Smoker's Cough   One of World's Weirdest Drinks
Photo: Tipsy Bartender

There are many weird and whacky cocktails in the world, a piggyback is questionable but the combination of whiskey and pickle juice is appealing to many. However, the gross cocktail trend went much too far with the invention of the 'smoker's cough'.

What is Smoker's Cough?

Jagermeister and mayonnaise. Exactly, it is the combination of Jagermeister and mayonnaise.

The cocktail really lives up to its namesake as it truly does look like the result of a smoker hacking up a lung. The drink truly is akin to drinking phlegm. Why someone would order this for anything more than a prank is beyond me.

Many have never heard of the smoker's cough and the blissfully unaware better count themselves lucky as the ingredients are truly terrible. Nobody knows the origin of this drink but it's safe to say it was probably the concoction of someone obscenely drunk or a very spiteful bartender.

How to make Smoker's Cough?

Smoker's Cough   One of World's Weirdest Drinks
Photo: Beer Right Now

For those curious enough to try it the recipe is simple: Just mix 30mls of Jagermeister with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and then try not to throw up.

Strangely enough, this is not the only worrying mayonnaise-based alcoholic beverage out there. The tapeworm is another cocktail that will have you squirming on your seat. This bad boy is made from Vodka, tobacco, pepper and mayonnaise and truly does look like a tapeworm floating in a shot glass.

3 Disgusting Drinks You Should Know

Baby Mice Wine

Traditionally a "health tonic" in Chinese and Korean cultures, baby mice are taken shortly after birth and dropped alive into a jug of rice wine and left to ferment. After the wine is imbibed, the mice are eaten. Yes, in real life.

Three-Penis Liquor

This gives a whole new meaning to "drinking the hard stuff." This cocktail, containing seal penis, deer penis and Cantonese dog penis, is believed to increase potency and virility in males, according to Foodbeast. Just make sure you chase this one down with a breath mint.

Prairie Chicken

This gin, raw egg yolk and salt and pepper concoction is an alternative to the Prairie Oyster (bourbon, Tabasco sauce and a raw egg), though they both sound awful.

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