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SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Love, Relationship, Family and Marriage! Photo: KnowInsiders

Year of the Water Tiger for the Snake

The lord of the past period, the white 金 Metal Ox, showed favor to the Snakes. He helped to realize large-scale plans, improve the financial situation, establish love relationships.

The Snake horoscope for 2022 predicts a period of serious trials and unexpected changes. The vector of upcoming events will determine the intentions of the representatives of the sign. Efforts aimed at creation, helping others, supporting the weak – the black water Tiger will support. "Reptiles", determined to achieve personal well-being contrary to the interests of others, should not count on luck.

The habit of the representatives of the sign to be cunning, to act in roundabout ways is not the best tactic in the Year of the Tiger. The stars advise the Snakes to study the habits of the ruling "predator" at the start. This will help you live a period without loss and disappointment.

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Overview for Love, Relationship, Family and Marriage

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Love, Relationship, Family and Marriage
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The 2022 year of the water tiger promises large-scale plans, improved financial condition, and passionate love relationships for the snakes. This year will be full of unforeseen changes and serious trials. The efforts you put in this year for helping others, creating, and supporting the weak, will yield fruitful results. However, the snakes working to achieve personal well-being that may not be in the good interest of others will fail terribly.

You are advised to take a break from your habit of being sly and acting in roundabout ways in the year of the Water Tiger as it will not be favorable for you. Keep a close check on your competitors’ strategies to avoid any disappointment in the future.

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Love and Relationship

Snakes’ love life is likely to remain flat or even dull for most of 2022, thanks to the punishing aspect of Fan Tai Sui. No one will be blessed with progress under these stars. Snakes who are married or in long-term relationships may have a somewhat smoother going than they have had in recent years, although there will still be frequent quarrels and conflicts between Snakes and their partner. Most will be petty fights and unlikely to cause any serious damage to the relationship, thankfully.

Singles will have a sluggish year overall, with few suitable potentials coming into your life, so it is unlikely that you will meet anyone new who catches your eye. If this is an area you are very concerned with this year, then you can try to change up your style and go to places you don’t usually go to – large-scale social events, for example. But whether you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is up to you alone.


SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Love, Relationship, Family and Marriage
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Most compatible with Snake: Monkey, Rooster, Ox

Monkey and Snake make up the most compatible pair. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Therefore, they can reach harmony.

Snake and Rooster seem very different, but they are quite compatible. A Rooster’s ability and taste are what attracts a Snake.

They fit well with Oxen as well. A Snake gives Oxen warmth and romance and receives a reliable anchor in return.

Least compatible with: Tiger, Pig

It's hard for a Snake and Tiger to sympathize and understand each other. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness.

Snakes are also incompatible with Pigs. They can work well together, but there isn't much trust in a relationship.

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Family

A strong family is always firm because of spiritual awareness. In other words, if you want to grow your family, then you have to be spiritually informed. Actually, spirituality determines the wellness of a particular family. Therefore, before you think of getting married, you have to focus on your spiritual life first. Equally, make sure that you are taking concern of your spirituality all through your life.

Besides, the Snake zodiac people will always understand the goodness of living together as a family. Sometimes you need to be close to your family in order to realize what is going on within your family. More so, you have to include your family members in your project and teach them how to become good managers.

The 2022 love horoscope for the Snake promises promising romantic acquaintances, unexpected meetings. Some sign representatives will want to renew a long-forgotten relationship. If the reason is the desire to communicate with a close-minded person, the Tiger will support the undertaking. If the goal is to get personal benefit from a former partner, then the lord of the year will arrange so that the Snake will be in an extremely awkward position. The horoscope advises in the year of the Tiger not to play with the feelings of loved ones. Family representatives of the sign at the end of spring will face a misunderstanding of the second half in material matters. The stars recommend being patient and not offended by trifles. In July, the situation will change – the conflict will be forgotten, and the partner realizes his own mistake.

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Marriage

SNAKE Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Love, Relationship, Family and Marriage
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Probably, you will live to think of the season that you get married. Actually, it was a great moment because you married the love of your life. Besides, you should not disappoint yourself but make sure that your marriage remains intact all through. Equally, by doing the right thing then you will have a beautiful marriage season. Your happiness will last forever because you consider doing the small things that many people ignore.

Moreover, it was necessary to get married to your partner who has been your friend for a period of time. Basically, this will give you the advantage of understanding each other and knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Equally, having your friend as your partner will make your relationship last longer.

According to Snake zodiac signs, you will meet your partner within a certain period of time. Also, it will be easy to allocate your partner because of the attraction you will have. Besides, you will come to understand that your partner is around you. Equally, maintain your good character, and you will meet the right person that deserves you.

2022 Horoscope for the Snake Man

Snake man in early 2022 will receive a tempting business proposal. The horoscope warns against the temptation to drop everything and rush into battle. The success of the event is unlikely, but the loss will reach heights – real. Astrologers advise not to rush into important decisions. In June, the stars predict business acquaintance. The financial capabilities of the new partner and the mental abilities of the man of the sign will merge in a single project. In September, the Water Tiger will give you a chance to realize your plans. By the end of the year, representatives of the zodiac will be pleased with the material result of their efforts. A change in financial situation will cause envy among those close to you. The horoscope advises not to demonstrate success and refuses to invest in dubious projects of relatives.

The personal life of the Snake man in 2022 will fade into the background. The married representatives of the sign immersed in work, as usual, will forget a couple of family dates, which will displease their spouses. The horoscope advises to set a reminder in the phone in advance – then a conflict with "debriefing" will not happen.

In March, children or close relatives will require attention – you will probably have to use a financial cushion. For single Snakes, the water Tiger prepares a promising romantic acquaintance in the summer. True, a man who is busy with work will not immediately understand the hints of a "striped predator". The horoscope advises to be careful and not miss the chance – the second Tiger will not present.

2022 Horoscope for the Snake Woman

Snake women in the Year of the Tiger will dare to radically change their lives. Some will leave the boring job and plunge headlong into a new field of activity. Others will leave an outdated relationship – without hesitation and explanation of the reasons, they will silently collect their things and leave. The Water Tiger will support, help to overcome temporary difficulties. At the same time, the horoscope 2022 encourages ladies to be prudent. Women of the sign tend to accumulate grievances against partners and colleagues. And then, taking advantage of the opportunity, to avenge the wounds inflicted. The Lord of the Year will not tolerate such behavior. Having shown decency, honesty, the woman of the sign will achieve success. By the summer, professional issues will be resolved. In early autumn, the Tiger will take care of the personal life of the ward – arrange a romantic acquaintance in an unexpected place.

The love sphere of the Snake woman’s life will fully manifest itself by the end of the year. The horoscope foresees a stormy romance with a man who has been around for a long time. Perhaps a colleague or friend confesses tender feelings. The horoscope does not recommend agreeing to a relationship for the sake of revenge on a former partner. But if sympathy is mutual, passion will turn into harmonious cooperation.

The family boat of married Snakes in the first half of 2022 will be pretty stormy. At times, the spouse will be so annoying that the lady will want to go free swimming. The horoscope does not advise cutting off the shoulder – by the end of summer the reasons for indignation will disappear, and peace in the family will be restored.

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