Role of Energy in the Human Body
Role of Energy in the Human Body

The specific role of energy in the human body

Animals and humans need to supplement nutrients daily, to create energy for the body's movement.

• Energy is directly related to all life activities, growth and development of the body, such as muscle movement, metabolic activities of cells that take place inside the body.

• Besides, maintaining body temperature is always within a stable temperature range, also requires energy.

• Daily activities such as labor and work, playing sports... also need energy.

• Foods containing a lot of starch such as rice, corn, potatoes, bread ... provide very good energy for the body.

• Besides, must mention fat, such as vegetable oil or animal fat...

• In addition, foods rich in protein such as meat, fish, eggs ... also help the body receive abundant energy.

• It is impossible not to mention powdered milk, which not only provide energy for users, but also help supplement necessary vitamins and minerals.

The amount of energy that the body is replenished every day, needs to be balanced with the level of energy that we use to maintain life and activities during the day. Therefore, lack or excess of energy, will also have a negative effect on health.

Lack of Energy

Lack of energy will affect health
Lack of energy will affect health

• Insufficient energy, will affect the body's ability to work and function.

In addition, the prolonged lack of energy will force the body to draw energy reserves from fat tissue, which, over time, leads to a state of weakness.

• When the body lacks energy, the digestive system works less efficiently, causing the body to suffer from malnutrition.

In addition, lack of energy will lead to anemia, neurasthenia, weakened pulse, hypothermia and susceptibility to diseases, due to a weakened immune system.

Excess Energy

When our body is provided with an energy level that exceeds the need for daily use, it will lead to excess energy and accumulation in the body as fat.

Excess fat accumulation for a long time will cause overweight, obesity, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure or diabetes.

Besides, being overweight and obese also makes it difficult for daily movement.

Note when adding energy to the body

• Energy needs of the body depend on age, gender, daily work. Therefore, you should build a reasonable diet and exercise regimen, to be able to provide adequate energy for the body, without being redundant.

• For the elderly, poor nutrition, or young children, who need a lot of energy to grow and develop in the best way, the addition of powdered milk to provide nutrients and energy adequately for the body, is the right thing to do.

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