TAURUS May Horoscope 2021: Astrological Prediction for Love, Career, Health and Finance
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May 2021 horoscope for Taurus - Overview astrological predictions

Happy birthday Taurus. The Sun is transiting your sign all this May, Taurus. This would be an apt time to thanks elders and authorities you had been crucial for your growth till date. The Sun and Mercury are favorably posited for Taurus folks and hence your communications side remains good and successful all this month. However, for the second half of the month illusions might lead you astray as Neptune would be in square aspect (90 deg) to your Sun. This month makes you quite stable and grounded. And your positive side comes to the fore.

On the 5th of May, Jupiter quintiles Uranus bringing a sea of cerebral activity for the zodiacs. Taurus, your clarity and logical mind is going to reach their full strength, meaning your expectation of logic from others will become a requirement. The Bull, who is ruled by Venus, is composed of love that is led by the heart’s desires. During this planetary alignment, you will rule this love with your mind instead of your heart. When Taurus logic is pushed to max performance it becomes a pleasant environment for all the zodiacs living in the 2nd house. If Taurus ruled the world during Jupiter quintile Uranus, then there would be no traffic, crime rates would go down, and the economy would be booming. But pay closer attention to the inner mechanisms of yourself, Taurus, when True Node (North Node) sextiles Chiron on the 6th. Chiron, which represents your manifestation of destiny, resembles the tasks of the North Star bringing direction to your life. The True Node is about wellness and health, so together they bring a stellar alignment that creates a destiny to wellness for the Bull.

The universe would argue that Taurus is the most fun whenever they enter Gemini. Venus is a planet ruled by the influence of the heart, but Gemini thrives in the systems of the mind. Instead of clashing, these two energies combine to put a communicative and intellectual spin on interactions and relationships. This is exactly what will happen when Venus enters Gemini on the 8th, causing the Bull to become talkative and flirty. If a Taurus is single at this time, they will become extremely seductive and flirty, trying to entertain their minds as a Gemini would with the reactions of others. If a Taurus is in a relationship, it most likely means an abundance of sexual chemistry with your partner and fun outfits in the bedroom. Taurus, the influence of Gemini will allow you to bring reinvigoration into your closest relationships.

The only time Taurus will face true contemplation this month is towards the end when planetary alignments cause a reckoning on the zodiacs. During the New Moon, Taurus reassessed its health and path towards betterment, so Saturn’s retrograde on the 23rd will have you using the reassessments from the New Moon and putting them into practice. Saturn’s movement will influence you to work out and get in shape, but you’ll feel incredibly overwhelmed by the task. Saturn is also karmic and the energy you’ve been putting into the world will fall back on you, so be kind. The Blood Moon that occurs on the 26th can bring uncertainty at times, but this alignment will not affect your logic because of the planning done during True Node sextile Chiron. This means, Taurus, that minor setbacks will have a plan b and c. Mercury retrograde, however, will bring to light a slight short-temper for you. When the whole world is going haywire, the lack of universal logic will annoy the Taurus. You’re not going to be in the mood for miscommunication, you won’t even entertain it, according to Gotohoroscope.

Taurus love horoscope - May 2021

Those who are married need to be a little cautious this month. Ketu's position in your seventh house and seventh aspect of the Sun after May 14 can have an effect on your married life. You may also get into a fight with your spouse over trivial matters. In such a situation, you need to control yourself. If the situation gets worse, then it's better to remain calm as it will help you control the situation. To make your spouse understand, you should take them out somewhere for a short journey. This will increase your life partner's trust in you and remove all grievances.

This month will be good for natives who are in a love relationship. Your partner will feel attracted to you, and you will also feel the same. If you and your beloved have different opinions about any issue which can lead to increasing differences as well as distances, it is better to talk it out. Those who live far away from their beloved may miss them a lot this month. On the other hand, you can introduce your lover in front of your friends. You can talk to your beloved through phone or social media for hours to make up for the distance, Astrosage predicted.

Taurus career horoscope - May 2021

TAURUS May Horoscope 2021: Astrological Prediction for Love, Career, Health and Finance
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A month during which there is hardly anything encouraging for your career prospects in the augury from the stars. There is a distinct possibility of tension and serious differences of opinion with your superiors. Try to anticipate trouble spots and work hard to avert trouble.

There would be a good deal of hard work, but even this would not ensure the realization of expected gains. These would finally elude you. There is some consolation in that the association with gifted people of learning might deliver minor material advantages to you, and also give much mental satisfaction. This apart, there is very little of a favorable nature, Pandit wrote.

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Taurus health horoscope - May 2021

2021 monthly horoscope forecast excellent conditions for health. Planetary aspects are beneficial and there will not be any major illnesses this month. Minor ones require prompt medical attention. Your disposition will be highly positive and joyful because of the good health you are enjoying. Do not forget your fitness and diet programs. Stress should be taken care of by exercise and relaxation.

Taurus family horoscope - May 2021

2021 Horoscope is average for family relationships. Stellar influences are not beneficial and this will induce conflicts and disagreements between family members. Relationships with siblings and senior persons will be stressful.

The depressing environment will have a serious impact on children and their activities. Their academic growth will suffer and students of advanced studies will have problems getting into the right institutions during 2021 Mercury retrograde. Young children should be watched carefully and any disobedience should be controlled, Sun signs cited.

Taurus finance horoscope - May 2021

The financial life of Taurus natives can remain a bit troublesome this month. Venus and the Sun will be sitting in your twelfth house, leading to a rise in unnecessary expenses. At the same time, there is also a possibility of a decrease in income for Taureans. Although the last two weeks of this month will be good for you, during this time you will be able to accumulate some wealth. Also, your financial situation will also improve. This week can be extremely favorable for those who do business, since your business may gain new momentum.

At the same time, natives doing business in partnership and had some conflicts with their partner due to some reason will become capable of resolving their issues. With this, you will be able to attain profits in business. To control the expenses, the people of the Taurus zodiac sign will have to make a good budget plan. For this, you can also take the help of your spouse or a senior of the household. You should avoid spending money you had saved this month.

Taurus education horoscope - May 2021

Planetary movements do not predict any stress for students this month. Students who are doing science or an IT-related subject may do especially well. Students might get good grades at school as well as pass college exams without keeping arrears and may remain motivated to become someone big in the future. Students may get a surprise gift from their parents, Astroved reported.

Taurus Travel horoscope - May 2021

TAURUS May Horoscope 2021: Astrological Prediction for Love, Career, Health and Finance
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An excellent month to reap a rich harvest of gains from travel since the augury from stars is quite encouraging on this score. There are strong indications that any trip abroad, during this period would prove to be singularly beneficial to you. Those who have had such trips on the cards for some time should undertake one, at this point in time.

Most of you would also travel quite a bit, within the country by rail or by road, in the pursuit of business or official ends. In these efforts also, success is indicated. Generally speaking, travel would be pleasant and gainful for you.

Astrologer Tips

Around the 3rd, you’re stubborn and ready to defend your actions. A Scorpio type is testing your fortitude, and you refuse to give in to the demands. Your mind is perceptive and disciplined around the 7th enabling you to eradicate bad habits from your life. Things get testy with a neighbor or relative around the 21st. Curb a tendency to blurt out criticisms. Around the 23rd a short vacation helps you to appreciate the things back home. Consider new purchases around the 27th, especially for writing materials, magazines, books, games, and automotive accessories. Shop around for a bargain. Travel time will be justified once the savings are computed! Suppress the emotions surrounding a secret attraction around the 4th. Things are not so rosy as they seem. On the 17th Venus enters your sign bringing love and romance with a Pisces or Capricorn. Near the 23rd romance peaks and you’ve convinced the world is a beautiful place to live, indeed! Income fluctuates like the phases of the Moon this month. On the 9th finances stabilize, but by the 14th you’re ready to spend it all! Near the 23rd you’re short of cash, but a wonderful joint business venture can’t be passed up. Don’t jump into investing near the 27th. Think things out. A relationship crisis develops around the Moon on the 13th. Different value systems can no longer be ignored. To resolve differences, have sane conversations where views can be aired without threats or ultimatums, Horoscope-2021 noted.

May 2021 horoscope note

Important numbers: 3, 7, 9

May important dates: 4, 5, 10, 17, 18

Horoscope May special note: For the first two weeks, your attention will be focused on the turbulent affair you will allow. With completely new strength, a feeling that you once wrote off and a forgotten past has been revived for you, according to 321horoscope.

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