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There are days when you go out, see the sun shining and decide not to bring that darn, heavy umbrella. It weighs practically a ton and takes up so much of your bag space. Your poor back and shoulders! Off you go to see the world or maybe just go to work or school. While there, you notice the sky getting gray. You step out to go home, walk a bit when suddenly, you are caught in the downpour. Upon getting home, you take your medicine for cough and cold to avoid getting sick.

Why do people get sick after the rain?

First autumn rains, cold, nasty. After the summer the weather the human immune system undergoes changes. In the summer because the body got used to the warmth and sun, and autumn temperature changes disrupt the operation of the vessels. This is what leads to the fact that a person is stuffy nose, stings in his throat, the temperature increases. These symptoms, of course, will emerge stronger, if you get caught in the rain, which is a kind of provocateur.

Second, the problem is that you are too often use drugs. In autumn, the immune system may need a recharge, but accustomed to the fact that you stuffed yourself tablets and vitamins the body can not increase the protective function.

Thirdly, the rain does not always cause colds. But wet feet will inevitably lead to this. You may also receive other illnesses: rhinitis, cystitis, epididymitis, arthritis, fungal disease on the feet and so on.

Here are 6 tips to prevent you from getting sick from the onslaught of rain!

1. Shower After The Shower

We strongly suggest taking a shower as soon as you drop your bags in your room. By shower, we do not mean running out into the rain and getting wet again. We mean going under the nozzle for a continuous spray of warm or cool water, according to TGP.

How is it any different from taking a shower under the downpour? You see, the rain outside is fairly cold which can lead to you getting, no pun intended, a cold. By taking a shower, you are slowly stabilizing your body temperature.

2. Dry hair immediately

After bathing with warm water, dry the body and hair. Wet hair can cause cold and dizzy. So, after bathing, try to dry your hair immediately.

3. Consume warm foods and warm drinks

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It is better to immediately consume warm drinks. Photo: UPMC Healthbeat

After bathing with warm water, we must have felt more comfortable. However, it is better to immediately consume warm drinks or warm foods. At least try to make hot tea mixed with honey or lemon. Not only make the body warmer, honey or lemon contains vitamin C that can prevent the flu.

4. Do light stretching

The last thing you can do after getting caught in the rain is to do a little light stretching. Doing a light stretching can make the body warmer. Not only that, stretching can also smooth the blood flow.

5. Follow the inhalation

Be sure to follow this procedure to protect yourself from colds. If there are no special oils, just to breathe steam over a saucepan of boiling potatoes. This allows you to quickly and effectively warm up a nasopharynx, All My Family Care cites.

Not less useful to use a different procedure. To do this, make a weak solution of salt and baking soda and rinse with a mixture of nose and mouth.

6. Warm the back and chest

This will help to avoid a number of serious diseases. Very effective use of the banks on the back, mustard plasters, iodine mesh. Most importantly, do not overdo it, not to burn the skin during such preventive measures.

Prevention of colds and flu in the fall

Rain is only a concomitant factor, which may trigger colds or flu. To avoid this result, you need to dress for the weather. Don’t want to see people on the street guided only by their own feelings. Be sure to carry your umbrella in case of rain will be protected from him, and then, to protect yourself from hypothermia due to wet clothes.

No need to wait for autumn to start the prevention of influenza. You should always take care of your health and then you won’t have questions about how to be treated. First and foremost, think about your diet. It should be balanced, filled with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. More about this you can read in another article the link.

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