SCORPIO Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Prediction for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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Weekly Horoscope Overview for Scorpio

Scorpio native, try to pitch in and help out as the week begins. Others will look to you for assistance on Monday, and you'll feel a strong emotional pull to do the right thing.

Starting on Tuesday and into Thursday morning, you'll need to strike a balance in your relationships. Flexibility and compromise are key, but just make sure you don't wimp out and give up too much (not that someone with your fiery feelings is likely to, of course).

From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, you'll need to mind your p's and q's -- the devil is, as ever, in the details. This Sunday, use your intuition to get what you want.

Scorpio Romance

Boundary issues could come up when this week begins. On December 28, the moon in your intimate eighth house desires deep connection, but as it opposes affectionate Venus in your grounded second house, the push and pulls between falling in love and keeping your head together may be driving you up the wall.

Two days later, make sure you’re falling for the real thing. You might be susceptible to falling for the idea of someone when Venus squares elusive Neptune in your romantic fifth house.

Say what you mean and mean what you say when the moon in your embellishing ninth house opposes intense Pluto in your communication sector on the thirty-first. Be extra mindful of how you’re coming across to a lover because they could completely misconstrue something you say. Be as direct and specific as possible, as cited by Astrology.

On January 2, your confidence expands as the moon in your reputation sector forms a trine with Venus in your luxurious second house. Treating yourself to a new outfit or something beautiful will go a long way. By the third, you might even meet an exciting new person when the moon in your community sector forms a trine with eccentric Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships. Introduce yourself to anyone who catches your eye.

Scorpio Business

There’s nothing wrong with returning to the drawing board and relearning the basics of your craft. When a full moon sends electricity to your ninth house of wisdom on December 29, you may feel called to sign up for a class or read a book that inspires you to commit even more deeply to your goals. There is still so much left to learn and you’re an eternal student.

SCORPIO Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Prediction for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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However, you might be slow to start, and that’s okay. On December 30, Venus in your second house of stability and money will square off with Neptune in your playful fifth house—which will inspire you to goof off instead of sticking to responsibility. You may feel like postponing your work for the sake of a good time—and that may be warranted. Just make sure you’re not postponing it for too long. By December 31, you may feel rushed to catch up when the moon squares off with Mars in your sixth house of productivity.

Luckily, on January 2, the moon will be moving through your tenth house of career as it forms a trine with Mars. This will push you to make your goals your priority. If you’re procrastinating, procrastinate by doing something work-related.

Scorpio Travel

Your usual determination is coupled with diplomacy at the beginning of the week, meaning doors that are shut to other travellers are open to you. Travelling duos or groups get along well now.

This may not be quite the case on Wednesday and Thursday when your ideas about how this trip should be are in conflict with someone else's. How about choosing a third way, something neither of you is considering? Unusual options are favoured by the stars, so find one.

The weekend can find your every hope for this journey being surpassed, including you find the possibility of a little romance.


For the first couple days of the week, you'll feel almost robotic in your drive toward getting what you want. It might be creepy at first, but when you see how far you get, you won't be nearly as creeped out.

Your heart comes back in a big way on Wednesday as trouble breaks out at home with your partner, roommate, or friend. Someone's going to throw a tantrum. If you beat them to it, then they'll have to clean it up. Things calm down over the weekend, and you'll get zapped by a new artistic or creative inspiration.

Weekly Tarot Reading Overview for Scorpio

Your card for the week: Wheel of Fortune

SCORPIO Horoscope and Tarot Reading: Weekly Prediction for Dec 28 - Jan 3
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According to Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune reminds you this week that life is full of ups and downs. If you've been going through a problematic time in your life, this card could signal an end to this difficult period. If you've been going through a prosperous period, things could soon return to normal.

Don't lament this change -- it is a natural part of growth and a natural part of life. Every experience you have serves a purpose in your understanding of yourself and your situations. Let this card serve as a reminder to embrace the ebbs and flows of life.

Fresh starts and new challenges are your chart theme - Scorpio can lead the way, especially in a family. And get a date that’s been revised several times back on the calendar. A project linked to extra gifts and/or food is a great fit for your skills, The Sun cites. In love, learning new things together lifts passion, do sign up for that class. Single? Tune in to a product demonstration.

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