PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality. Photo: knowinsiders.
PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality. Photo: knowinsiders.

Editor Note: Astrological horoscope information about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is for reference only. Our astrology experts only predict based on date of birth, year of birth for all people born on July 26, 1980, not specifically for the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Before we can give a horoscope, read about the personality of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, we need to know his date of birth as well as her biography.

Jacinda Ardern Biography

Jacinda Ardern Key Facts

Also Known As Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern
Born July 26, 1980 (age 41) • Hamilton • New Zealand
Title / Office prime minister (2017-), New Zealand
Political Affiliation New Zealand Labour Party
Preceded by Bill English
Children 1 (Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford)
Zodiac Sign Leo

Who is Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017 at the age of 37 and became the country's youngest Prime Minister in more than 150 years. Ardern is the world's youngest female head of government. She is currently serving her second term in office.

Inspirational Quotes

She described climate control as “my generation’s nuclear-free moment”.

“There should be no place in a wealthy society like ours for children to grow up without their basic needs being met”.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: Childhood, Parents, Family

Arden was born Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern to Ross and Laurell Ardern. Her childhood years were spent in Morrinsville and Marapuru, where her father was a police officer and her mother a catering assistant. She grew up in a rural environment.

Ardern’s father, Ross Ardern, was a dedicated police officer who spent 40 years in the force, while her mother Laurell was a school cook. The family lived right in front of Murupara’s only police station and felt directly the ever-present threat of violence hanging over the town, as offspringmagazine reported.

Ardern recalled one night when the house was pelted with bottles, and another where, sneaking out through the back fence, she saw her dad being confronted by a group of large men. Following her dad’s instructions, she just had to keep walking as if nothing had happened. Although just a child at the time, the inequality Ardern remembers seeing firsthand in Murupara is what first ignited her passion for social justice.

The family did not stay long in Murupara, moving to Morrinsville after Ardern’s sister was physically abused at school one day. The rest of Ardern’s childhood and teenage years were spent in Morrinsville, where she had what is regarded as the classic Kiwi childhood. She drove tractors around her family orchard, once crashing one into a tree, and raised her own lamb for her school’s agricultural show. Her first job, and her only job outside of politics, was working for the local fish and chip shop.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: Education and Political Career

She attended high school before graduating from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Politics and Public Relations. While studying, the Prime Minister joined the New Zealand Labour Party at age 18.

Ardern’s first exposure to politics was during the 1999 general election when her aunt Marie Ardern asked her to help with the local Labour party campaign. She joined the Labour Party herself at age 17 and soon became a senior member of the youth section, where she worked as a researcher.

She earned her association with the party even before she earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies in 2001 after completing high school. Arden later moved to London, where she worked as part of a policy advisor team for Tony Blair. In 2008 she was elected as president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

According to, in the 2011 general elections, she contested the Auckland Central seat for the Labour Party but lost by 717 votes. In the 2014 general elections, she again contested the Auckland Central seat for the Labour Party and again lost, but this time by a reduced majority of 600 votes. On 20th January, Ardern took part in the 2017 Womans March, held in worldwide opposition to Donald Trump.

In February 2017, Ardern again ran in the Mount Albert by-election. But this time, she achieved a landslide victory by winning 77 percent of the votes cast. As a result, of her success, Ardern was unanimously elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in 7th March 2017.

On 1st August 2017, Ardern was elected as Leader of the Labour Party. In the September 2017 general election, Ardern held on to the Mount Albert electorate with 15 264 votes. The Labour party won an additional 14 seats in Parliament, increasing the total to 46, the highest since losing power in 2008. A coalition with the New Zealand First Party effectively made Ardern Prime Minister.

In 2018 Prime Minister Arden gave birth to her first child, and became the first leader of a country in 30 years to give birth while in office.

In the 2020 general election, Ardern achieved yet another landslide victory for the Labour Party. The Party won an overall majority of 65 seats in the 120 seat House of Representatives. The Mount Albert electorate was also retained, with a 21 326 vote margin.


-BSC in politics and public relations from Waikato University.

-She was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth in 2008.

-She became the youngest sitting Member of Parliament in 2008.

-She became the Labour Parties' youngest leader in their entire history.

-She is also a member of the Council of World Women Leaders.

-World’s youngest head of government aged 37.

-In 2018 she became the first New Zealand prime minister to take part in a gay pride march.

-She placed 38 out of 100 most powerful women by Forbes magazine in 2019.

-She made the Time 100 list in 2019 and was short-listed for Person of the Year.

-In 2020 she was awarded Harvard Universities Gleitsman International Activist Award.

-In 2021 Fortune magazine put her on top of their World’s Greatest Leaders list.

Which Zodiac Sign is Jacinda Ardern?

Jacinda Ardern was born on July 26, this makes her belongs to the Leo clan. As anyone born between July 23 and August 22 has a Leo sign, which belongs to the Fire element of astrology, along with Aries and Saggittarius.

PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Prime Mister Jacinda Ardern. Photo:

Jacinda Ardern Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Personal Traits

Typical sun in Leo traits include being confident, comfortable being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, fiercely protective of their nearest and dearest, generous, luxury-loving, sunny, and big-hearted. Their characteristics reflect themes covered by the Fifth House of Romance and Self-Expression, which Leo rules. The Fifth House oversees leisurely fun, creativity, children, pleasure, and the most spirited, effervescent expressions of love and sex, like flirting and dating, as Instyle reported.

Leo's best personality traits

Loyal: Leos value loyalty, and, in return, they expect loyalty from the people around them. This also makes them trustworthy, meaning they will keep your secrets and be true to you. Leo will always have your back and you will never doubt their trust, as Your Tango reported.

Wise: If you seek guidance from Leo, be prepared to get exactly what you asked for. They are one of the most straightforward zodiac signs and won't hold back on telling it like it is. While their words of wisdom may seem harsh, they just want to be honest with you.

Confident: Leo traits manifest a little differently in women than they do in men. While a Leo woman has confidence that makes her outgoing and fearless, she can sometimes be sensitive, especially when it comes to the things she believes in wholeheartedly.

Passionate: Leos are passionate and expressive, so you'll have no problem trying to figure out their interests. This is especially helpful in a relationship, as Leo has a tendency to express themselves with their body language, or even vocally.

Strong: One of the most prominent Leo male traits is their strength, both mental and physical. Because they strive to be the best, it's no wonder they are so strong.

Generous: Leos will give you the shirt off their back if you need it, and always come up with the best gifts. Leos have a lot of love to give, so they tend to be generous with their affection, attention, time, and money.

Natural Leader: Leos are natural-born leaders. Because of their other traits, people are attracted to them. Their spirit and confidence make people trust Leo and, most importantly, their generosity and optimism give others a reason to trust them.

Leo's worst personality traits

Arrogance: At times, your dominance and confidence can be seen more like arrogance and conceit. Leo individuals ooze with confidence. You think that if you have arrived at a conclusion at first, then you are right. Your confidence to lead people can turn into arrogance at times. You may get self-centred and thinks you are the best in everything. You love to give advice but don’t accept one with an open heart, as reported.

Inflexibility: You are not only inflexible for other people but also inflexible for yourselves. When you have committed to something, you tend to stick to it. Regardless of how much you hate it.

Laziness: Though you are full of ambition and enthusiasm, you might admit to being lazy. You will take the easy way out for given opportunities and situations. You will be especially lazy when the situation offers little fun or glory to you.

Dogmatic and Prideful: Leos are born with all of the pride and glory of the maned creature. You can hold onto a wrong idea or belief out of stubborn pride. You find difficulty in self-reflection and will never admit to your mistakes. You find it hard to accept other suggestions even if they are right.

Domineering: Leos have a hard time learning when to stop ruling and start listening. For this reason, you are extremely domineering and tend to overpower those around you. You will always demand respect and expect everyone around you to behave subserviently. You can interfere in other matters, throw orders, bully, and expect them to follow without any arguments. When you are not able to control others then you get frustrated and throw fiery temper tantrums.

The natural-born leader

Since the vitality-bringing, confidence-enhancing sun has such a clear impact on Leo's personality, the fire sign tends to go toward opportunities to run whatever literal or figurative show they're most drawn to. They'll naturally slide into an executive position, guiding a team effortlessly from the front of any room, decide they can make a real difference by running for local government, or aspire to see their name in lights as the headliner of a hit production. But just as readily as they might seek to lead and soak up attention and applause, they'll shine their blinding, perpetually warm inner light on those around them, throwing themselves into planning an OTT celebration for a loved one with all the most gasp-worthy decor and gourmet bites, devote time and money to a favorite charity, or plan (and shell out for) a memorable, lavish anniversary getaway with their true love. After all, when it comes to following their hearts and setting themselves up for the ultimate fun, pleasurable, fancypants experience, dynamic, life-loving Leos will spare no expense.

How zodiac sign affects Jacinda Adern

Like the majority of Earth signs, Jacinda Ardern, you are efficient, concrete and not too emotional. What matters to you is what you see: you judge the tree by its fruits. Your ideas keep changing, words disappear, but actions and their consequences are visible and remain. Express your sensitivity, even if it means revealing your vulnerability. Emotions, energy and communication must not be neglected; concrete action is meaningless if it is not justified by your heart, your intellect or your enthusiasm.

Jacinda Ardern, Fire is dominant in your natal chart and endows you with intuition, energy, courage, self-confidence, and enthusiasm! You are inclined to be passionate, you assert your willpower, you move forward, and come hell or high water, you achieve your dreams and your goals. The relative weakness of this element is the difficulty to step back or a kind of boldness that may prompt you to do foolish things.

PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Leo zodiac sign. Photo: indiannewsrepublic.

The twelve zodiacal signs are split up into three groups or modes, called quadruplicities, a learned word meaning only that these three groups include four signs. The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable modes are more or less represented in your natal chart, depending on planets' positions and importance, and on angles in the twelve signs.

The three most important planets in your chart are the Sun, Mercury and Saturn.

One of the dominant planets in your birth chart is the Sun. He symbolizes will, magnetism, sense of honour and dignity. You are a Solar being, and you often display charismatic and leadership qualities. Your warmth and your persuasive power lead you far away from pettiness. You enjoy thinking big and, consequently, you move forward according to what you decide.

Your Solarian weakness may be related to the sin of pride or to excessive authority. The frontier between pride and vanity is tenuous: be careful not to overstep it and to keep the nobleness of heart that is part of your charm.

With Mercury among your dominant planets, you are certainly cerebral, nervous, swift, curious, quick-witted, and you love to communicate. Your psychological pattern is intellectual, all the more so since Mercury is important, with its whole set of assets but also of weaknesses, obviously.

Your sensitivity, emotions, and heart's impulses give precedence to thinking, which can lead people to believe that you are a playful and witty but heartless person, intellectualizing situations and juggling with words and numbers whilst ignoring human aspects of things. Of course, it is said that cats always land on their feet - this is your Mercurian strength and your trump card!

Your weakness lies in your nervousness, and you may miss your goal because of your "over-intellectualization" that may be detrimental to other kind of energies such as instinct, spontaneity, heart, sensitivity, etc.

Saturn is part of your dominant planets: among the facets of your character, you have a grave and serious side, wise and somewhat severe, since your concentration can be powerful to the detriment of carelessness and friendliness.

You often look austere, but it is only an appearance, a kind of modesty or reserve; however, it is true that the Saturnian, who is fond of time, effort, asceticism, rigour and sobriety, may have popularity issues. Nevertheless, honesty and straightforwardness, reliability, as well as slow, wise and deep mental process, although not very popular and visible qualities, eventually become noticed and appreciated. Saturnians' second part of life is usually easier and more fulfilling.

Jacinda Ardern July 26 Birthday Horoscope

According to, people born specifically on the 26th of July are surmised to have a confident, jolly and witty temperament with the usual Lion leadership skills. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Saturn directing you to thrive on achievement and responsibility. If you have this birthday a strong proud focus and plenty of stamina makes you a hard worker who has faith in following your destined life path. Charming, creative and interesting you are usually a fabulous organizer with a noticeable calmness when solving problems or handling sensitive situations. You are naturally generous, caring and loyal but emotionally you are inclined to be self critical, touchy and rather demanding. Individuals with a July the twenty sixth birthday possess a strong will and heaps of positivity and sincerity yet also a little materialistic. You are also highly moralistic making you strive to fight any form of injustice.

A high degree of practicality encourages hands on occupations to be a popular choice to a person born on the twenty sixth of July. Medical or law based professions may be favored and you are prepared to study to gain the qualifications required. You seem to prefer management positions but are often equally happy working as part of a team. Your focused attitude and dry wit is motivating and proves an asset in any workplace setting. You are ordinarily good with finances and disciplined enough to not let the lure of luxuries tempt you into overspending, saving up is commonly more preferable.

For a Leo, the person born on the twenty sixth day of July is typically enthusiastic about romance and rarely short of admirers. Despite your open enthusiasm and ability to stand out in a crowd you can also be quite skeptical concerning affairs of the heart too. You have a tendency to express love more effectively in actions instead of words and like to play the dominant role in a loving partnership. You require a soul mate who is able to stimulate your affectionate side and ground you when you try to get too big for your boots. Incredibly loving and faithful with the right partner you tend to favor starting a family later in life. An ardent sex drive inspires you to be playful and spontaneous in the bedroom. Occasional anxiety pangs prompted by slight emotional insecurity can sometimes cause you to be overly possessive or a bit stubborn.

PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality
Photo: knowinsiders.

People born on July 26 are ambitious, romantic and stubborn about all life matters. Just like a true Leo, possess great devotion and courage. They enjoy being highly active and taking all kinds of risks. They dislike loosing of course but also having to work with coward people. Those born under this sign like to spend time in any activity that involves a competition and where the chance to show how great they are at everything.

Lucky color

Orange is the color said to be representative for Leo people born with July 26. Orange as a hue, is the symbol of enthusiasm and vitality with endurance. This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives.

People who have orange as sign color are enthusiastic, supportive and active. They spend a lot of time outdoor, are always aware of their surroundings and tend to be adventurous and exploring all the time. Down to earth, they feel the need to fight for a peaceful and happy life and believe they can reach for everything they want through hard work and dedication.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - Animal Sign Under Chinese Astrology (Feng Shui)

1980 Metal Monkey Personality Traits

Also known as Metal Monkeys, people born in 1980 are funny, broad-minded and adaptable. As a matter of fact, they’re the wittiest natives in the Chinese zodiac and can end up as successful entrepreneurs.

These natives have their mysterious ways and simply love playing tricks on others. While thinking they’re being funny, others will run as far as possible from them and their jokes. Metal Monkeys have many ambitions and a great determination to succeed, so they’ll achieve many of their goals. While others find them warm and entertaining, they prefer to spend a lot of their time alone. These people are also known for being very devoted to their work and partner, as reported.

Metal Monkeys have an analytical mind and can take a while before making the decision. They know how to make things happen the way they want them to, but this means they always need to make plans and to come up with strategies for different situations.

Very focused on the materialistic side of life, these Monkeys love being surrounded by the finest things. Their home is usually furnished with expensive items and unique art.

Metal Monkeys are independent and able to succeed at everything in their life. They seem to dream big and to be as clever as other Monkeys, but a little bit wiser and more practical. They seem to have great passion and to never want to compromise. Very materialistic, it can be said their most outstanding trait is their impulsiveness when having to fight for their own interests.

These natives are eager to become financially stable and to occupy a good social position, even if they’re having a lot of fun while struggling for these things. They are not in any way idealistic like Dogs or full of grandeur like Dragons, but they surely can identify a good opportunity and take advantage of anything that works in their own interest.

Metal Monkeys have the metal element twice in their chart, so it becomes two times harder to change their mind, especially as soon as they’ve decided on something. Very independent, ready to take risks and willful, these smart people can succeed if running their own business. When employed, they can end up being very appreciated and liked, but only if they’re agreeing to respect the rules at the workplace.

They seem to think freely and to always be focused only on their own projects, not to mention how they love dealing with challenges and exploring the new. Metal Monkeys will never get stuck in a routine and work hard no matter what, earning a lot and securing their future. Friendly and carrying great affection for their loved ones, these natives can convince their friends and family to always be by their side and to follow their ideas.

They can take good care of themselves, but they shouldn’t reject the help of others when these are offering it. Because they’re open and don’t mind working with other people’s suggestions, they will finish their projects at work faster and in a more efficient manner.

Being so independent can have them seem more arrogant than they actually are, so they should start being more approachable if they want others to support them in their endeavors.

Metal Monkeys are kind, intelligent, funny and adaptable. Having great confidence in themselves, they can succeed in any business. However, they’re known for not having patience and for being subjective, not to mention how they refuse to accept other people’s advice when it comes to the way they’re living their life.

Furthermore, they can be offensive and play too many pranks because they think of themselves as really clever. Therefore, their connections with others may be poor and fragile. They really need to be more predictable and serious, especially if they want to grow in popularity and to obtain the help they need for their career to succeed.

PM Jacinda Ardern: Horoscope, Astrological Prediction and Zodiac Sign Personality

As far as family goes, they’ll probably not get too much help from their siblings and parents, so they may need to build everything in their life from the ground up. It’s possible for these natives to become famous and very successful at an old age.

The women in this sign and element have strong morals and their birth chart seems to be favorable, even if they may experience a lot of turmoil when it comes to love. Many of these ladies will probably be married for a long time and become affected by a third-party situation, others will have to communicate more with their husbands.

As far as wealth goes, Metal Monkeys don’t seem to earn it quickly, so they’ll have to work hard and to wait a while to get rich. It’s important they’re not spending that much and that they’re investing in steady financial opportunities from which they can get back considerable amounts of money.

1980 Metal Monkey in a nutshell:

Style: Strong and steady;

Top qualities: Resourceful, original and kind;

Challenges: Arrogant and opportunistic;

Advice: Following guidance offered by family can bring good results.

1980 Metal Monkey Horoscope in 2022

In 2022, people with Chinese zodiac Monkey born in 1980 may meet some chances in work, which help them make progress. However, they should not take on more than they can cope with, which may lead to bad results, as reported.

The wealth fortune is plain. Do not expect too much in addition to regular salary and do not try to make profit at other people's expense.

The possibility for singles becoming unavailable is low. For those married, they’d better communicate more with their partner and stay away from the outside temptations.

The Monkey fortune prediction in 2022 also says they may get injured when doing strenuous exercise, so be cautious. One more piece of advice for the sake of their safety: do not drunk drive or weary drive.

Monkey's Best And Worst Match

Most compatible with Monkey: Snake, Rat, Dragon

The relationship between Monkeys and Snakes is very extreme. They are either the most compatible or clash the strongest. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Rats are able to cheer Monkeys up when they’re feeling down. When they’re together, it’s always full of laughter. Dragons can also bring joy to Monkeys. They’re attractive to Monkeys too as a strong competitor.

Least compatible with Monkey: Tiger, Pig

Monkeys and Tigers clash strongly. They are suspicious of each other and fight constantly. Pigs don’t have the same life goals and interests as Monkeys. It’s difficult to communicate and relationships don’t last long.

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