s one that’s relatively unknown, but necessary if you’re a part of the growing mobile food vendor industry. With up to 10,000 food trucks in Los Angeles County alone, you want to be sure your rolling veggie burrito business is insured. Auto accidents, fire, and food borne illness are just some of the risks they face.

Cigars Insurance

The most expensive insurance policy issued for a cigar was written by Lloyd’s of London. The cigar in question in over 12 feet long and was made from more than 15,000 tobacco leaves.

Fantasy Football Insurance

Given that over 60 million people play Fantasy Football, we bet you are familiar with it. Others play it for real money, while others just play for fun. It costs an unbelievable $556 per year from the typical adult member.

Fantasy sports are becoming very popular because they are simple to play. You must organize your team so that they can score points while playing in real time. However, you can lessen your losses if your player is hurt. You can get your money back by purchasing actual insurance for the fictitious athletes. This implies that your money can be fully refunded in the event that your athlete misses a few games or the entire season due to an injury or another factor.


These bizarre insurance facts will change the way you perceive insurance from a boring necessity to something that can be entertaining. Although the average person is unlikely to require protection from alien abduction or insurance for their hair, there are some more intelligent ways to safeguard your family.

To the average person, the majority of these insurance policies seem crazy and absurd, and in some cases, they really are. But keep in mind that everyone has a different definition of peace of mind, which is one of the reasons insurance exists. Is there anything in your life that keeps you up at night? You might not feel the need to insure your butt, mustache, or chest hair. In these areas, risk management is essential, and it shouldn't just take the form of an insurance policy.

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