Reaction of 12 Zodiac Signs When Ex-Lover Gets Married
How to Handle Situation when Your Ex Getting Married?

Ex-lovers always bring conflicting emotions in the hearts of each zodiac sign. Some people just need to mention the name and burst into tears because there are still feelings, nostalgia, regrets. Some people just smile gently and consider everything as normal.

Different ways of thinking and behaving create interesting things in each person. So, how will the 12 zodiac signs react when receiving an ex-lover's wedding card?

Let's find out together now!

How 12 Zodiac Signs Act When They Become Ex-Lovers How 12 Zodiac Signs Act When They Become Ex-Lovers

1. Aries

For Aries, the ex-lover sending a wedding card is like teasing her, so the White Ram will decline the invitation to attend this wedding.

Aries will be a little angry and secretly think that that person will never be equal to me and then comfort themselves: "I will keep my eyes open to see how long the two of you can be happy".

2. Taurus

As a loyal sign, Taurus always has to go through a long time to get over it after a breakup.

Therefore, if receiving a wedding invitation from an ex-lover, Taurus will also refuse, because Niu Nhi does not want the wound to open again.

3. Gemini

How will the 12 zodiac signs react when receiving a wedding card? For Gemini, it's convenient to go, not convenient. Gemini's indifferent attitude can surprise many, because this sign is very easy to get over breakups.

Even Gemini can happily party with everyone at the wedding of their ex-lover as if they were close friends of the bride and groom.

4. Cancer

Being a sensitive zodiac sign when it comes to love, when breaking up, Cancer is always the one who suffers more and longer than the other person.

If one day receives a wedding card from an ex-lover, Cancer will inevitably be sad but still smile and bless. The Crabs will quietly come to watch the wedding from afar.

5. Leo

With high self-esteem and dignity, Leo will immediately refuse the wedding invitation of his ex-lover.

After breaking up, Leo understands that each person has a place to belong, so the two should not be friends or continue to be related to each other.

6. Virgo

The 12 zodiac signs revealed that Virgos have very different reactions when receiving a wedding card from their ex. The Virgo man won't care and pretends to have no card.

Virgo girls are different, although they understand that the reason the two can't be together, they are still quietly sad because the bride is not themselves.

Reaction of 12 Zodiac Signs When Ex-Lover Getting Married
When Ex-Love Getting Married

7. Libra

Few people have the tolerance and generosity with their ex-lovers like Libra. Despite the breakup, this constellation always pays little attention to the ex-lover.

If one day, Libra receives a wedding card from an ex, they will happily congratulate it. After that, I will go shopping for a beautiful dress and glitter makeup to attend the wedding.

8. Scorpio

As a constellation of introverts, so even after breaking up, Scorpio always keeps his ex-lover in a corner of his heart and every time he mentions his ex-lover, Caper can't help but feel moved.

When receiving a pink card from that person, Scorpio will smile to bless the ex but will never intend to attend that wedding.

9. Sagittarius

With a playful nature, Sagittarius is ready to accept invitations to any party, even if it is the wedding of an ex-lover. After breaking up, Sagittarius always considers their ex as friends. So there's no reason Sagittarius should avoid their ex.

10. Capricorn

If you receive a wedding card from an ex, Capricorn will be very sad and regretful because this constellation when determining who to love always wants to go with that person to the end of the road, not to meet in this awkward situation.

Therefore, Capricorn will not attend, but will sit in a corner, and then silently compare her ex-girlfriend's fiancé at what point is inferior to her.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius won't be too upset but can't act like it's normal. Instead of being moody, Aquarius will prepare a unique wedding gift, even preparing a speech to give a wedding speech to bless the person.

12. Pisces

Pisces is very vulnerable, so after a breakup will tend to suffer and wonder what led to the breakup.

And one day, when receiving a wedding card from an ex-lover, Pisces will continue to wonder why the person who will be with that person on the aisle is not me and then become sad and cry?

After that, they will seek comfort from close friends.

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