The Benefits of Using Text-to-Speech Tool for Productivity and Accessibility
What is Text-to-Speech Software

What is Text-to-speech Tool?

A specialized speech synthesis program called "text to speech" reads both written and digital text aloud. Everyone uses the application, from professionals and students to young children and adults, and it has a variety of use cases.

Text-to-speech (TTS) tool is a flexible and imaginative resource. The use of text-to-speech software is very beneficial for the blind and those with learning disorders like dyslexia. Additionally, the software aids users in breaking down language barriers and learning new languages.

It is useful for those with vision impairments, learning problems, or physical disabilities. The TTS tool's ability to convert text to speech has the potential to increase productivity, empower individuals, and promote greater autonomy.

The usefulness of text-to-speech tool for productivity

Accelerated reading

Text can be made into speech so that users can read more quickly and effectively. According to studies, TTS technology can speed up reading by up to 30% and allow users to multitask by listening to text.

Without a TTS tool, users can finish reading a 500-word article in ten minutes. However, the article with the same number of words can now be read in as little as 7 minutes after using the TTS tool.

Increased capacity for multitasking

With the aid of TTS tools, users can multitask by listening to speech while engaging in other activities. This works wonders for activities like driving or exercising that call for simultaneous visual and auditory focus.

While you're cooking, reading a news article, exercising, or traveling, listen to your email. Utilizing tts tools to effectively plan time allows for the multitasking of all of these.

Improved learning environment

Freetts is a novel method of information access and a fun method of education. It is possible to comprehend the information better by listening to speech, reading aloud, and considering the text while engaging in this activity. For people with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, text-to-speech tools are excellent.

Text-to-speech software can be used in a variety of ways to enhance learning. Take notes while listening to a lecture, read a book while listening to it, or practice pronunciation in a foreign language using a TTS tool.

Advantages of text-to-speech for accessibility

Assistance for people with visual impairments

By reading text aloud, text-to-speech programs can benefit those who are blind or visually impaired. This can include everything from books and articles to website content and emails. This can be a game changer for people with visual impairments, allowing them to access information independently.

People with visual impairments can use text-to-speech programs to listen to emails, audiobooks, and screen readers. This allows people to listen to content in a way that will enable them to obtain information without relying on visual clues.

Assistance for people with learning difficulties

By selecting the appropriate learning style using text-to-speech tools, people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD, can learn more effectively. Tools for text-to-speech reading offer an auditory alternative for a different type of learning.

Some reading aids, for example, offer text-to-speech functions and other features such as highlighting and note-taking.

Helping those with physical disabilities

People with physical limitations may have trouble reading or typing. For instance, it could be difficult for people with cerebral palsy or other diseases that impair motor ability to use a keyboard or flip pages in a book.

Text-to-speech technology is utilized in speech recognition software, which allows users to speak text instead of typing it out or switching on and off accessible tools.

Top Best and Popular Text to Speech Tools






Nuance Dragon



Linguatec Voice Reader

Capti Voice



From Text to Speech

NextUp Technologies

Azure Text to Speech

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Amazon Polly

iSpring Suite

Various Industries Use TTS Software

Text-to-speech software is being used by numerous brands and businesses to the fullest extent possible. Here are some of the top industries that use TTS software wisely to boost their sales and provide top-notch customer service.

Banking and Finance

People’s banking experience has transformed significantly after the entrance of text-to-speech technology.

Several banking sectors now provide individuals with queue-free and multifunctional service points and real-time information. In fact, customers can now also choose their preferred language.

Customers can take their time while effortlessly using the ATM during cash withdrawals, viewing account balances by following the step-by-step guidance of a speech-enabled ATM. Other than that, using customized voice messaging, users can effortlessly keep track of stock market-related news.


It frequently becomes challenging for the consumer and the tourism industry to communicate and resolve all of their concerns. Language can be a very difficult barrier, and this alone leads to many misunderstandings.

However, the travel and tourism sector is able to answer nearly all of the questions a customer might have by utilizing the power of text-to-speech software.

Text-to-speech software makes it simple for customers to access real-time information on the newest deals, travel announcements, and much more. In fact, it can also offer guided tours to users to help them save time, money, and effort during their journey.


A reliable telecommunications system is essential for every business to have seamless interactions with clients and customers throughout the day.

However, since every employee differs from one another, it's not always possible to live up to expectations. Text-to-speech software is used to address this issue and guarantee an engaging and expert response to clients and customers each and every time.

Businesses can save transcripts of spoken interactions by turning call recordings of speech into accurate text, which can then be searched later using keywords and dates to consistently provide accurate responses.

Needless to say, text-to-speech technology makes the customer experience so much more convenient.


The e-learning industry benefits from text-to-speech because it enables them to bring more content to life, including e-books, PDFs, and various other training tools.

Any text can be turned into playable audio and made even more engaging and interesting. By eliminating the need to hire a voice actor to translate text into speech, TTS software aids the e-learning sector in saving a great deal of time, money, and labor.

Young students often find it hard to pronounce certain words in the correct way. TTS technology ensures clear pronunciation of each word so that everyone can understand what they are being told.

The number of students who have trouble paying attention in class and pronouncing words correctly has increased significantly, according to experts, as a result of the use of text-to-speech software in the e-learning sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is software for text-to-speech?

The assistive technology known as text-to-speech reads text aloud. We can alter the reading speed by speeding up or slowing down the computer-generated sound that we hear when using TTS solutions.

Is voice quality the same in every text-to-speech tool?

Depending on the solution you use, voice quality can vary, but some solutions use human voices, with more expensive options using the voices of renowned narrators like David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman.

You can even make the sound similar to the sound of how children speak. Numerous tools are available to help readers highlight the text they are reading, particularly in online web page readers and even in audiobooks.

How does text-to-speech software work?

There are several ways to use this technology. Some tools read for users the words that are extracted from a digital document or an online web page. Other tools, which employ cutting-edge technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), can even convert the handwritten text into speech.

Text-to-speech software is available on a range of devices and works on most personal digital devices, such as laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

How does text to speech work?

Most text-to-speech programs operate similarly. Users enter the text that needs to be voiced or upload a text file containing it. They then choose a voice from the available options and determine which tone is ideal for the voiceover.

OCR technology is a key component of many TTS solutions. OCR helps us to recognize written and digital text and extract it from documents and images. For instance, the tool will read the words on a street sign if you click a picture of it.


We’ve learned that text-to-speech tools can boost productivity and accessibility. They can help increase reading speed, improve multitasking, and enhance the learning experience. Text-to-speech tools can also help people with visual, learning, and physical disabilities.

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