Snackmasters Season 3. Photo: RadioTimes
Snackmasters Season 3. Photo: RadioTimes

Snackmasters is a 60-minute reality food television series, which premiered on October 1, 2019 on Channel 4. Snackmasters is broadcast by Tuesdays at 21:15 on Channel 4. Snackmasters is currently in its 3rd season.

"Snackmasters" Status on Channel 4:

Nex Season - scheduled

Snackmasters Season 3 Release Date - April 6, 2021

"Snackmasters" Summary

Fred Sirieix sets an extraordinary challenge for top chefs - to try to work out the secret techniques and recipes behind some of Britain's best-loved snacks, before creating their own replica.

Fred Sirieix has Michelin-starred chefs take on KFC burgers in a first look at Snackmasters season 3

Two top chefs are tasked with cracking an original KFC recipe in Snackmasters’ series three premiere next week, a first-look clip reveals.

The series sees First Dates host Fred Sirieix challenge Michelin-starred cooks across the UK to recreate some of the nation’s favourite snacks in just one week, with the culinary experts having previously taken on the KitKat, Quavers, Monster Munch and Domino’s.

In a teaser clip from series three’s first episode, we watch as Tom Aikens, the youngest chef to receive two Michelin stars, and Alex Bond, from Nottingham’s Alchemilla open the iconic Snackmasters hamper to find KFC’s top-selling Zinger Burger, complete with the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe Chicken and Super Charger mayonnaise, as reported by Radiotimes.

"Snackmasters" Review

Photo: The Guardian
Photo: The Guardian

Your host is Fred Sirieix, the maitre d’ whose presence, urbanely silver-bearded and twinkly of eye, is such a comfort on First Dates. He is a minor national treasure, and it would be churlish to criticise him. Except, he’s the presenter of Snackmasters, and criticising is what I’m paid for. So: what exactly does he do to warrant cult-hero status? Telling nervy singletons they look nice in that dress is all very charming, but he is doing the hard prime-time yards now, leading from the front, burdened with making a derivative factertainment format work. Gallic suaveness alone isn’t going to snap any wafers.

Our Fred’s main problem is the one at the heart of any contrived reality contest, which is whether anyone at home could give a fig about the outcome. Take it seriously and you risk looking foolish; not seriously enough and you admit the whole escapade is a waste of time. Sirieix tries to square that circle by going for macho hype so enthusiastic that you hope it is flavoured with irony. “These two are so competitive! This is the contest of a lifetime for them!” he says of Clifford and Singh. “Never mind your past accolades, your Michelin stars. This is the defining moment of your career.” Surely he’s taking the mickey? But almost all of Sirieix’s interventions are along the same lines, so it is hard to tell.

Definitely having a laugh, or trying to, is Jayde Adams, who is inside the KitKat factory in York. Adams is a comedian rather than a presenter, so it’s up to her to extract the funny from industrialised confectionery. Perhaps she will warm up as the series goes on – it’s pickled-onion Monster Munch next week – but for now she is sticking with gags your dad would do. Thousands of KitKats whiz past on a conveyor belt. Adams grabs one. “That one’s broken. I’ll have that!”

So there’s plenty riding on the contestants and, luckily, they come through. Clifford goes for it, spending £1,700 on a bespoke chocolate mould, striving to get precisely the right pattern on his wafer by customising a waffle iron with an angle-grinder and saying things such as: “I haven’t come here to come second.” Singh casually tosses sugar and eggs around in a pan. Clifford puts a KitKat in a centrifuge to distinguish its constituent parts; Singh experiments with using slightly more milk powder. Clifford combines four types of chocolate to try to ape the “unique” KitKat exterior; Singh makes some chocolate.

Oddly, neither chef thinks to scrape the coating off some KitKats and remould it, although Clifford does gain an advantage by knowing that the light-brown sticky stuff inside a KitKat is made from … pureed KitKats. This philosophically challenging trade secret – only previously known to the 2 million people who saw it on a 2015 episode of Inside the Factory – is the highlight of Adams’s tour of KitKat HQ. She doesn’t do a joke about it, though (not even the easy one about how they made the first KitKat).

At last, we reach the judging, conducted by a panel of five Nestlé high-ups who include, says Sirieix, “hard-to-please factory production manager John” and “ruthless improvement specialist Chiara”. (He’s certainly having a giggle. Isn’t he?) Clifford’s fake KitKat tastes like the real thing, but that counts for little because he suffers an embarrassment to rival a collapsed showstopper in Bake Off: his KitKat doesn’t break, it bends. He moistened his wafer at the last minute and ended up with spongy goo. Singh’s KitKat hasn’t got the right taste, but it’s brittle so it doesn’t spoil the immortal “Have a break, have a KitKat” tagline. He wins by three votes to two. “It’s a wafer-thin result!” quips Sirieix nonsensically, before urging Singh to “have a break”.

Having smoothly done the bare minimum, Sirieix melts away, leaving Clifford to sign off by ruing the fact that his wafer was a travesty. “Adding water to it! What a dick.” Don’t worry, mate. It really doesn’t matter, according to The Guardian.

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