Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality. Photo: knowinsiders.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality. Photo: knowinsiders.

Editor Note: Astrological horoscope information about Prime Minister Boris Johnson is for reference only. Our astrology experts only predict based on date of birth, year of birth for all people born on November 20, 1942, not specifically for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Before we can give a horoscope, read about the personality of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we need to know his date of birth as well as his biography.

Boris Johnson Biography

Boris Johnson Key Facts

Also Known As Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
Born June 19, 1964 (age 58) • New York City • New York

Title / Office

prime minister (2019-present), United Kingdom
Political Affiliation Conservative Party

Carrie Symonds (2021-present)

Residence 10 Downing Street, London, Chequers, Buckinghamshire

Stanley Johnson, Charlotte Johnson Wahl

Who is Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, in full Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, (born June 19, 1964, New York City, New York, U.S.), American-born British journalist and Conservative Party politician who became prime minister of the United Kingdom in July 2019. Earlier he served as the second elected mayor of London (2008–16) and as secretary of state for foreign affairs (2016–18) under Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Childhood, Parents, Family

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born on June 19, 1964, in New York City. His family moved often during his childhood, when he was called Al. At birth, Boris was granted both American and British citizenship. The family moved to the U.K. when he was a child. He became known as Boris while he was attending boarding school in England. Johnson graduated from Oxford University in 1987, where he studied classics.

Boris is the son of Stanley Johnson, who is descended from Turkish ancestry and a former member of the European Parliament. He is the former son-in-law of Charles Wheeler. He is the brother of Rachel Johnson, Jo Johnson, & Leo Johnson, and half-brother of Julia Johnson & Max Johnson.

Boris Johnson married Allegra Mostyn-Owen in 1987. The marriage was dissolved in 1993.

He tied the knot for the second time with Marina Wheeler, a barrister, in 1993. This marriage produced two daughters and two sons. The couple separated and filed for divorce in 2018 after 25 years of marriage.

Boris Johnson, who was accused of marital infidelity, has a daughter with Helen MacIntyre, an arts consultant. He has also been linked with Jennifer Arcuri, a former DJ and model.

In 2019, he started living with Carrie Symonds. On 29 February 2020, Symonds and Johnson announced their engagement. They also said that Symonds was expecting a baby in summer.

Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds on 29 May 2021, in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral.

Boris Johnson and Cycling

Boris is well known for his love of cycling and frequently commutes to work through the busy streets of London. As mayor of London, he implemented an existing idea to provide hire bikes in London. For a time, they became known as the “Boris Bike”.

He has had many bikes stolen and has written extensively on the injustice of bike theft. For example, he notes that on having a bike stole people usually respond by criticising the cyclist for not taking sufficient precautions or buying a bike that is too flash. He admits that he has fantasised over leaving dummy bikes as bait for thieves and then setting the Navy Seals on to the criminals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Education

Boris was educated at Eton, and Balliol College, Oxford University, where he studied classics. According to, during his time at Oxford University, he became president of the prestigious Oxford Union. It is claimed that he was the preferred candidate of the Social Democrat party, although Boris claims he was never an active participant in the centre-left party. During his time at Oxford, he also became involved in various drinking clubs, such as the Bullingdon Club. This drinking society was associated with a “Hurray Henry” mentality. Boris has maintained this impression of being an Oxford toff, into his political and public life. In his own words Boris has said: “A wise guy playing the fool to win”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Boris Johnson horoscope. Photo: Getty.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Political Career

According to, Boris Johnson began his career as a journalist in 1987 when he began working as a graduate trainee at ‘The Times.’ His tenure at the newspaper proved to be problematic and he was sacked from his job.

This early setback in his career did not deter him as he went on to establish himself as a much-loved journalist. Over the next few years, he worked with ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as feature writer, EU correspondent, and assistant editor. He became the editor of ‘The Spectator’ in 1999. The magazine thrived under his editorship, adding to his reputation as a highly successful journalist.

During this period, he also began pursuing his political aspirations and became a Member of Parliament for Henley in 2001. He continued his journalistic career alongside his full-time job as an MP, holding on to his post as the editor of ‘The Spectator.’ He also wrote columns for ‘The Daily Telegraph’ and ‘GQ.’ He proved to be a popular politician despite earning a reputation for courting controversies.

In 2007, Boris Johnson announced his candidacy for the position of mayor of London in the 2008 mayoral election. During the election, the flamboyant politician won the largest personal electoral mandate in the U.K., defeating incumbent Ken Livingstone to become the mayor. He assumed office as the mayor of London in May 2008.

As the mayor, one of his initial policy initiatives was to ban drinking alcohol in public transport. He also gained some notoriety for his idleness and sloppy dressing sense. A cyclist himself, he introduced a public bicycle scheme called ‘Boris Bikes’ which became popular. He also commissioned the development of the ‘New Routemaster’ buses for central London.

During his tenure, Boris became embroiled in several controversies. However, he continued to enjoy popularity in the eyes of his ardent supporters. During the 2012 mayoral election, he sought re-election, and once again faced Livingstone. Boris Johnson won the re-election quite easily due to immense support from his followers.

During his second term, he became the co-chair of an Olympic board which oversaw the 2012 ‘London Olympic Games.’ Prior to the games, he took action to improve the transport around London and introduced more buses for thousands of visiting spectators

In 2015, he was elected as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Despite numerous allegations pertaining to extra-marital affairs and other controversies, he continued to remain a popular politician.

Awards & Achievements

-In 1997, he was honored at the ‘What the Papers Say’ awards with the ‘Commentator of the Year Award.’

-He was named ‘Pagan Federation of Great Britain -National Journalist of the Year’ in 1998.

-He was voted Editors’ ‘Editor of the Year’ in 2003.

During the 2015-16 Brexit campaign, Boris supported the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign. Upon its victory, he was regarded as the next front-runner for the prime minister post. However, he refused the Conservative candidacy and Theresa May became the prime minister.

He then served as foreign secretary under Theresa May’s government from 2016 to 2018. During his tenure, he courted controversies, thanks to his comments on the five-year prison sentence of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

As foreign secretary, he put forth aggressive policies, stirring rumors that he is not happy with May’s leadership. However, he denied the reports and resigned from the post after attending a meeting to discuss Brexit. He then took up a year-long contract to write articles for ‘Telegraph Media Group.’

Upon Theresa May’s resignation, Johnson confirmed and launched his campaign for the upcoming election. He then won the election against Jeremy Hunt on 22 July 2019 with 66% votes.

As prime minister, Johnson proposed to leave the European Union by 31 October 2019 with or without a deal. He then called for a general election in September under ‘Fixed-term Parliament Act’ to prevent a no deal exit.

Which Zodiac Sign is Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson was born on 19 June 1964. So, his zodiac signs is a Gemini (May 21 - June 21) which belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Aquarius and Libra.

In astrology, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period from about May 21 to about June 21.

Boris Johnson Gemini Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Personal Traits

Gemini' best personality traits

Intelligent: Since their ruling planet is Mercury, it’s no wonder that Geminis love to learn. These intellectuals try to gather as much information about everything they are interested in, and always seek out more knowledge. Gemini is an Air sign, meaning they value intellect more than anything. They are serious thinkers, and intelligence is the solution to everything.

Energetic: Geminis have a lust for life! Both the Gemini man and Gemini woman crave adventure, amusement, trying new things, and are always searching for the next source of pleasure. Geminis are the first person willing to try something new, and use their positive attitude to push them forward in all aspects of life.

Adaptable: Because Gemini is a Mutable sign, they easily adapt to the world around them, seeking harmony above all else. This trait makes it a breeze for Gemini to go with the flow, as they are always prepared for change or an experience they’ve never had before.

Funny: While Geminis are highly intellectual, they also have quite the funny bone. Their sense of humor comes in the form of jokes and quick retorts, as well as a bit of sarcasm. Anyone who can keep up with their fast-pace will appreciate the level of comedy.

Social: Geminis absolutely love to talk, and not about minutia, either. They enjoy having deep conversations that engage their minds. And if they are at a party, their naturally charismatic nature makes them highly approachable and friendly. Anyone who meets Gemini will come away with a friend, as Your Tango reported.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Boris Johnson horoscope. Photo: Getty.

Gemini' worst personality traits

They can be two-faced. According to, Gemini is ruled by the fleet-footed messenger planet Mercury. Mercury would usually carry out requests and tasks at the command of other gods, even adopting multiple personas in order to fulfill his missions. In this same spirit, Geminis may talk out of both sides of their mouths, telling different stories or “truths” depending who they’re with!

Geminis may spread gossip. Beware of becoming a “gossip girl” when you’re around this zodiac sign. Gemini can crank up the rumor mill since they’re often the first ones to hear the latest dish.

They’re easily scattered. The essence of Gemini energy is fascinating, original, resourceful, charming, wise, and adventurous. The negative manifestation can devolve into restless, distracted, two-faced, judgmental, depressed and overwhelmed energy. Before you know it, you feel as scattered as your Gemini—and trying to organize them will only make you feel more chaotic!

Unnecessary drama. Gemini has a tendency to ride the roller coaster of life, spiraling skywards one minute and plunging into lows the next. Is everything really that “bananas” or are they just addicted to the rush of it all? After a while, you may sense that Geminis get a secret payoff from keeping some part of their lives in a state of high hysteria. There’s always a colorful story to tell and something dramatic to bond over. But hello—exhausting much?

Geminis can be indecisive. Because Geminis are so multi-faceted, they may hesitate to commit to one path, fearing they’ll be trapped. As a result, they end up in an endless string of unfulfilling gigs because you don’t want to “settle.” Geminis need to focus on finishing what they start instead of distracting themselves by beginning a ton of new projects.

Who gets on best with Gemini?

Many people fleetingly fancy the Gemmys because of their youthful, fun, partying exterior… But not that many can get past their actual chilly nature and need to be free and untethered. Relationships are sometimes difficult for them. Just one person for forever and forever? Hmm.

Other Air signs respect that need for space, though, because they feel it too, and are entertaining and clever enough to keep things stimulating. So, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius ALL get on well.

How does Boris Johnson's sign affect his life?

Johnson is a Gemini born in the latter part of the sign's season (the sun moves from Gemini to Cancer on June 22). According to Well+Good, other Geminis born at this time show a greater tendency toward independence, inventiveness, and even rebelliousness. That might explain the unique image that Boris Johnson has created for himself as well as his ability to persevere in the face of criticism. He doesn't seem to have any problem with changing his mind either, which is a very Gemini trait to have.

The predominance of Air signs in Boris’ chart exaggerates his taste for relations and for all kinds of short trips, whether this relates to travels or new ideas. Boris Johnson gains in flexibility and adaptability what he loses in self-assertion or pragmatism. Boris Johnson’s astrological chart also indicates he has a thirst for communication and desire to take risks in dealings with others.

According to the 58 year-old’s astrological chart, what matters to Boris is the movement and the energy that link him to others and make him gain more awareness.

Astrology website claims a kind of rebellion or a desire to get away from it all is rooted in him.

With a Gemini Sun, as reported, a certain duality in Boris Johnson’s nature is almost inevitable. A love of language and words, shown by his career as a journalist, TV personality and politician, is evident in his character. However, Gemini’s duality can also be duplicitous and the truth relative for this trickster of the Zodiac.

What we also see with Gemini is also evident in what we have seen of Boris Johnson to date – staying focused on things and committing for the long term are really not Gemini’s – or his – strong points. With a tendency to be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ there is something of the dilettante in Gemini – and we have to question the depth of interest Johnson has in pressing political issues – or politics itself.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Boris Johnson horoscope. Photo:

Boris Johnson Scorpio Moon Sign

However, there is no doubt Johnson has a powerful Moon. The need and hunger contained in a Scorpio Moon are almost limitless – and that especially includes the need for power, so characteristic of this sign. This is a somewhat ‘Machiavellian’ Moon, and a great driver in Boris Johnson’s natal chart. It adds a surprisingly ruthless, manipulative and determined streak to an otherwise light (some would say shallow) character. It’s also an intense, passionate and highly sexual moon – and I’m sure I’m not speaking out of turn to say this is also a well documented aspect of Johnson’s nature.

Boris Johnson June 19 Birthday Horoscope: The Birthday of the Activator

Boris is a natural born Gemini. This delightful but often frustrating sun sign is the ultimate showman and communicator, but also the trickster of the Zodiac with a very complicated relationship to the truth.

If it serves their purposes Gemini are fully capable of bending the truth and will often end up earnestly believing their own version of it.

Research shows June babies are inquisitive, childlike, and brilliant communicators, in part because in their academic school year their age and physical disadvantage forces them out of their shells and to flex their verbal skills in order to get noticed.

As a result, they're fully capable of fibbing, not necessarily for malicious or devious reasons, but because they don't think their fibs will harm anyone. They learned early in life how to charm people and tell them what they think they want to hear.

According to Daily Mail, Boris is a mutable air sign which means he believes freedom to do as he pleases is his birth right. He believes he has a right to fly free and doesn't need to be held accountable.

Blessed with tremendous self-belief, he floats above the rest of us in his mind. There is a strong tendency to be superficial, to be a social butterfly and people pleaser or to seek his validation from others. He also has a very significant element to his astrological personality and day of birth – the self-destruct button of the activator.

Boris is highly intelligent, creative, and curious. He's breezy and intuitive and keen to blow the winds of change. As a result, he is a like a catalyst to everyone he interacts with and delights in bringing out both the best and the worst in others. His ability to help others dream and think big, act first and think later makes him popular and entertaining.

Staying focused is Boris's challenge as is long term commitment. Geminis tend to be a Jack of all trades and one can question their commitment to anyone and anything, even politics.

Inquisitiveness and excitement are their restless motivation rather than achievement. It could be said that their restlessness is really a search for a sense of self from the inside out or a part of themselves they feel they have lost somehow – the missing twin as the symbol of Gemini is the twin.

Boris birth chart has plenty of air (communication) and water (go with the flow) but hardly any grounding earth signs and passionate fire – Boris touches the surface with everything and everyone and doesn't go deep.

The ancient art of numerology also sheds psychological light because although Boris's birthday number is a king of the world -all about me and natural leader number 1 - his attitude number which is how others see him is the number 7 associated with good luck.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson - Animal Sign Under Chinese Astrology (Feng Shui)

Repeating every 12 years, the animal cycle includes the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig. Each of those can then be split into five elements - Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water.

According to Chinese zodiac, 1964 is the year of the Dragon and it belongs to the Wood year based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in this Chinese calendar year, specifically from February 13, 1964 to February 1, 1965 in Gregorian calendar is the Wood Dragon. People born from January 1 to February 12 in 1964 belong to the previous Water Rabbit year.

1964 Wood Dragon in a nutshell:

Style: Eccentric and sophisticated;

Top qualities: Elegant, resourceful and compassionate;

Challenges: Defensive and obstinate;

Advice: They need to put themselves in other’s shoes from time to time.

1964 Wood Dragon Personality Traits

According to The Sun, the Dragon is the fifth of the repeating 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac, constituting part of the Chinese calendar system. Dragons are the most revered animal in Chinese culture. They call themselves the descendants of the dragon.

In the past, emperors were seen as the reincarnation of dragons. The Dragon is associated with the hours between seven and nine in the morning.

Dragons are not lost souls, they're phenomenally strong, resilient as hell, and never, ever give up. They're happy, upbeat, always positive, kind and generous - but they counter that by being ridiculously self-orientated.

The Wood Dragon is an insane party monster who wants to indulge, be naughty, and has no desire whatsoever to take life seriously. They’re yin and yang - sentimental, vain, complex, wild and also very sweet.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
1964 Wood Dragon. Photo:

Wood Dragons born in 1964 are different than other natives of the same sign. Introverted and sometimes scared of interacting with people, they prefer to spend most of their time alone and to not have that many friends.

While not lucky when it comes to interacting with others, they have enough charm to attract any member of the opposite sex. The Chinese Horoscope says these natives are not scared of working hard and usually manage to achieve everything they want in life, which means they’re similar with other Dragons from many points of view.

Dragons in the Chinese zodiac have certain personality traits that make them unique. It doesn’t matter if wanting to be in the spotlight or not, they seem to always attract all the attention of others.

They have tremendous power and can sometimes scare people with it. These natives seem to always get their way at work and to occupy only leading positions because others don’t mind obeying them.

As a matter of fact, they’re natural born leaders because their ideas are always good and meant for being put into practice. Dragons usually don’t take a break in order to think things through because they’re energetic and enthusiastic to take action.

Chinese people see them as an omen for success and power, not to mention they seem to have all of this, even if taking risks and being impulsive. Wood Dragons seem to easily attract money, which means their life is usually very comfortable.

Furthermore, they’re curious and don’t mind exploring the new. It can be said they’re fearless just like dragons in legends and stories, as reported.

Love & Relationships

Since Wood Dragons are very quiet, it’s difficult for them to make the first step when in love. Fortunately, they have a special charm and can capture anyone’s attention.

Those born in 1964 are known for falling in love at first sight and for being right about what partner they have chosen because they seem to have great intuition when it comes to romance.

However, it may take a while before they’ll meet that ideal person, so it’s possible for them to have many meaningless affairs during their youth.

1964 Wood Dragon Horoscope in 2022

For Dragon people born in 1964, they are still ambitious at work as they are approaching the retirement age. This year, they have a flexible mind and clear thinking, and their working status is still as good as that of young people. People in management positions are likely to make great progress in their careers, and their powers are likely to be significantly enhanced in 2022. In talent management, they should learn to make good use of people, make clear rewards and punishments, and gather the team strength. However, they are aging after all, with limited energy. It is better to balance work and rest well. At the same time, they can open up their minds and contact more new things. This year, they need to face the work field that they have never touched before. They can consult more young people and inject new vitality into the development of the company.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements. Photo: The Sun.

In addition, as reported, they should be wary of quarrels this year. Be especially careful when facing the female friends or relatives. Don't say anything rash or impulsive, as you could easily be caught. In the dispute with others, try to control the temper and avoid a head-on conflict.

Their work is busy this year, and the pressure is on. Adequate sleep is recommended to maintain physical strength. There may be signs of a recurrence of minor health problems, and regular check-ups are necessary.


The Dragon is most compatible with the Rooster, Monkey and Rat, and they're the least compatible with Dog, Rabbit, and Dragon. According to Chinese New Year, both Monkeys and Dragons are creative and innovative and he Rooster will look up to the Dragon and provide genuine support during hardships.

Meanwhile, the Rat’s humour and reliability are what attracts the stubborn Dragon. Dragons and Dogs have clashing personalities and are least compatible - neither trusts nor understands the other. Meanwhile, Rabbits have some similar interests as Dragons, but they can only tolerate each other to a certain extent.

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