Find the luckiest charms for your zodiac sign in 2022
Find the luckiest charms for your zodiac sign -

What is the lucky and unlucky charms?

Ancient legends and myths suggest that people have their own lucky charms that help them to succeed in various situations. All around the world today, many people still believe that the supernatural intervenes in everyday life.

Do you know some people have a lot of luck in all life? According to astrology, the stars and planets show us what we have to work with, but destiny (luck or bad luck) depends mostly on your own choices and attitude.

Luck is the phenomenon that has had academics and scientists debating for many years. Some believe that luck is a natural birthright and that some are born with good fortune, while others believe that luck is a product of determination, a positive mindset, and hard work.

The astrologers have been able to define lucky charms for your zodiac sign.

Knowinsiders's astrologers helped you find or create the perfect lucky charms based on your zodiac sign right now.

The short list of luckiest charms for each zodiac sign

If you are one of the luckiest zodiac signs in the new year 2022, don’t let this make you lazy.

if your zodiac sign is unlucky, that doesn't mean that you should just give up and assume that you’re doomed to failure. You have to take control of your own direction and learn to recognize opportunities base on the luckiest charms for you this year.

No matter what sign you are, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of your own abilities and experiences and bring more good luck into your life. So, here are the luckiest zodiac signs, ranked from most to least lucky.

1.Aries – Key Necklace

2.Leo – Amber Stones

3.Sagittarius $5 Faux Rabbit's Foot

4.Gemini – Fuzzy Dice

5.Libra – Triangle Necklace

6.Aquarius – Ladybug Décor

7.Taurus – Horseshoe Charm, 7 number

8.Virgo – Evil Eye Keychain

9.Saggitarius - Faux Rabbit’s Foot

10.Capricorn - Leaf Clover Necklace

11.Aquarius - Ladybug Décor

12.Pisces - Dream-Catcher


What are the luckiest charms for each zodiac sign?

ARIES Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Aries Charm: Sterling Silver Key Necklace £22

Aries Charm: Key or Key Necklace


People of the Aries zodiac sign always find a way to break ground and take the initiative. These people are independent, honorable and at the same time ready to try something new. But patience and waiting is something that they like less.

A key would be your ideal lucky charm because Aries are quite determined and energetic about everything they do.

You inspire others to reach their goals and so, just like a key opens doors full of opportunities, Aries’ personality will resonate with a key. Gift Aries signs charms with bright, auspicious strong symbols such as a keys, which will help them unlock their goals. You can also go for the symbolism behind rubies, or anything with stars and the sun. The best lucky charms for Aries signs also feature warrior and leadership symbols.

TAURUS Luckiest Charms

Taurus Charm: Horseshoe, 7 number


Taurus represents the love for worldly pleasures and is all about getting rewards. One of the most hard working signs, it is also known as the anchor of the zodiac wheel.

Number ‘7’ is a lucky charm for Taureans. This is considered to be a lucky number in many countries, across various cultures. This number is present in various references like, amongst the 7 colours of the rainbow and is considered to be a sign of good fortune.

If you’re shopping for a Taurus, choose practical symbols and things that both relax and bring abundance. Horseshoes, copper, gems for wealth, acorns, bulls and the number seven are all great options.

GEMINI Luckiest Charms

Gemini Charm: Fuzzy Dice


Gemini are sharp, smart and speedy. They think more than feeling or doing things. They are versatile, youthful, curious, enthusiastic, and fun-loving.

Gemini’s ideal lucky charm includes symbols of air and things connected with the mind. You can also go for charms with multiple meanings such as butterflies, dragon flies, mirrors, fuzzy dice and things in pairs.

Geminis are social butterflies who love to be around people and also go on with the trend. So, keeping a dice with them at all times is like keeping up with fashion trends.

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CANCER Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Cancer charm: Dolphin Sculpture

Cancer Charm: Dolphin Sculpture and Ladybird


Cancers are maternal, domestic, and love to nurture others. More than likely, their family will be large, too—the more, the merrier! Cancers will certainly be merry if their home life is serene and harmonious.

Cancers should consider a ladybird to be their lucky charm. Cancerians are warm and affectionate and love the company of animals. Ladybirds represent luck and fortune, so if a Cancerian spots them suddenly in their garden, a table or anywhere, then luck is on their way.

Charms for Cancer signs should include symbols connected with warmth, the home, family, the moon and water. Symbols like dolphins, starfish, silver, ladybugs, penguins, dogs, bamboo are all appropriate.

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LEO Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Leo Charm: Gemstones

Leo Charm: Gemstones or Amber Stones


Leos are bold, warm, and loving. They have a way with words, and can speak eloquently on just about any topic, no matter how quickly they’ve just been introduced to it. Leos inject ambition into everything they do. They are ruled by the heart. They are brash and confident and trust their instincts. Their actions are natural and effortless. Leos have an unrelenting appetite for growth that is easily satiated by the praise of others. When they are hurting, it shows. They will use their anger as a protective wall to shield their vulnerabilities. They want to be perceived as unbreakable because they are scared of admitting vulnerability, needing things from other people, being incomplete.

Leo is the sign of the lion, so gemstones are their thing. They like symbols that are noticeable and eye-catching. Go for vibrant symbols like gold, cats, amber and sunflowers.

Leos are naturally charming, vibrant and attractive, they also love such gemstones and don them as jewellery to make them feel more attractive. Among all gemstones, Amber and Sapphire are the luckiest for Leos.

VIRGO Luckiest Charms

Virgo Charm: Evil Eye Keychain, Pen

Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they're going to do today isn't a drag it makes them feel in control and secure.

Virgo is often drawn to practical symbols. Cultural protective symbols like the evil eye can protect the sign from those who might be jealous of their many talents. Fruit-shaped symbols, white jade, bottles that hold things, and healing symbols are also all great options.

So Virgos should keep this lucky charm with themselves at all times.

The perfect lucky find for Virgos is a fancy writing instrument like a pen .

LIBRA Luckiest Charms

Libra Charm: Triangle shape like 'Triangle Necklace'

Libra is the sign of balance, so gift them charms with symbols that are elegant and attractive. Things like birds, Amethyst, triangles, pendants, and cupid. Triangles are considered to be significant and lucky in many cultures.

Ancient scriptures suggested triangles to represent the cycle of birth, death and our connection to the universe. This charm brings stability and balance into a Libra’s life and helps them to find balance in every situation.

Libra is represented by the scales, anything associated with balance would be beneficial or anything copper, as it’s the metal of Venus and is associated with artistry and love.

SCORPIO Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Scorpio Charm: Horseshoe with Stars Ring £210.00

Scorpio Charm: Moon Jewelry, Horseshoe

Scorpio are complex creatures that are primarily focused on survival. Though they can happily keep to themselves and are very protective, once provoked, they do not hesitate to strike. Their rage is intense and packs a punch. This quality really shows up in Scorpio’s sense of humor which is usually dry and biting. Their comments cut right to the core and are not for the weak of heart!

Scorpios are often fond of things with deep meaning that might seem intense to others. Things like snake charms, classic horseshoes, lunar symbols, silver and anything representing power for Scorpio’s sharp-probing mind.

The horseshoe were considered to be lucky as the horseshoe was made of iron, that is believed to drive away any evil spirits and dangerous mythical creatures that might cause harm

SAGITTARIUS Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Sagittarius Charm: Rabit Foot

Sagittarius Charm: Rabbit’s Foot

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, in search of ways to creatively color the world in their colors. Clear about their intentions and honest by moral imperative, its representatives are often honest to the point of absurd, with no regard for tact and emotions of other people whatsoever. It is important for them to learn how to express their opinions in a tolerant and socially acceptable way.

Sagittarius loves symbols and things from other cultures and travel – anything with a story behind it. Heart and arrow symbols, mother of pearl, and of course the faux rabbit’s foot are all perfect lucky charm options for Sagittarius.

Sagittarians keep a faux rabbit foot as a talisman with them because according to ancient folklore, the hind-foot acts as a very strong force that drives away evil spirits if you ever happen to stumble into a very dangerous and haunted place.

This mutable fire sign is symbolized by the archer, so items with arrows—like this silver mantra cuff bracelet that, literally, reminds Sag to “Follow Your Arrow”—is as lucky as it gets.

CAPRICORN Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Capricorn Charm: Clover Necklace

Caprocorn Charm: Swarovski Four-Leaf Clover Necklace

The Capricorn star sign is a grounded earth sign (element) and a leadership-oriented cardinal sign (quality). As the only cardinal earth sign in the zodiac, Capricorn people are ambitious, hardworking, and driven to achieve.

Charms for Capricorns need to include symbols that are practical and grounded but also surprisingly sentimental too. Four-leaf clovers are thought to bring faith, hope, love, health, fame and wealth, making them the lucky charm you need.

Four-Leaf Clover has proven to be their lucky charm every single time, they were in a tough spot. Four-leaf clovers symbolise hope and prosperity and Capricorns, while are nature lovers, prefer to have beautiful things like these beside them at all times.

AQUARIUS Luckiest Charms

Aquarius Charm: Ladybug Décor, Crickets

Anything blue is lucky for Aquarius, specifically electric blue since Aquarius is the water bearer and ruled by Uranus, which rules electricity.

The Aquarius star sign is a sociable air sign (element) and a tenacious fixed sign (quality). As the only fixed air sign in the zodiac, Aquarius people will passionately advocate for their cutting-edge ideas. They can be rebels and Type-A rule-enforcers all at the same time—an unusual and sometimes confusing combination.

Aquarius people will passionately advocate for their cutting-edge ideas. They can be rebels and Type-A rule-enforcers all at the same time—an unusual and sometimes confusing combination.

Aquarius loves things that are out of the ordinary and some of the classics too. Choose dragonflies, lady bugs, things with happy face symbols or anything that is unique or eccentric.

For centuries, crickets insects represent harmony and are said to be the perfect companion to someone in solitude.

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PISCES Luckiest Charms

Luckiest Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022
Pisces Charm: Dream Catcher

Pisces Charm: Dream-Catcher


The Pisces star sign is a sensitive water sign (element) and an adaptable mutable sign (quality). As the only mutable water sign in the zodiac, Pisces people are compassionate, accommodating and can even be emotional sponges. This is one of the most imaginative and artistic signs with many empaths among its ranks. However, Pisces can be SO ethereal that they’re hard to pin down.

Pisces are drawn to the ocean, water and things that feel truly magical. Get Pisces objects representing water, fish, emerald and dream catchers, which work for a sign that loves to dream. Dreams are super important to Pisces, so anything that’s going to help filter out nightmares and focus on the good ones is worth it.

Hanging a dreamcatcher beside your bed is supposed to make you feel at peace, and prevent bad dreams or nightmares from stealing your peace away.

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