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New Korean Trend of Tattoos

Do you intend to get tattoos on your fingernails? Is nail tattooing even a possibility? Byrdie claims that nail tattoos are a thing, but most women still utilize stickers and templates to acquire the designs they want. The fact that these graphics may be applied over either natural or painted nails makes for an even more entertaining experience.

Do you want to have the sun painted on your fingernail? If you want the sun to look how it does in real life, try applying the decal over a yellow nail.

What is Korean Tattoo Nail Trend?

According to The Klog, the South Korean nail firm Unistella is behind both this fad and the similarly popular Korean high heel nails craze. Stickers and other quick methods of transferring images onto the surface of the nails have replaced the more time-consuming process of hand-painting the tattoo looks at Unistella. Stickers are the easiest method to attain this cute appearance without really having a tattoo or going to Korea, as not everyone has the time or precision to devote to this nail trend.

Tattoo culture is always moving forward, so tattoo artists and enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to break conventions. It's no surprise that this trend extends to previously untattooed areas of the human body; after exhausting the available real estate on the skin, some artists are looking elsewhere for inspiration. Fingernails are an example of such a surface.

Jes Valentine, who works as a tattoo artist at Haven Studio, says, "I believe it is extremely cool, and I urge people to do it." But at this point, I'm not sure that I can even call it a trend. The vast majority of individuals have no idea that this is even an option.

Yet Valentine demonstrates that it is doable. You may find a few recent images on Instagram and Pinterest that include fingernail tattoos, usually with a message that expresses a mix of perplexity and excitement over getting the tattoos done.

It is helpful to recognize the background against which this burgeoning potential trend is depicted in order to grasp its fundamentals. Keratin, the same protein that makes up your hair, is also found in your fingernails. Dead skin cells are pushed to the surface as they multiply beneath the skin. That's why you can paint and bite your fingernails without feeling anything. Nevertheless, nerves and blood arteries are located right under your nails, so digging too deeply will be painful and maybe harmful.

Fingernail tattoos are permanent modifications to the living surface of your nail. Although being done with a needle and ink, they are superficial and do not extend to the nail bed. The fact that it causes no discomfort is a major selling factor for this style of tattoo. "That feels uncomfortable because it vibrates really powerfully," Valentine elaborates. Yet, it doesn't hurt at all.

Nevertheless, if you merely tattoo the nail's surface, the design will spread across the nail as it expands. While this is a potentially liberating thought, it may also discourage purchase. It's a novel concept, says Valentine. People are always looking for new and innovative ways to express themselves through tattoos, and this is no exception.

Nonetheless, nail growth is something to consider while making your tattoo selection. These dots, which Valentine has painted onto your nails, are perfect as the design will change and improve with time. Mostly, "they want something pretty simplistic," says Valentine. Lines and dots, snowflakes, hearts, numbers, and letters are all examples of "simple designs."

Korean Negative Space Nail Trend

Photo Pop Sugar
Photo Pop Sugar

Korean beauty products and trends have been attracted to K-beauty like a magnet. According to market research firm Mintel, the South Korean beauty sector was worth just over $13 billion in 2017. Its success in the West is probably attributable to the meteoric rise of Korean pop music. We're affected by more than simply pop culture, including music, fashion, and beauty goods. The styles we choose for our manicures are also changing.

Sunny, owner of Sunkuku Nail Art Studio in Seoul, recently spoke with Allure about how Korean nail trends tend toward "simpler and cuter in style" rather than flashy and outstanding. We're all for the bright, primary hues, and hand-drawn grinchy faces. But there is one Korean nail style that we will be copying right away: Be ready for negative nail space. Yes, empty space can have an impact on more than just physical spaces like buildings and rooms. In addition, it can be used to create a stunning manicure. That's how you make a fashion statement.

In this case, negative is absolutely a positive

Manicure addicts are increasingly opting to expose a portion of their nails. Makeup expert Alicia Yoon of the cosmetic brand Peach and Lily revealed to Byrdie that negative space is a great way to accent bold graphics without the need for a gel manicure.

Negative space manicures are a far cry from the norm. You can decorate it with gems and glitter, and you can use any hue that strikes your fancy. If you want your nail art to seem more professional and have straighter lines, try using a piece of tape (via Ipsy).

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Korean High Heel Nails Trend

Photo The List
Photo The List

The Korean store Unistella is credited with popularizing this style of nail art for the first time (via PopSugar). But what exactly is a "high heel nail"? Here's how it appears and what you'll need to do to replicate it at home.

The Korean high heel nail trend is too sophisticated to go away after its brief moment in the spotlight. They're simple to paint, too, so you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with them. High heel nails, as described by PopSugar, consist of a single, thick stripe of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, leaving negative space on both sides. This stripe stands in for the heel, and the stark contrast of colors between it and the surrounding area is visually appealing and sophisticated. One alternative approach to high heel nail art is to use a solid color as the focal point, with negative space surrounding it.

They are as simple as they sound to implement. According to Joliecious, all it takes is a few simple actions. You start by covering your nails with a layer of clear polish. Apply a base coat of peach to all of your nails. Next, tape together two parallel pieces to seal off your nail's edges. Next, paint a vertical line down the center. Navy blue is a popular choice, but any dark color will work. Just take off the tape, and you'll be good to go! Joliecious suggests painting just your ring finger a solid color for an accent nail.

Other South Korean Nail Trends

Diamond Nails

Blinging it out has never been easier than it is right now (or 3D adhesive). Lee and Yoon both concur that diamond nail art is all the rage right now. Designed by Park, these nails are an amped-up take on the trending shattered-glass manicure, complete with a holographic sheen. Lee describes the unique style as being made with "chunks of a slightly different cellophane that reflect light like facets of a diamond," leading to a "delicate yet edgy" appearance.

Futuristic Nails

Photo Shtterstock
Photo Shutterstock

The boundaries of nail art are always increasing, and they now extend well beyond the nail. Lee foresees a future in which nails have increasingly elaborate designs that extend beyond their natural borders. The term "futuristic nail" was invented to describe this version, which features thin metal bits that protrude past the cuticle to create a daring caged impression.

Cuticle Nails

There has been a recent trend toward designs that include a larger cuticle, and we should expect this to continue throughout the foreseeable future. Lee notes that cuticle nails are "ideally suited for short nails" and that the minimalist approach "gives just the perfect amount of accent with almost zero drying time" by applying tiny metallic tabs to the cuticles rather than [shouting] for attention with allover sparkle.

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