Scorpio February horoscope. Photo: Horoscope
Scorpio February horoscope. Photo: Horoscope

An overview of a month ahead - Astrological Prediction February 2021

The Scorpio people will find good changes this month regarding their home and social relationships. Venus will be in the 2nd house and this is good. This month will have a great impact on you especially how you deal with family members and you may even want to buy land, house, property, vehicle and electronic items. And you may even find yourself wanting to do house renovation.

Jupiter and Sun will help you in finding the courage that was lacking in your life. Mars in 7th will make you connect with those who care for you, whereas Venus will make you buy assets and items for your home and family members.

Scorpio personality have to keep your self-interests behind for the time being and attention should be on other people and their actions. Romance will be prominent during the latter half of the month. There will be good opportunities for singles to form love relationships and have babies.

About 11 or 24 February, get ready for a relationship with your other half, especially when it comes to strengths and weaknesses.

You will start feeling too overloaded with the troubles of a loved one or vice versa, it will start to lead you to think that you are able to take on your responsibility even more.

During this month, those looking for love are likely to seek someone who is like-minded. Married couples may not have time for their marriage as they may have so many family commitments. Hence, they might face unhappiness in their relationship.

On the financial front, the money flow is less, and there might be no major monetary gain. You might need to make provisions for a health emergency, so try to restrict personal expenses. Businessmen may boost sales by exploring new territories.

Salaried people may have to work extra hard to get recognition. Students need to be determined and let go of their ego to make academic progress. Try some creative activity to express your love.

Scorpio's Horoscope for Love and Relationship - February 2021 - Astrological Prediction

Scorpio compatibility predicts that you will have to make some compromises in the relationship. Your love partner tends to exercise independence which may create a few hiccups. Mars will give you the necessary passion for the relationship, according to Sunsigns.

The beginning of the month may create a few relationship problems for married couples. The latter part of the month is full of love and sensuality. So be patient suggests the 2021 zodiac!

Singles will get into passing love affairs during the first half of the month. Mars will provide you with the drive. The second half is ideal for lasting love relationships.

Family relations are likely to wither this month. Your relations with your maternal relatives can be very stressful. You may not have enough time for your spouse or lover due to several family tensions. If you have children, your focus will be on their studies and supervising them. You may not have any time for yourself or for your spouse, and this can cause bitterness.

Scorpio's Horoscope for Finance - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

Photo: Indian Astrology 2000
Photo: Indian Astrology 2000

The configuration of stars that faces you this month is not very favorable, and as such, your financial prospects don’t look too bright. Writers, painters, actors and other practitioners of the arts would do well to store up for the rainy day since they are going to face an extremely lean period. This is true for traders and those engaged in overseas trade, says Pandit.

In fact, to a large extent, this would be true of most of you, who would have to struggle quite a bit to realize your objectives and even then not achieve much success. Further, the climate would not be congenial for the investment and the launching of new projects. These could easily get stuck.

In regards to Financial Life, the lord of the second house Jupiter which is also the lord of your fifth house will be posited in your third house, the lord of the eleventh house Mercury will be posited in your fourth house, but on 4th of February, Jupiter will transit in your fourth house, which means that you can spend money on one or more of your hobbies.

This also means that you can make financial progress by investing your money into your interests. With the blessings of the planets, you can benefit monetarily from the government sector, and you can also think of building a house for yourself with that amount.

Your siblings will need your help, and you can also help them financially. With their help, you will move forward in your work, and you will see an increase in your earnings. You will be spending a lot at the beginning of the month, but by the middle of the month, your expenses will decrease, and you will be able to control your finances, which will strengthen your financial position.

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Scorpio's Horoscope for Career and Profession - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

Scorpio professionals are by nature very dexterous and capable. Your seniors at work may want to know the secrets of your success in business. This may make you interact with them more and become friendly. But be careful not to become too friendly with your colleagues and bosses as it can cause some misunderstandings and issues at work in the future, notes Atrovet.

Professionally this is a good month for you. You can communicate and mingle well with people at work. Seniors will like your work and juniors will take ideas from you. Some aggressive act is seen at work as Mars is in 6th house that can affect you. Either you may get angry at someone or they may get upset with you, it is better to stay away from those who drain your energy and talk only with those who believe in your talent and skills.

Scorpio's Horoscope for Health - February 2021

Photo: Knowinsiders
Photo: Knowinsiders

Nothing particularly auspicious about the augury, from the stars this month in so far as your educational pursuits are concerned. Most of you may be influenced in a manner that would make you self-assertive and somewhat headstrong in your behavior, making learning difficult. Such an attitude should be checked.

Further, those sitting for some competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching, since in the given circumstances, this could well make the difference between success and failure. Those pursuing languages and journalism, and the other arts should be prepared for a lot of extra effort for achieving their objectives.

Scorpio's Horoscope for Education - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

Students may find this time not so positive for them. They can travel for education but they may get easily distracted in their studies. Their lack of focus may hamper their educational pursuits. The position of Jupiter and Mars suggests that students may get into some heated arguments with their siblings regarding their education. It is better to focus on your studies and not get into an argument with anyone at home or at school/college.

Scorpio's Horoscope Family - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

Nothing particularly favorable about the augury from the stars this month in so far as your family welfare is concerned. The family atmosphere is likely to be vitiated with strife and discord. Your relations with your maternal relatives would be particularly liable to shock and strain.

In such a family environment, the children would be influenced in a manner that would make them undisciplined. This performance at studies and games, etc, would also not be up to the mark. Supervise their affairs very closely, devoting more time and energy to this. A month during which problems would confront you from many directions.

February 2021 horoscope

Important numbers:

2, 12, 14

February important dates:

1, 6, 8, 16, 30

Scorpio's Horoscope Travel - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

Photo: The Sun
Photo: The Sun

During the coming month, the progress of your children may be bogged down in difficulties posing many problems for you, since the stellar influences are mostly unfavorable. The performance of most of the wards of you people is likely to remain below average. Those studying accountancy would be particularly affected by an adverse set of circumstances.

Those pursuing the fine arts may be particularly affected. In fact, for those appearing in any competitive examination, it might be very necessary to work hard and go in for extra coaching. If they do this they stand a reasonable chance of success.

Scorpio's Horoscope Children - February 2021- Astrological Prediction

A good month to reap a rich harvest of dividends from your travel since the augury from the stars is quite favorable on this score. There is a distinct possibility that exporters and others dealing with foreign countries would have an extremely fruitful trip abroad.

Further, most of you would travel quite a bit of connection with the business or official work to a number of new places and succeed in realizing your objectives. The most favored direction would be north. Travel would also bring a big quota of pleasure and new opportunities. Some of you could have an extremely pleasant outing with your family.


Looking at your family life, Mercury will be posited in your fourth house at the beginning of the month, but on 4th February, Mercury will leave the fourth house and enter your third house, due to which there will be some ups and downs in your family life. Your siblings will get some good news, where they will get promoted.

If they have applied for a job, then they will get success, but they can get surrounded by health problems. In this case, you will need to take care of them. Peace and happiness will be there in your family. The health of the parents will also be good. You will have to go with your family members to meet some relatives, from the perspective of family life, the month of February will be auspicious.

Astrologer Tips

Between the frustrations, at work and changes at home, you may feel you have nowhere to go to just let your hair down, Horoscope cites.

Try to create a feeling of peace within yourself. That way you can carry it with you! You need good ways to release tension and stress. Concentrate on increasing your flexibility. Deal with any chronic problems when they emerge, since they’re not likely to go away by themselves. Staying in the role of the observer can be much more effective when dealing with family conflicts. You definitely have your own agenda and may feel that others are not yet ready for your ideas.

However, some positive changes can emerge if you’re willing to accept a shift in the hierarchy. Romance is much more appealing during and after the Moon on the 22nd. Prior to that time, your vulnerability reinforces a feeling of emotional detachment. It may seem that others are less responsible for their own actions, leaving you with responsibilities that seem inappropriate. Keep your priorities clear, and strive to deal with innovative changes, even if they are frustrating in the beginning.

With a little patience, you may discover that you actually prefer the new order. Speculative ventures are best left untouched except on the 22nd, 23rd, 27th, and 28th.

Allow your creativity to guide you from the 1st—8th, and avoid falling into the trap that new is always better. You may find that the tried and true keeps you going!

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