The US's Top 10+ Most Esteemed Auto-Mechanic Schools
Best Auto Mechanic Schools In America Today

The most prestigious auto mechanic schools provide a thorough postsecondary education that prepares students to inspect, service, and maintain vehicles. Automotive mechanic schools train students to inspect and service vehicles. Automotive service technicians work in a rewarding and stimulating environment.

The majority of professionals will find work in auto dealerships and independent repair shops. Employers prefer postsecondary education and career requirements, including certification, for automotive service technicians.

Why becoming an automotive technician?

1. Job security

Auto repair is a solid profession to pursue for job security. Vehicles will always require maintenance. If you're skilled and have certifications and experience, you'll always be in high demand in shops.

2. Advancement opportunities

You can choose to advance to the master mechanic level. That means you'll get better pay and more freedom.

These opportunities can be obtained with a good certification or degree from the best auto mechanic schools. These schools will also assist you in expanding your network.

3. Small business ownership

You can always start your own business if you're a professional mechanic with an entrepreneurial spirit. It won't be easy, but shop ownership comes with unique benefits such as choosing your own hours and balancing your personal and family life.

4. Eliminated auto repair bills

You'll never have to pay for auto repair bills again as a professional mechanic! You can do this work on your own and save money on shop services. A victory, victory.

You are aware of the necessary skills and the potential benefits of a career in auto repair. It's time to look into the educational requirements.

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Top 10 Most Prestigious Auto Mechanic Schools In The US Today

1. Pittsburg State University

Tuition: $7,744

Graduation Rate: 52%

Student-Faculty: 15:1

Pittsburg State University is one of Kansas' premier postsecondary educational institutions. In 1903, it opened as a manual and domestic arts training school, providing vocational opportunities for students from Kansas and elsewhere.

Today, the school offers the same high-quality career-oriented education through its automotive technology program. Bachelor's degrees are available in diesel and heavy equipment, automotive service technology, automotive technology, and other fields. Pitt even has a master's degree in automotive technology for students who want to go further. These programs teach students collision repair, advanced vehicle systems, and dealership and corporate transportation management, all of which help Pitt graduates succeed in the auto mechanic job market.

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2. Walla Walla University

Tuition: $25,421 / year

Acceptance rate: 100%

Full-Time Enrollment: 1,236 Undergrads

WWU offers associate and bachelor's degrees in automotive technology, as well as a bachelor's degree in automotive management. Students can complete associate degrees in two years, while bachelor's programs require four years of coursework and practical experience.

WWU has a student-run auto shop where students can gain valuable experience and earn money while still enrolled.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) has regionally accredited Walla Walla University.

3. Lincoln College of Technology – Grand Prairie

Tuition: $33,487(cost of Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician program)

Graduation Rate: 70%

Student-Faculty: 19:1

Lincoln Tech is a national technical school with campuses throughout the United States. The college provides a number of automotive, diesel, and collision repair programs. Lincoln Tech is known for giving students hands-on experience and the opportunity to work on real-world projects. The school also has partnerships with a number of well-known manufacturers and industry organizations, which can provide students with internship and job placement opportunities.

4. WyoTech

Tuition: $27,500(cost of Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician program)

Graduation Rate: 87%

Student-Faculty: 18:1

Wyotech, located in Laramie, Wyoming, is one of the best schools in the state. This is a highly intensive automotive school with a wide range of programs. You can study diesel technology, automotive technology, collision/refinishing technology, advanced diesel, high-performance power train, chassis fabrication, street rod, trim/upholstery, and applied service management as a student at Wyotech. Regardless of which program you choose, you will spend nearly 60% of your class time doing hands-on work, and each program path will provide you with certifications in various areas. Each program follows a 9-month schedule that includes 6 months of core classes based on your area of interest and 3 months of specialty focus.

5. Automotive Training Center (ATC)

Tuition: $35,040

Graduation Rate: 66%

Student-Faculty: 21:1

Since its inception in 1917 as part of Spring Garden College in Philadelphia, Automotive Training Center has expanded to two locations serving the Philadelphia area. There are three Auto Technician programs available at the school: Automotive Technology, Automotive and Hi-performance Technology, and Automotive and Diesel Technology. Students in the Automotive Technology program can choose between a regular daytime and a nighttime program to meet their needs.

6. National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) is a non-profit organization that accredits automotive training programs at US postsecondary institutions. NATEF assesses schools based on their curriculum, facilities, equipment, and teachers. It ensures that programs meet industry standards and that students are prepared for professional certifications.

7. Southern Technical College

Tuition: $30,975

Southern Technical College is a technical school with campuses throughout the southern United States. The college provides a number of automotive, diesel, and collision repair programs. Southern Technical College is known for providing students with hands-on training, as well as the opportunity to work on real-world projects using cutting-edge technology and equipment. The school also has partnerships with a number of well-known manufacturers and industry organizations, which can provide students with internship and job placement opportunities.

8. Ferris State University

Tuition: $12,740

Graduation Rate: 48%

Student-Faculty: 15:1

Since its founding in 1884, Ferris State University has upheld its longstanding commitment to providing high-quality education. The school supports a student population of over 14,000, maintaining its position as the #22 best public school in the Midwest on the U.S. News and World Report.

FSU offers a variety of programs for those interested in pursuing a career in cars and technology. For example, they grant a bachelor of science in automotive engineering technology, as well as automotive management. Students also have the option of earning their associate’s in automotive service technology, and they can even minor in automotive management.

9. Montana State University Northern

Tuition: $5,955

Graduation Rate: 31%

Student-Faculty: 14:1

Montana State University-Northern is a public university in Havre, Montana that has been educating students from rural Montana for over a century. The college serves the state's northeastern third, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of fields, including automotive technology. MSU Northern currently has around 1,000 students and offers associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees. MSU Northern also provides its students with a variety of certificates, both online and in person.

10. Northwest Iowa Community College

Tuition: $7,130

Graduation Rate: 54%

Student-Faculty: 14:1

Northwest Iowa Community College is a world-class, community-oriented institution dedicated to providing quality education to all students. Although the school offers a wide range of two-year programs, its transportation department offers some of the most comprehensive career training options in the country. It focuses on professional training for aspiring auto mechanics.

The automotive & light-duty diesel technology program in the transportation department teaches students essential diagnostic and shop management skills, while the diesel technology program focuses on the maintenance and repair of semi-truck/trailer, construction, and agricultural equipment systems.

11. Brigham Young University – Idaho

Tuition: $4,300

Graduation Rate: 56%

Student-Faculty: 19:1

Since its inception in 1888, Brigham Young University-Idaho has been affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today, the school has over 34,000 on-campus students in addition to 15,000 virtual students. It is one of the state's largest postsecondary educational institutions.

The engineering technology department at the school offers a variety of automotive technology degrees that prepare students for careers as service engineers, technicians, managers, and more. A bachelor's degree in advanced vehicle systems, automotive engineering technology, or manufacturing engineering technology is one example. Certificates and associate's degrees are also available in auto service technology, automotive technology, and engineering technology. Finally, prospective auto mechanics at BYU-I have a wide range of options.


To summarize, selecting the most prestigious auto mechanic school can be a difficult decision because it is dependent on individual preferences and goals. To make the decision easier, research and compare different schools based on factors such as program offerings, facilities, equipment, accreditation, location, cost, and partnerships with industry organizations.

By taking these factors into account, you can find the school that best meets your needs and assists you in reaching your goals. Before making a decision, it is also important to contact the schools and visit their campuses to get a better sense of the school.

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