Super Turtle Predictions
Super Turtle Predictions

"The summoned beast" predicts the match result, which is already one of the indispensable specialties in the World Cup season. And recently, one of the characters extremely loved and trusted by international football fans has returned.

Accordingly, the Turtle God nicknamed "Super Turtle Predictions" has reappeared with the opening "shot" with the match between Qatar and Ecuador about to take place here. The "prestige" of the Tortoise God immediately attracted the attention of football followers along with an extremely warm welcome.

Video - Super Turtle Prediction:

Returning to the predictions for the opening match of the 2022 World Cup, the Turtle God, after a moment of hesitation, predicted the victory would belong to the Ecuadorian team instead of choosing the host.

Remember, with a prediction accuracy of up to 91% of "Super Turtle Predictions", Qatar Tel has reason to worry when the Turtle God is not on his side.

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In fact, despite being able to play at home, Qatar does not have a squad of the same quality as Ecuador. Therefore, it is not surprising if the Turtle God once more correctly guessed the result of this match.

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