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Steamed Cheeseburgers

The steamed cheeseburger at Ted's is the exact opposite of that and is therefore awesome. They load the patties and blocks of cheese in a custom steamer that cooks them through. The burgers are really juicy and the cheese is really melty.

According to the masslive.com, the steaming process does that same thing with burgers that it does with everything else: removes the oils and fills the whole thing up with water. Now, for some, that is a death knell for the burger's fortune. However, with the demise of classic burger flavor comes the rise of everything else that can be done to make a cheeseburger taste good.

The origin of Steamed Burger

Hot and steamy, soft and tender, juicy but with less fat seared inside—these are some of the phrases acolytes of steamed burgers use to describe the advantages over the traditional grilled burger.

According to the connecticutmag.com, these advantages can be experienced primarily in Meriden, Middletown and a small pocket of surrounding towns in Central Connecticut where the steamed burger enjoys equal, if not greater, status than the standard burger. It was in this area that, according to local food lore, the steamed burger was born, and were for the most part it has remained.

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So what do they taste like?

This is what the meat in a steamed cheeseburger tastes like but it doesn't matter. The first bite of the steamed cheeseburger with "everything" (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, salt & pepper, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise) was met with a resounding spill of steamy meat juice. The burger comes hot, it's not messing around with the moisture inside.

However, at no point did the burger, situated on a hearty Vienna roll, ever come close to getting overly sloppy from the juices. Once you steeled yourself against the burger's juicy advances, you got your first bite and was met by a joyous revelry of the cheese and the condiments and bun and even that burger texture. It doesn't taste like the sort of $10 burger you'd get at Local Burger or Plan B.

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