Pisces Monthly Horoscope
Pisces Monthly Horoscope in September 2022

Pisces stands out for their love of fellow human beings, kindness and thoughtfulness to others. Thanks to that, Pisces will not feel tired because there are always people around.

September 3, the first crescent moon of the month passes through Sagittarius, it reminds us to look beyond the horizon. Difficulties and challenges await, constellations need to be optimistic to accept everything.

September 2022 Horoscope for 12 Zodiac Signs and Best Astrological Predictions

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Overview - Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2022

In the first days of September, the sky doesn't seem to be in favor as the first Crescent Moon enters Sagittarius again.

Sagittarius Moon is also impulsive at this time, it urges people towards freedom and self-expression, but it also makes us easily discouraged when facing difficulties. This will greatly detriment the work of Pisces.

Early September Mercury retrograde will cause a lot of money loss for people. We tend to be out of focus and always mishandle numbers and data. This is the time when the constellations should not decide anything related to money or shopping.

September is the month that Mercury is retrograde the most in 2022. So people are also prone to weakening of the nerves, especially related to each person's lungs.

According to astrologers, when Mercury is in retrograde, you will not be able to breathe air effectively, which can lead to lung infections, increase bronchial fluid and produce phlegm.

In this September, when you can't stand the pressure anymore, Pisces will be able to quit the current job. Although this is a pretty difficult decision, there probably won't be a better choice for Pisces.

In this September, you should not quarrel, not quarrel. Instead, there are talks to share difficulties with each other. To feel that no matter how life throws us, we can't fall.

Maintain good relationships as they are now, Pisces, with friends, family or colleagues. There will be many times when this zodiac sign needs love from all of it. Moreover, they are the people that your life cannot be without.

So what exactly will come to Pisces in September?

Pisces Love - Horoscope September 2022

September 2022 horoscope for Pisces says that you are an open person and can spread your energy to others. The social relationships of Pisces are quite active in early September.

On September 9 when Mercury turns retrograde Pisces may experience some disturbances in family life. Your partner suddenly becomes very romantic.

By September 25, Pisces are not people who like to bury their heads in work anymore. You spend more time in the inner world and always stay away from the negatives around you.

Towards the end of the month, Pisces, do not try to interfere too deeply in your partner's relationships. If you don't want unnecessary conflicts to happen.

Pisces Money - Horoscope September 2022

The Pisces horoscope for September 2022 is forecasted to have a crescent moon on the first day of the month, creating a person who is never satisfied with mundane, material or mundane goals. This also predicts that you will do your best to create the greatest material value for yourself this time.

To protect the economic and financial situation in the month from moving in a bad direction, Pisces should cut down on non-essential budgets overall and only buy items for basic necessities. Don't let yourself get caught up in luxury and expensive items beyond your ability. Don't think that your outward glamor determines your actions.

Pisces Career - Horoscope September 2022

The maturity of Sagittarius Crescent Moon combines effectively with the mind, spirit and emotions of Pisces to create a wisdom that manifests very naturally.

This does not mean that you should always be realistic and constructive. Most of your ideas are vague, illusory and indeterminate, which makes career luck of Pisces quite fragile at the beginning of the month.

When Mercury is in retrograde Pisces, there will be some problems in communication with colleagues. Make sure you work candidly and on time. Work hard and reap all the benefits for yourself.

This September, Pisces will be able to quit their current job. After trying and trying, Pisces still can't solve all and more and more pressure. Pisces' spirit is increasingly stressed and he is in dire need of peace.

Pisces needs 1-2 days to be able to make a decision. Pisces should consult his family, which understands and loves him the most. With that, no matter what he does, his heart is still at peace.

Pisces Health - Horoscope September 2022

This September, the health of Pisces is somewhat improved than the past months.

Pisces, relax more, take the time to cook for yourself or go away for a few days. Surely Pisces will relax your heavy mind.


We have just discovered the mysteries of Pisces in September. The above astrological predictions are for reference and contemplation only.

However, knowing in advance what the star can affect your life will be a good opportunity to avoid difficulties and bad luck and seize the opportunity to succeed.

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