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Here are Top 7 weirdest things to see and do in Japan:

1. Insanely expensive luxury fruit

0109 watermelons in japan
Cute Watermelons in Japan. Photo: Japan Inside

It’s said that the Japanese eat with their eyes, which might explain the popularity of luxury grocer’s dedicated to flawless and insanely expensive fruit. Japan’s tradition of gift giving prizes luxury fruit above all else. People literally spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on square-shaped watermelons, tennis-ball sized strawberries, or a single bunch of grapes. A pair of cantaloupe once sold here for a record $27,000 at auction, according to Insydo.

2. Weird and wacky vending machines

0253 weird and wacky vending machines
Weird but wonderful vending machines in Tokyo. Photo: Time Out

In Japan there are over 5 million vending machines – about 1 for every 23 people – and it’s not just snacks and beverages on offer. In a culture that values convenience and worships automation, everything is up for grabs: live lobsters, lingerie, liquor, umbrellas, fresh eggs, floral arrangements, board games. Perhaps most shocking to outsiders is that vending machines rarely malfunction or get vandalized.

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3. Cat Cafés

0441 cat cafes
Cat Cafés. Photo: Japan Guide

Cats reign supreme in Japan. With more than 50 cat cafés in Tokyo, be sure to take yourself there and get a feline for the place, as said by World Nomads.

4. Maid Cafes

1154 maid cafes
Maid Cafes. Photo: CNN

Japan is home to plenty of cosplay restaurants, but the maid cafés are certainly one of the weirder places to grab a bite to eat. Inside you’ll see women dressed as maids, acting as servants and performing – all while serving up a drink and something to eat.

5. Robot Restaurants

1301 robot restaurants
Robot Restaurants. Photo: Youtube

Feast your eyes (and your growling tummies) at Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant in the Kabukicho district. You’ll be welcomed by a robotic brontosaurus, see robot fights, dancing women in bikinis, machines and special effects.

6. Pachinko Parlours

1401 pachinko parlours
Pachinko Parlours. Photo: Vegas Slots Online

Travelers are often weirded out by Japan’s overwhealming obsession with the pinball-esque pachinko machines. Thousands of people feed money into the machines each day, sitting in smokey rooms, echoing with cartoon voices and SFX.

7. Capsule Hotels

1503 capsule hotel
Capsule Hotels. Photo: Youtube

After exploring quirky Tokyo, lay your tired body down in a capsule hotel (like the Green Plaza Shinjuku, pictured) and avail yourself of one of Japan’s most unique sleeping situations. Claustrophobes beware: "rooms" are very small—usually only just long and wide enough to fit the body. However, these pods have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than more conventional accommodation.

To outsiders, Japan might as well be another planet in a different universe — it feels light-years away from everything we know. In a culture where everything is weirdly unique and outlandishly creative, it makes for a fascinating journey through one of the world’s most bizarrely beautiful places, as said by Insydo.

15 Weirdest Things You Can Only Find In Japan

• Cat Cafés

• Capsule Hotels

• Moomin Cafés

• High Tech Toilets

• Takotamago

• Love Hotels

• Penis Time at Kanamara Matsuri

• Cuddles Cafés

• Maid Cafés

• Vending Machines

• Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction

• Pachinko parlours

• Kawaii Crazy

• Akihabara 18+

• Animal Doughnuts

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