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How to Get Scholarship to Study in the USA - Foreign Students
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Overview: Eligibility Criteria for American College Scholarships

There are many benefits to studying abroad, particularly in the United States. However, if you don't budget carefully, the costs of studying in the US could quickly wipe out your savings. In this situation, a scholarship to study in the US can be very helpful as it guarantees that students pursuing higher education have the financial support they need.

However, it's not as easy as it might seem to get a scholarship to study in the United States. Only one out of every ten college applicants is successful in getting a scholarship to study in the United States, according to research from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS). In addition, 40% of the USA scholarships awarded have geographical, nationality, and citizenship restrictions; 37% are based on the field of study; 6% are limited to a particular race; and 5% are based on gender.

Making a plan in advance can help you save money. You can apply for a variety of scholarships that US colleges and universities offer to students from other countries. Some of these scholarships are available to deserving students, while others are given to those who need financial assistance to finish their education.

Some US universities automatically award scholarships to students; in other words, students receive the scholarship if they are admitted. International students may apply to the scholarship programs that many universities offer. However, because there is fierce competition for these scholarships, one must meet the requirements. So, in order to qualify for these grants, applicants must have a high SAT or ACT score or a strong academic record.

Even though things appear hopeless, there is still some hope. You can take specific actions to raise your chances of being awarded a scholarship to study in the USA. Here are the best recommendations to increase your chances.

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First Process: Eligibility Criteria

Let's look into the first step, which is determining whether or not you meet the requirements to receive a scholarship to study in the United States today.

1. Application process

When interpreting the data needed for the USA scholarship application process, many students make mistakes. It is critical to understand that meeting the deadline is essential to obtaining a scholarship to study in the United States. Remember that the deadline for scholarship applications is different from the one for applying to universities.

2. Admission requirements

There are many scholarships available for international students, which is another consideration when applying for a USA scholarship. However, this does not imply that each would have the same entrance requirements. Therefore, before applying, it is best to check the scholarship requirements of your intended university.

3. What matters most - school grades or undergraduate GPA?

Your undergraduate GPA is the main factor that the university considers when considering your application for a USA scholarship. Your recent performance is given more consideration than your academic performance. Sometimes a student with a low GRE/GMAT score is taken into consideration by universities due to their high GPA. However, not all universities adhere to this standard, so it is crucial to have a strong GPA.

4. Competitive Test Scores

One must have high GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS scores to qualify for a scholarship to study in the United States. This will improve your chances of receiving a scholarship in the USA and allow you access to many universities.

5. Management skills

Your leadership and volunteer experience, in addition to your GPA and test results, can help you get a scholarship to study in the USA. Therefore, be sure to engage in extracurricular activities where you can demonstrate your leadership skills. Don't forget to participate in community service as and when the chance arises.

6. Essay-writing

Every story has a motivation, just like yours does. One of the most efficient ways to get a scholarship to study in the USA is through essay writing. This is the section where you explain why you want a scholarship from the USA. Be sincere and try to convey your genuine desire to attend the university in this section. Indicate your need for and justification for the USA scholarship. Don't forget to include your skills and passion. Learn more about writing creative essays by reading.

Understanding the Different Types of College Scholarships In The US Today

There are many different kinds of scholarships offered by universities in the USA. Scholarships can be divided into various types according to their requirements. The following categories of American scholarship programs are most popular with foreign students:

1. Merit-based scholarships

Students who excel academically or exhibit exceptional performance in extracurricular activities are given these scholarships. The competition for merit-based scholarships is fierce, and qualified candidates must have a strong academic record.

The focus of this scholarship is on a student's life in its many facets. It addresses academic scholarships that are awarded to students with strong SAT or ACT scores and stellar academic records. If you enjoy sports, you can apply for scholarships that are tailored to your favorite sport, such as football or basketball. The average academic scholarship, which considers a student's overall performance, is an additional option. Participate in co-curricular activities, explore your creative side, and get the chance to study in the USA with a scholarship.

2. Need-based scholarships

This was created specifically with students from socially disadvantaged groups in mind.

Students who can show a need for funding are given these scholarships. The student's financial situation is taken into account when determining the scholarship amount.

3. Athletic Scholarships

Students who excel in sports are given these awards. Students with exceptional athletic talent and a strong academic record frequently receive athletic scholarships.

4. Cultural Scholarships

The recipients of these scholarships must be members of a particular cultural group. The purpose of cultural scholarships is to aid students from underrepresented communities.

5. Subject/Field-Specific Scholarships

Students who are pursuing a particular field of study are eligible for these scholarships. For students interested in pursuing careers in engineering, medicine, or law, subject- or field-specific scholarships are available.

6. Country-based scholarships

This USA scholarship is more focused on students from underdeveloped countries. Constituted with the agenda to encourage students from such countries to get access to quality education.

7. University scholarships

If you want to further your education in a particular field then this USA scholarship can fulfill your dream. These are given to the students who meet specific eligibility criteria.

8. Privately funded scholarships

These USA scholarships are kept for international students of certain groups such as women, minorities, etc.

9. Government Scholarships

These financial aid packages are provided by the government to help students continue their education in the country. Government financial aid may be awarded on the basis of merit or need.

Top Best and Popular Scholarships In the US Today

The United States is a popular choice among international students who want to study in a country where their degrees will be respected and valued around the world. KnowInsiders has compiled a full list of scholarships available in the United States from both private organizations and government agencies to assist you in funding your education.

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How Improve Your Chances To Win A College Scholarship In the US - Most Effective Tips
How Improve Your Chances To Win A College Scholarship

I.USA Government Scholarships for International Students

1. Foreign Fulbright Student Program

For international students who want to pursue a Master's or PhD degree, the Fulbright Program offers full scholarships in the United States. The scholarships may also be given for postgraduate studies without a degree. The grant pays for the student's tuition, books, airfare, living expenses, and health insurance.

Official Scholarship Website:

2. Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program offers seasoned professionals from designated nations around the globe a year of professional enrichment in the United States. Fellows are chosen for their leadership potential and dedication to public service in the public or private sector. The fellowships are complete grants that cover all associated costs.

Official Scholarship Website:

II.US Colleges and Universities

Scholarships of up to 50% are available to international students at American University. Academic excellence, the ability to communicate and lead, and involvement in the local community are just some of the factors taken into account during the evaluation process.

American University Scholarships

Only the most academically promising first-year international students from outside the United States are eligible for the generous partial merit scholarships offered by American University (AU). Foreign students can't apply for or receive need-based scholarships or grants. The annual (and potentially renewable) value of a merit scholarship is between $6,000 and $25,000.

AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program

Scholarships are given to outstanding international students committed to making a difference in their communities and pursuing a Bachelor's degree at the University. It's geared toward students who plan to work in their home countries to better the lives of people in impoverished or otherwise underserved areas.

Amherst College Scholarships

Financial aid is available to qualified international students at Amherst College based on demonstrated financial need. After being accepted, your monetary need will be evaluated. Then, an amount of aid will be offered that meets your actual requirements. Sometimes the award is referred to as a "aid package" to reflect the fact that it can consist of both work-based and financial assistance.

Berea College Scholarships

Only at Berea College in Kentucky, United States, do all international students receive full financial support during their first academic year. The total cost of tuition, housing, and meals is reduced by the aid and scholarships received. International students are expected to put aside at least $1,000 (US) per year to help cover their costs of living in the United States. In order to help international students fulfill this requirement, the University does offer summer employment opportunities.

Clark University Scholarships

The Clark Global Scholars Program is available to both international students studying in the United States and first-year applicants (not a transfer student) who have studied abroad for at least four years. The award consists of a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for an internship or research assistantship taken for academic credit during the summer after your sophomore or junior year, and a yearly scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 (for four years, contingent upon meeting academic standards for renewal).

Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships

Colby-Sawyer College awards merit-based scholarships to international students. Annual scholarship awards start at $15,000 and go up to $28,000 based on demonstrated academic merit as measured by grade point average. The university does not provide full need-based aid.

Columbia College Scholarships

Scholarships and other awards are available to exceptional international students at Columbia College. The funding can be used as a one-time cash award or to reduce tuition by 15% to 100%.

Scholarships are available to students at Columbia College who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and potential. External and internal scholarship are both recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact the college directly to learn about the most appropriate scholarship for you.

Concordia College Scholarships

Concordia is proud to offer partial financial aid to international students because it values the contributions they make to campus. The International Student Scholarship awards between $6,000 and $28,000 per year, depending on the student's demonstrated academic merit and financial need. International students who are entering college for the first time or who are transferring from another institution may be eligible for a four-year, up to $28,000 scholarship called an International Excellence Scholarship.

Dartmouth College Scholarships

All admitted undergraduates, including those from other countries, are provided for, regardless of financial need. International students at Dartmouth College can apply for scholarships and loans, some of which cover the cost of studying in the United States.

East Tennessee State University

The International Students Academic Merit Scholarship is available to new international students at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) who are pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree. Undergraduate recipients will receive a value of $12,500 per academic year, while graduate recipients will receive $11,500.

East West Center

Graduate students from Asia, the Pacific, and the United States are invited to apply for the East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship to receive funding for up to 24 months of Master's or Doctoral degree study at the University of Hawai'i, as well as to participate in the Center's educational, residential, and leadership development programs.

Emory College Scholarships

Each year, Emory College provides need-based scholarships to a small number of international students. There are also full and partial merit-based scholarships available to international students through the Emory University Scholars Program (due November 15).

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

International students who have excelled academically and scored high on admissions exams are eligible to receive merit-based scholarships. These grants can be renewed for up to four years at a time and provide between $16,000 and $30,000. Two qualified international students may receive President's International Student Scholarships each year, each worth up to $80,000 over four years of study.

Scholarships at the university are awarded to students based on their grades and standardized test scores. Scholarships are available based on academic achievement, leadership potential, and financial need.

Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships

There are a few merit scholarships available to incoming international students. The selection process for scholarships is competitive and takes into account the applicant's high school GPA and SAT/ACT score in its entirety. The awards are renewable and can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

Michigan State University International Scholarships

Michigan University provides a limited number of scholarship and grants to deserving international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. These financial packages are not designed to support your full academic program at MSU.

New York University Wagner Scholarships

Each admissions cycle, a select number of students, both domestic and international, are awarded merit scholarships. The award amounts range from $25,000 to $47,000 and cover a wide range of financial need.

Oregon University Scholarships

More than a million dollars in grants, scholarships, and loans are given out annually by the University of Oregon to undergraduate and graduate students from outside the United States. The ICSP Scholarship is one such program; recipients receive funding for either a portion or all of their tuition for up to 15 credits per semester. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, and the confidence to speak in front of a wide range of audiences.

Wesleyan University Scholarships

However, funding for international students is extremely competitive and is typically only given to those who demonstrate both exceptional academic ability and financial need. Eleven exceptionally talented Asian students will have the opportunity to receive a full Wesleyan University undergraduate education funded by the Freeman Asian Scholars Program. Financial aid will be provided to approximately 30 international students at the University, in addition to the 11 Freeman Asian Scholars.

University of the West Scholarships

Scholarships, such as the President's and Dean's, are available to incoming international students at the University of the West who excel academically and show financial need. All fees associated with taking 7.5-15 undergraduate or 6-12 graduate level units per semester will be covered by the scholarship.

III. Institutions

1. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships

Students from countries that are members of the World Bank can receive full funding to attend graduate school in a field related to international development thanks to the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, and Columbia University are just some of the eight universities offered to students.

2. AAUW International Fellowships

Foreign women who are not US citizens or permanent residents can apply for international fellowships through the American Association of University Women (AAUW), formerly known as the American Association of University Women. Masters students can receive $18,000, doctoral students $20,000, and postdoctoral researchers $30,000.

3. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

Outstanding students from certain developing countries who have no other means of funding their education are eligible to apply for one of the few scholarships awarded annually by the Aga Khan Foundation for postgraduate study. Research can be conducted in any country, including the United States. Annually, the best applicants will receive scholarships that are half grant and half loan.

How Improve Your Chances To Win A College Scholarship In the US - Most Effective Tips
Full Free Scholarship for International Students in USA

Documents Required to Apply for Scholarships in the USA

When preparing to enroll in a college or university in the United States, the first step is to compile a list of all the necessary paperwork.

Applying for a scholarship requires a large number of documents. Distinct forms of written evidence may accompany various grants. However, there are a few things you'll need to apply for any scholarship. We've included a list of some of those papers below.

→ Academic scores copy (GPA)

→ Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT score)

→ Photo ID/Passport (Aadhar card in certain cases)

→ Language proficiency proof (IELTS, or TOEFL exam score)

→ Motivation letter/Statement of Purpose

→ Recommendation letter

The Most Effective Tips To Get A Scholarship to Study in the USA

Use a free scholarship search websites and apps

Students can take advantage of scholarship databases (A Full List of the Free Websites and Apps) to explore scholarship awards for which they are eligible.

The more information a student enters, the increased odds of landing one or more scholarships, experts say. It's important to answer all the optional questions to increase the odds of matching with a scholarship.

Look into the nonprofits and community groups in your area

Finding a good college scholarship doesn't always require a student to go to great lengths. Local churches, synagogues, and other religious communities often have scholarship funds available for their members. Experts say that students have a better chance of winning local scholarships because they are less competitive than national scholarships.

Make an inquiry to universities about financial aid packages

Experts in the field of financial aid advise students to apply early to institutions of their choice in order to increase their chances of receiving grant aid. James W. Lewis, president of the National Society of High School Scholars, stresses the importance of prospective students remembering the power of institutional aid. He says that many people are unaware that excellent universities provide generous financial aid packages. Some families decide against applying because they assume they would not be financially eligible, but this is rarely the case.

Check the amount of money you get from scholarships

The amount of a scholarship varies depending on the organization and the institution. While some colleges offer a full tuition fee waiver, others only offer a partial one. Similar to that, some businesses only permit you to spend money on particular items. Like some scholarships only cover the cost of tuition and living expenses, while others also cover airfare and other costs.

When applying for scholarships, don't restrict yourself.

Most students who want to study in the US focus solely on applying for scholarships at elite universities. For scholarships to study in the USA, the selection procedure can be rigorous and thorough. To dramatically increase your chances of being accepted, you should apply for every scholarship for which you are eligible.

This includes submitting an application for less competitive, lower-award scholarships to study in the United States. These are more likely to be granted. Lesser awards may not be enough to pay for your tuition in full, but they can help you with ancillary costs like books and living expenses.

Make a plea for help

The first and most important piece of advice is to not be too proud to ask for help. You should inquire about study abroad scholarships to the United States from your university's study abroad office, teachers, financial aid office, and academic advisors. Visit these establishments in person and inquire about applying for a study abroad scholarship.

This will make it simpler for your teachers or the study abroad office to help you get the money you need. Asking professionals for leads on study abroad scholarships is the most difficult part of the process.

Be sure to add recommendation letters

Recommendation letters have great weight at U.S. universities. In some cases, a scholarship to study in the United States will go to a student based solely on the strength of their recommendation letters. On the other hand, these letters are most credible when written by experts in the field.

In order to improve your chances of being awarded a scholarship, it is best to approach a professor or teacher whom you admire and ask for a recommendation. A strong recommendation letter for a student will emphasize the candidate's strengths and accomplishments.

Schedule your time wisely

In addition to the study abroad program itself, you may be applying for a number of scholarships to help cover the costs of your time in the United States. Creating a calendar tailored to your scholarship applications for studying abroad may seem like a no-brainer. It is crucial to maintain orderliness when submitting applications for any number of scholarships.

Apply your skills and imagination to non-standard scholarship opportunities

Scholarships in the performing arts are available for students who would benefit from being in the spotlight. For instance, there are a variety of scholarship competitions that musicians can enter with recordings of their singing or playing. There are also extracurricular activity scholarships for students who aren't involved in the performing arts.

Take part in a scholarship draw

Sweepstakes contests are a simple option for students looking to win financial aid for higher education. To apply for a scholarship, all that's needed is to fill out the form with the necessary information and answer a few questions. While there is no cost to enter, applicants may receive a large amount of promotional mail and scholarship scammers may try to take advantage of their goodwill. Plus, thousands, if not millions, of people participate in these competitions, according to scholarship experts.

Find out how to get financial aid for school

Finding funding for higher education shouldn't stop here. Follow U.S. News Education on Facebook and Twitter to get involved in the discussion and learn about the latest college funding resources.

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In Conclusion

It takes time, effort, and focus to find and apply for a scholarship that will pay for your education in the United States. You can improve your scholarship-winning and degree-earning prospects by following the advice presented here.

Get a head start on the scholarship hunt by maintaining a high GPA and active involvement in extracurriculars. With the right strategy, you can find a fantastic scholarship that will allow you to pursue your education goals.

The aforementioned tips can help you increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship to study in the United States. In addition to these tips, highlighting your accomplishments and publications in your scholarship application can help you stand out from the competition. You should apply to as many scholarship programs as you are eligible for because there is no limit on the number of applications you can submit.

Finding tutoring and a few part-time jobs can help pay for your international education if you do not receive as many scholarships as you had hoped. At the same time, you are in the United States, which is (awesome) because it allows you to fully experience the culture you are learning about. You have permission to play it risky and make the most of every opportunity.

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