Taurus. Photo: Mangobaaz
Taurus. Photo: Mangobaaz

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (April 12 - April 18): Overview

Nothing makes sense on Monday. Everyone's acting completely absurd. There's a strong chance no one means anything by it, and trying to decipher motives behind the madness will only drive you into further confusion. So, relax. Take everything with a grain of salt. If it really starts to bug you, find a good friend (someone steady and normal-seeming) to vent to, but chances are by the end of the week you'll see that none of it had anything to do with you anyway. Friday or Saturday, you are on the verge of making a purchase when you decide to shop around a bit more. Wise move.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Leo from April 12 - April 18

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (April 12 - April 18): Love and Relationships

Taurus, routines are in the stars at the week's outset, whether you're starting a new one with a sweetie (a date to brighten each Monday?) or busting out of an old one (going somewhere interesting instead of heading home, maybe?). If jealousy or envy is a romantic issue around Wednesday or Thursday, consider whether you're being a bit oversensitive. Acknowledge your emotions and try to move forward -- talking to a friend might provide a good reality check. This weekend, you have charm aplenty -- and the ability to assess what it is a certain someone's after, even if they're not saying.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (April 12 - April 18): Career

The season tends to turn people into emotional smoothies: You're blended up inside. It's hard to tell how you feel about anything -- everything is so frantically confused. Spend the beginning of the week sorting out your thoughts. Wednesday sees you finally warming up to the idea of work and Thursday is a day of financial decision-making. Don't do anything too risky, not right now. Friday will be more of a personal day than a workday. If you still don't have plans for New Year's, well, get on the phone and make some, according to Sunsigns.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (April 12 - April 18): Finance and Money

Photo: Labyrinthos
Photo: Labyrinthos

A hard week is coming at work, but it won’t be much harder than all the others. Take a breath, because you’re worrying ahead of time. Problems will arise at work, of course, and they will be solved in time, no sooner and no later.

Try not to take your professional worries home with you; it’s up to you to stop your anxiety from wreaking havoc on your mood and family life. Turn off your mobile phone from time to time and make the most of your free time with your loved ones.

Before you go for frivolous expenses, you should think about how much you have saved in your account. You shouldn’t live hand to mouth, be cautious because life has a way of turning things around, especially in the current situation.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (April 12 - April 18): Health and Well Being

Breathlessness may be the major cause of worry for people who have minor respiratory disorders. They may be advised to consult a pulmonologist as and when they face symptoms. They may stay away from dirty or highly polluted areas to ease breathing. Junk food and unhygienic water may make you prone to viral infections. So make sure you have the right kind of stuff and clean drinking water. With Mars putting a negative influence on your sun sign you may be advised to be careful with your day-to-day activities as it may leave you injured. Morning walks, yoga or cardiovascular exercises may help you to keep diseases at bay. Following a healthy diet chart and regular exercises may keep you energized throughout the day, according to Ganeshaspeaks.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

Photo: Building Beautiful Souls
Photo: Building Beautiful Souls

The Ten of Cups is one of the most uplifting cards that you can receive. This card points to happiness in general, perhaps in a more mature, grown-up, global kind of way as opposed to the more personal, less global, wish-fulfillment promised by the Nine of Cups. Either way, it’s a good card.

Taurus Weekly HoroscopeThe Ten of Cups speaks of happy family life, (even if you are single) and to general well-being that goes beyond yourself to include those that you are most concerned about – parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here. This is a good card to see, regardless of the question.

Taurus Detailed Weekly Horoscope From April 12 to April 18

Monday and Tuesday you will feel more connected in a spiritual way to your friends and family. Your increased empathy and concern can have an uplifting effect on others which could materialize as more involvement in groups of all kinds. However, you are just as likely to benefit from a more individual quest for spiritual enlightenment through books, study courses, or consultations with gurus, Tarot readers, astrologers or psychics.

Wednesday to Sunday increased power and influence brings positive change and success. Spiritual and personal growth, wealth, and career advancement are possible. A strong urge to reform something in your life will coincide with an opportunity to do just that. Go with the flow and take full advantage of the opportunities that open up in front of you. You can inspire or motivate people to work together for the common good, as cited by Astrologyking.

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