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Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Top Best Law Universities In The USA Today

The top 10 law schools in the USA for 2023–2024 will be discussed. Based on the most recent rankings from U.S. News, QS and other esteemed educational institutions, KnowInsiders carefully chose the Top 10 most prestigious law schools in the US.

The most prestigious law schools in the US are still ranked in the Top 10 or Top 15 in latest years, despite the shift in rankings. These schools include Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of California-Berkeley, Duke University and more.

1. Stanford University

Year Founded: 1885

Address: Stanford, USA

Contact: 650-723-2300


Top 10 Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Stanford University

One of the top teaching and research universities in the world, Stanford University is situated in the center of California's Silicon Valley, halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. Stanford University has been committed to finding answers to significant problems and preparing students for leadership in a complex world since its founding in 1891.

Leland Stanford, a senator from California, and his wife Jane established Stanford University in 1885 "to advance the public welfare by exerting influence on behalf of humanity and civilization."

One of the top research universities in the world is Stanford University. It is renowned for having an entrepreneurial spirit that is influenced by both its connection to Silicon Valley and the legacy of its founders, Jane and Leland Stanford. The humanities, social sciences, engineering, and the sciences are all areas of excellence. Stanford is situated in the Bay Area of California, one of the country's most intellectually active and culturally diverse regions.

Stanford provides a wide range of fulfilling career opportunities thanks to its seven schools and numerous other academic and administrative departments.

At Stanford, we think that professional development should be personalized and tailored to each person's skills and goals. Additionally, we think that everyone at Stanford should be supported in their efforts to grow personally so that their work and personal lives can coexist harmoniously. The university offers a wide range of services and tools to aid in career advancement. We encourage you to make the most of all the resources Stanford provides to support your growth, including career counseling, tuition assistance, and training grants.

The Stanford Pre-Business Association and the Stanford Solar Automobile Project, which creates, constructs, and competes in solar car races every two years, are examples of student organizations at Stanford.

The Stanford Cardinal and Cal Bears have an annual football rivalry that is well-known and ends with the winner taking home the Stanford Axe, a prized trophy. Tennis and golf at Stanford are both of the highest caliber. Although all students are guaranteed to live on campus for the entire four years and the vast majority do so, only freshmen are required to do so. At Stanford, about 25% of the student body is involved in Greek life.

The Mendicants, an all-male a cappella group, and the Ram's Head Theatrical Society are two well-known performing arts organizations at Stanford. Among the famous Stanford alumni are former US President Herbert Hoover, Hall of Fame NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver, and golfer Tiger Woods, who played collegiate golf at Stanford.

2. Harvard University

Year Founded: 1636

Address: Cambridge, USA

Contact: 617-495-1000


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Harvard University - Best Law Schools in the US

Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, is where the school is situated. The General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in colonial America established Harvard as a private, non-profit university in 1636.

The mission of Harvard University is to cultivate leaders who make a difference in the world through excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Over 20,000 degree candidates are enrolled at the university, which has campuses in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. These students are undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. More than 360,000 Harvard graduates reside all over the world.


The oldest American higher education institution is Harvard, which was founded in 1636.

The university's archives state that the purpose of its founding was to educate clergy. John Harvard, a Puritan clergyman who donated his 400-book library and half of his land to the new university in 1638, is the name-bearer of Harvard. At Harvard's first commencement in 1642, there were nine graduates.


The goal of the teaching and research at Harvard is to expand human knowledge. Harvard University provides an unmatched educational environment and a generous financial aid program, with over $160 million awarded to more than 60% of our undergraduate students, for students who are eager to explore the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century. In addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the University offers a truly global education through its twelve degree-granting Schools.With an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence, Harvard University provides students with unmatched learning opportunities in a variety of academic settings.

The oldest and largest private collections in the US are housed in Harvard's vast library system. Along with competing in academic competitions, Harvard also fields athletic teams that compete in the Ivy League, including an annual football game against Yale. While upperclassmen reside in 12 undergraduate houses, freshmen live in the center of campus.


The goal of the Office of Career Services is to inform, connect, and counsel students about summer and post-graduation opportunities. Students pursuing degrees through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), Harvard Extension School (HES), and Harvard College are served by OCS.

Residential living on campus is a crucial component of student life. Eight US presidents, including John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, are graduates of Harvard. Other notable graduates include Helen Keller and Henry David Thoreau. Additionally, Harvard has the largest endowment of any university in the entire world.

3. Yale University

Year Founded: 1701

Address: New Haven, USA

Contact: 203-432-4771


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Yale University - Photo:

In New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is a private Ivy League research institution.

It is the third-oldest higher education establishment in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the entire world. It was established in 1701 as the Collegiate School.

The Collegiate School, one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded prior to the American Revolution, was renamed Yale College in 1718 in honor of Elihu Yale, who served as the institution's primary private benefactor for the first century of operation. Prior to moving to New Haven in 1716, the Connecticut Collegiate School was founded in 1701 by clergy to train Congregational preachers.

The more than 20 legal clinics at Yale allow students to become fully immersed in the practice of law as early as their first year. In a variety of situations, such as domestic violence cases, eviction proceedings, and others, students take on the role of advocates for actual people.

Students can test their legal knowledge in workshops and on-campus resources in addition to clinical practice. Students have access to more than 50 groups outside of the classroom. New Haven, Connecticut, offers university-owned graduate student housing, but most students choose to live elsewhere in the city.

The Yale Office of Career Strategy provides resources for career development, professional school advice, job and internship opportunities, and career counseling. In order to clarify career aspirations, identify employment and educational opportunities, and provide advice and support at every stage of career development, this office works with Yale students, alumni of Yale College, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and postdoctoral scholars.

Former President Bill Clinton and Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court are among the notable graduates of this institution.

4. University of Chicago

Year Founded: 1890

Address: Chicago, USA

Contact: 773-702-1234


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
University of Chicago

Urban research university University of Chicago has fostered innovative thinking since 1890. Our dedication to free and open inquiry attracts motivated scholars to our international campuses, where concepts that challenge and transform the world are born.

The tuition and fees for the University of Chicago are $60,963. The University of Chicago offers a thriving campus culture in a big-city setting in Hyde Park.

In addition to the college, the university's postgraduate offerings include the highly regarded Booth School of Business, Harris School of Public Policy Studies, Pritzker School of Medicine, and Law School. The Chicago Maroons of the University Athletic Association have 18 NCAA Division III teams, including successful basketball and wrestling programs.

Over half of upperclassmen choose to live on campus, while freshmen are required to do so. In their dorm, on-campus students are assigned to "houses" that function as close-knit communities that provide academic and social support.

On campus, there are about 450 student organizations. Students have studied abroad in Greece, China, and France and can choose from more than 50 majors and 40 minors, including environmental studies and history. 91 Nobel laureates have attended the university.

The University of Chicago is renowned for its top-notch academic programs, extracurricular activities, and convenient location. Former President Barack Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years.

History: By 1910, the University had established a number of customs, such as a phoenix rising from the ashes on its coat of arms and the Latin motto Crescat scientia; vita excolatur ("Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched"). The University adopted maroon as its official color and adopted the moniker "the Maroons" in 1894.

5. University of Pennsylvania

Year Founded: 1740

Address: Philadelphia, USA

Contact: 215-898-5000


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
University of Pennsylvania

The Penn Quakers of the Ivy League are renowned for their outstanding basketball and lacrosse teams and participate in more than 25 NCAA Division I sports. Although Penn has more than ten College Houses, many students live off-campus in one of the many apartments or houses that are available. More than a quarter of the student body is drawn to the roughly 50 fraternities and sororities that make up Greek life.

There are numerous clubs and organizations at the school, including performance groups like the Latin & Ballroom Dance Club and student publications like the Penn Political Review. Community service and advocacy groups at Penn frequently engage with the West Philadelphia neighborhood.

There are 12 schools at Penn, five of which offer graduate and undergraduate programs, and seven of which only do so.

More than 2,500 students sign up for international study programs each year in more than 50 nations. William Carlos Williams, John Legend, and President Donald Trump are all graduates of Penn.

Penn was established in 1740 when a plan to construct a charity school and house of worship in Philadelphia first surfaced. However, once construction had started, it became apparent that the cost would be much higher than the resources available, and the project was abandoned for ten years.

Penn is one of the top research universities in the country, spending more than $1.02 billion annually on R&D. Penn not only creates significant new knowledge in the fields of medicine, technology, business, and science, but also applies this knowledge to enhance the lives of people and communities both domestically and abroad.

6. Duke University

Year Founded: 1838

Address: Durham, USA

Contact: 919-684-2724


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Duke University

Duke University consistently ranks among the best, despite being younger than the majority of other prestigious U.S. research universities. In the fields of business, divinity, engineering, the environment, law, medicine, nursing, and public policy, Duke's graduate and professional schools are among the best in the nation.

Students at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can apply for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, Duke's most prestigious undergraduate award. Around 18 students from each class receive a four-year scholarship as well as special academic and extracurricular opportunities at both universities.

Duke encourages openness in the search for knowledge and accepts students who are curious about the world and use their skills to test theories. We see education as a means of advancing society as well as a way to advance one's own personal development.

Among the notable graduates are Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NBA player Carlos Boozer, and former US Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

All freshmen at Duke must live on campus for the first three years, and they all live on the East Campus.

When Methodist and Quaker families in remote Randolph County hired Brantley York as a permanent teacher for their subscription school in 1838, Durham, North Carolina's Duke University was born. The rarely used Brown's Schoolhouse was transformed into Union Institute under his direction.

7. New York University

Year Founded: 1831

Address: New York, USA

Contact: 212-998-1212


The bustling Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan is home to New York University's main campus. With no barriers separating the campus from Manhattan's streets, NYU is a true city school.

Since its establishment in 1831, NYU has been a leader in higher education, embracing an urban identity and professional focus, reaching out to an emerging middle class, and promoting a global vision that guides its 19 schools and colleges.

Although housing is provided in one of Manhattan's many residence halls for all four years, many upperclassmen opt to live off-campus in apartments all over the city. Over 30 fraternity and sorority chapters make up the small but active Greek community at NYU. On campus, there are more than 300 student organizations. Additionally, a student radio station streams online and plays local FM programming for university attendees.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the biggest of the various schools and colleges that make up NYU. If you're interested in drama or film, you should apply to the renowned Tisch School of the Arts, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in acting, dancing, dramatic writing, cinema, television, and more.

Additionally former Tisch students, Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee. Other graduate programs include those offered by the highly regarded Stern School of Business, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, School of Law, School of Medicine, Silver School of Social Work, and Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

NYU has established itself as a leading global center for education, research, knowledge creation, and the development of novel solutions to the problems facing humanity. Join a diverse and talented faculty and staff that works to create intellectually stimulating, culturally vibrant, safe, innovative, welcoming, inclusive experiences at campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, as well as 11 global academic centers, by looking through the job openings listed below.

8. Columbia University

Year Founded: 1754

Address: New York, USA

Contact: 212-854-1754


In addition to being one of the most significant research institutions in the world, Columbia University offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique and prestigious learning environment in a variety of academic and professional fields.

King George II of England issued a royal charter that allowed King's College to become Columbia University in 1754. It is the fifth-oldest university in the United States and the oldest in the state of New York.

6 170 undergraduates are enrolled in total at Columbia University, which is located in a city and has a 36-acre campus (fall 2020).

$63,530 is the total cost of tuition and fees.

In addition to a number of graduate and professional schools, including the highly regarded Business School, Teachers College, Law School, and College of Physicians and Surgeons, all of which are located in New York City, Columbia University has three undergraduate schools: Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of General Studies. The university also houses a reputable dental medical college and a graduate journalism program.

The main campus of Columbia University is located on Manhattan's Upper West Side in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. The Washington Heights neighborhood in northern Manhattan is home to the Columbia University Medical Center, which also houses the colleges of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and public health.90% of the students at Columbia live on campus.

There are many employment opportunities available to students at Columbia University, including work-study programs, part-time jobs in university departments, internships on and off campus, and positions as teaching or research assistants.

The Career Centers at Columbia University host recruiting events to connect you with potential employers and offer job-searching tools to help you land the career of your dreams. They also prepare graduating students for the job market.

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Union Theological Seminary, and Barnard College for Women are all affiliated with Columbia. Among the distinguished alumni are former president Barack Obama and founding father and the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay. Columbia also oversees the administration of the Pulitzer Prizes.

9. University of Virginia

Year Founded: 1819

Address: Charlottesville, USA

Contact: 434-924-0311


Thomas Jefferson launched a daring experiment in 1819 when he established the University of Virginia, a public institution meant to advance knowledge, train leaders, and foster an informed populace.

Twelve academic institutions in Charlottesville and the College at Wise in Southwest Virginia are included in the University of Virginia.U.S. News & World Report ranked the University as the third-best public university in the country in 2019. Since U.S. News started ranking public universities separately 20 years ago, UVA has consistently placed in the top 30 among the best national universities, both public and private.

While many upperclassmen live in apartments or homes off-campus, only first-year students are required to live on campus. Students are categorized as first-year, second-year, third-year, or fourth-year and the campus is referred to as the "grounds," the center quad is referred to as the "lawn," respectively.

At UVA, 35% of the student body participates in Greek life, which is very popular. The NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference's Cavaliers, also known as the Wahoos or 'Hoos, are known for their consistently successful men's and women's lacrosse squads.

Edward Kennedy, a former senator from the United States, journalist Katie Couric, and Tiki Barber, a former NFL player, are all UVA graduates.

10. Northwestern University (Pritzker)

Year Founded: 1898

Address: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Top 10 Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
Northwestern University- Best) Law School in the US

The Best Law Schools list has Northwestern University (Pritzker) at No. 10 (tie). Schools are ranked based on how well they perform against a number of generally recognized indicators of excellence.

The Pritzker School of Law at Northwestern University charges a $75 application fee for its full-time programs. Full-time tuition is $72,212. 5:1 is the student to faculty ratio.

The only school in the nation that "strongly encourages" applicants to interview with the Admissions Committee on campus is Northwestern Law School, which prospective students should keep in mind.

The Arlyn Miner First-Year Moot Court Program is mandatory for all students, and the school sponsors a number of Moot Court and Trial Team teams. Students in their second and third years can join about five legal journals in addition to more than 30 student organizations.

The Bluhm Legal Clinic at the university assists students in developing skills such as interviewing, counseling, and negotiating, and the Fred Bartlit Center for Trial Strategy employs simulation-based learning to train students in trial advocacy and other areas. Since there is a shortage of family housing on campus, the school assists students in finding private, off-campus housing all over Chicago.

Nine colleges and schools at Northeastern offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and online programs that lead to degrees up to the doctorate. We provide more than 195 multidisciplinary majors and degrees among these, all of which are intended to help students lead fulfilling lives and careers.

John Paul Stevens, a retired Supreme Court justice, Harold Washington, Chicago's first African American mayor, and Ada Kepley, the nation's first female law school graduate, are just a few of Northwestern Law School's many notable former students.

Northeastern University, which was founded in 1898, is a renowned global research institution and the pioneer of experience-based, lifelong learning. Our students, faculty, alumni, and partners are empowered to make an impact that transcends the boundaries of their field, degree, and campus thanks to our internationally renowned experiential approach.

Top 10 Best Law Schools in the World by QS

Harvard University

University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Yale University

Stanford University

New York University

London School of Economics and Political Science

Columbia University

UC Berkeley

University of Chicago

America is home to more than half of the top 10 law schools in the world! Yale and Stanford were defeated by Harvard in this global ranking of law schools, confirming its dominance. The world's most prestigious law school is still Harvard.

Georgetown (ranked #21) and UCLA (ranked #22) are further down the list, but they are still among the top 25 law schools worldwide. Penn (#27), Duke (tied at #29), Cornell (tied at #34), and Michigan (tied at #34) are further down the list, but they are still among the top 50 law schools in the world.

In the list of the top 100 law schools in the world, UVA is ranked #51, Northwestern and UT-Austin are tied at #63, GW is ranked #91, and American is ranked #98. It's fantastic that the majority of American law schools are among the top in the world.

More Best Law Universities in the USA Today

11. University of California--Berkeley

Year Founded: 1868

Address: Berkeley, USA

Contact: 510-642-6000


On the shores of San Francisco Bay are the Berkeley campus of the University of California, also known as Cal. At Berkeley, the majority of incoming freshmen—95 percent or more—prefer to live on campus. On campus, there are almost 1,000 student organizations, including everything from hang-gliding clubs to political groups.

Berkeley is home to numerous fraternity and sorority chapters, making it a thriving Greek community. The Pac-12 Conference is home to Berkeley's athletic teams, the California Golden Bears, who are renowned for their long-standing rivalry with Stanford University. Berkeley is home to 14 colleges and universities, including a number of graduate and professional schools like the Graduate School of Journalism and the School of Optometry. Additionally offered are graduate programs at the esteemed Haas School of Business, Graduate School of Education, College of Engineering, and School of Law.

Berkeley is well known for being a hub of liberal student activism, and in 1964, students there staged the Free Speech Movement in response to the administration's ban on political activities. This protest gained national attention. Among the notable graduates are former US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, and actor John Cho, best known for his part in the "Harold and Kumar" film. Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer worked on the creation of the atomic bomb while serving as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project during World War II.

12. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

Top 10 Most Prestigious Schools for Law In the U.S 2023/2024
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

At the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, the application fee for the full-time program is $75. Full-time tuition is $66,808 for in-state students and $69,808 for out-of-state students. The ratio of faculty to students is 7.2:1.

Beginning in the summer will allow University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Law School students to get a head start on their legal education. Summer Start, an early education program that prepares students for Michigan Law and gives them more flexibility with course selection later in their academic careers, will enroll about a quarter of all students. The Law School's class has about 315 students on average per year, with a roughly equal number of male and female students.

With a dual degree in a subject like law and business administration, law and japanese studies, or law and natural resources, students can strengthen their legal education. All students are required to take a Transnational Law course, and law students have the option to study abroad for a semester at a number of different institutions, including the Amsterdam Law School, the Waseda University Law School in Japan, or the Bucerius Law School in Germany.

There are more than 50 student organizations to join, including the Law School Hockey Team and MLaw Rocks, as well as more than five academic publications where you can contribute your writing. Students at the University of Michigan have a choice of housing options, including the Lawyers Club residence hall and university-owned apartments. Off-campus residents can find housing options all over Ann Arbor, Michigan, a thriving city that is close to the university.

Ann Coulter, a conservative political commentator and author, Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's senior advisor, and Bob Woodruff, an ABC News journalist, are notable Michigan Law School alums.

13. Cornell University Law School Overview

The full-time program application fee at the Law School at Cornell University is $80. Its tuition is full-time: $74,183. The student-faculty ratio is 5:1.

14. University of California--Los Angeles

The University of California-Los Angeles School of Law charges $75 for applications to its full-time programs. Full-time in-state tuition is $53,910, and full-time out-of-state tuition is $64,417. 6.9:1 is the student to faculty ratio.

The UCLA School of Law, which has been around for about 60 years, is a highly regarded public institution. Specializations in business law and policy, critical racial studies, and entertainment, media, and intellectual property law are available to law students who want to tailor their legal education. A J.D./MBA through the UCLA Anderson School of Management or a J.D./M.A. in Afro-American Studies through the UCLA Center for African American Studies are just two examples of joint degree programs that students can enroll in at UCLA.

The School of Law offers a unique depositions course in which students and faculty members take depositions in actual cases, as well as nearly 20 clinics where students can gain practical legal experience. There are about 20 research institutes and initiatives, such as PULSE, the Program on Understanding Law, Science, and Evidence, and the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy. Along with more than 40 organizations for students to join, there are more than ten published law journals, such as the Entertainment Law Review and the Journal of Law & Technology.

California is the home state of about 70% of the UCLA School of Law's student body. Students may reside in housing that is owned by the university close to the Los Angeles campus. Henry Waxman, a U.S. Representative from California, and Kelly Perdew, a victor on "The Apprentice," are two notable graduates of the UCLA School of Law.

15. Georgetown University

At Georgetown University's Law Center, the application cost for the full-time program is $85. At Georgetown University's Law Center, the application fee for the part-time program is $85. Full-time tuition is $71,996. The faculty to student ratio is 4.5 to 1.

The Georgetown Law Center is situated in Washington, D.C., not far from the center of the American federal government. The Law Center offers joint degree programs in addition to the traditional J.D., such as the J.D./Ph.D. in government program, which examines the impact of law on American political and governmental processes. In addition, Georgetown University offers joint degree programs with other highly regarded academic units, such as a J.D./MBA program with the McDonough School of Business and a J.D./master's in public health program with the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

In 18 clinics, including the D.C. Street Law Program, where Georgetown students educate high school students and members of the community about the law, students can gain practical legal experience. There are about 20 research institutes, centers, and initiatives, including the Georgetown Climate Center, the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, and the Center on National Security and the Law. A number of legal journals, including the Georgetown Journal of Law and Modern Critical Race Perspectives, the Georgetown Law Technology Review, and the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy, examine a range of topics.

The Gewirz Student Center, which is owned by the university and has a moot courtroom, student lounges, and a child care facility, can house about 300 students. Savannah Guthrie, co-host of the "Today" show, Avril Haines, director of national intelligence, and Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii are notable Georgetown Law alums.


But one thing is for sure: when it comes to quality legal education, America's universities and colleges have set the standard for decades. While it's wise to take note of these annual rankings, your ultimate choice should be based on a combination of factors determined by your own discretion.

In the United States, being a lawyer is a highly respected and lucrative profession. A "fresh" lawyer can expect an annual salary of around $160,000. In a moral sense, you will have the opportunity to be a role model for many people and make a positive impact on their lives.

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