Steps to read tarot cards to see if that person is honest with you?

Step 1: Close your eyes and be quiet for about 15 seconds.

Step 2: Think in your mind the question "Is my partner being honest?".

Step 3: Choose 1 card (number 1, 2, 3, 4) randomly according to your intuition.

Step 4: Compare the cards and see the answers below.

Tarot Card Reading: Is Your Partner Being Honest With You?
Read Tarot cards to see if your lover is faithful to you

Card number 1

According to this Tarot card, your lover is very honest with you, and the two of you have almost no secrets to hide.

It sounds like you adore each other and enjoy sharing your lives together. Your relationship is also extremely deep.

Both of you want this relationship to last a long time and have discussed and planned for it, but sometimes you pay too much for each other, making you believe that it is worthwhile. There is little limitation.

Card number 2

Your love has always been peaceful and long-lasting. There are no secrets between you.

Meeting each other is incredibly fortunate. You also approach love with a calm demeanor and allow things to happen, which helps the relationship last longer.

Many of your friends are jealous of your relationship! It's just that your love wasn't particularly romantic, and it was a little dry at first, but everyone was genuine with each other.

Card number 3

Your lover isn't very honest with you! They have unspoken financial or physical desires and thoughts.

That person always has more secrets than you, and they don't have any feelings for you. I'm afraid you should be cautious, because your lover may be willing to cheat on you when they're bored.

Your lover is not as devoted to love as you are!

Card number 4

There are some things your lover would rather face alone than with you. In love, they are far more mature than you.

That person can clearly see the problems that will arise between the two of you, but does not want to argue with you, preferring to remain silent and suffer alone; in fact, they are also exhausted as a result of you.

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