25 Images Of Strange Things We Can Only Find In China
Upside Down House in China

China is home to some of the weirdest and most wonderful tourist attractions, including an upside down house (which as the name suggests, was built upside down), and a pair of kissing dinosaurs located in a very remote region. Below 10 strange things we can only find in China.

Upside Down House in China

China is an interesting place, and here you can find architecture unlike anywhere else in the world, for example, an upside down house. In what is undoubtedly one of the more strange tourist attractions, the structure has been built upside down (as the name suggests) in the Fengjing Ancient Town, in Jinshan District, Shanghai. It has even been furnished with pieces that have been stuck upside down, Daily Mail and Travel.com reports.

The topsy-turvy property opened in April of 2014 and was designed to attract more tourists to the area.

Copies Of European Cities And Villages

Among the cities that have been replicated is Tianducheng, which was created after Paris and even features a 354-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower.

25 Images Of Strange Things We Can Only Find In China
Copies Of European Cities

You can also come across the Austrian Alpine village of Hallstatt, located in the province of Guangdong. Again, no expense was spared to make this one of the most authentic replicas, and according to the publication, $940 million was spent on Hallstatt's creation.

Sharks And Crocodiles Are On Sale At Walmart

In many Western stores you will not see anything too exotic on sale, but in China, you can walk into the local Chinese Walmart store and find whole sharks and crocodiles, among other things, on sale, Buzzfeed reports.

25 Images Of Strange Things We Can Only Find In China

According to The Mirror, whole crocodiles can be found laying on the ice at the store’s serve-over counter, as well as sharks, and live turtles and frogs can also be found in open-top tanks. It seems this store serves a diverse range of products.

Red beach in China

Seeing bright colors that have formed in nature is remarkable, but seeing a red beach is something else entirely, and China, or more specifically the marsh in Dawa County, is home to vegetation that looks almost alien because of its crimson hue.

25 Images Of Strange Things We Can Only Find In China

According to Atlas Obscura, the red plants that cover, what is considered to be the world’s largest wetland area, are a form of Chenopodium, which can survive in alkaline soil.

This area is also home to the rare red-crowned crane.

Police Don't Just Use Dogs, But Also Geese To Protect Property

In most countries, the police force typically works with a canine unit, but in China, there are geese doing this job. According to The Independent, in the rural areas of the Xinjiang province, the local police had been sending out geese on patrol in their bid to tackle crime, and they described them as being better than dogs.

25 Images Of Strange Things We Can Only Find In China

There has even been an incident reported about a gaggle of geese managed to stop a man who had broken into police headquarters to steal a motorbike.