Facts about “Hate-it-all” Chihuahua Prancer
Prancer. Photo: MEAWW

Chihuahua Prancer is getting viral on social media

A tweet about a “demonic Chihuahua” named Prancer who is up for adoption has gone viral on Twitter due to the brutally honest description written by his foster owner of what potential adopters could expect from the dog.

Tyfanee Fortuna, Prancer’s current foster owner, shared a post to Facebook on April 7 with some photos and videos of the two-year-old pup, trying to find a way to make the dog sound appealing to future adoptive owners.

"There’s not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins. But I have to believe there’s someone out there for Prancer, because I am tired and so is my family," wrote Tyfanee Fortuna in a now-viral Facebook post.

"Every day we live in the grips of the demonic Chihuahua hellscape he has created in our home," she added. "If you own a Chihuahua you probably know what I’m talking about. He’s literally the Chihuahua meme that describes them as being 50% hate and 50% tremble. If you’re intrigued and horrified at how this animal sounds already, just wait....there’s more."

Prancer came to Fortuna, who has been working with rescue animals since she was a kid, "obese, wearing a cashmere sweater, with a bacon egg n cheese stuffed in his crate with him." Prancer's former owner was going into assisted living and their family didn't know what to do with Prancer, who was not socialized, according to buzzfeednews.

Fortuna has a reputation for dealing with small, difficult animals, and stepped up to the plate.

"He lived a very secluded life. His first two weeks with me he was so fat and scared. He never ate dog food in his life," she told BuzzFeed News.

That was in November. Fortuna has since been working with Prancer, getting him down to a healthy size and used to dog food.

But Prancer's quirks aren't going anywhere.

"Prancer very quickly attached himself to my mom. He decided that would be his new human. This is when we started to see the severity of his guarding issues with men and other animals," she said. "He knows what is acceptable and what’s not, but his rage takes over sometimes. It’s like his mind just lets Jesus (Satan?) take the wheel."

In the six months Fortuna has had Prancer, he has never accepted her husband.

"If you have a husband don’t bother applying, unless you hate him," she wrote in her post.

Other pets are also a no-go.

"Have other dogs? Cats? Don’t apply unless they like being shaken up like a ragdoll by a 13lb rage machine."

Kids? Don't even think about it.

"He’s never been in the presence of a child, but I can already imagine the demonic noises and shaking fury that would erupt from his body if he was. Prancer wants to be your only child."

And yet, despite being so difficult on paper, the internet is smitten with little Prancer.

Fortuna's post was turned into a viral Tweet that has gotten so much love for Prancer.

Even though Fortuna highlighted plenty of the hilarious bad traits in Prancer, she also took time to list some of his best qualities.

"He is loyal beyond belief, although to tell you a secret his complex is really just a facade for his fear. If someone tried to kill you I can guarantee he would run away screeching. But as far as companionship, you will never be alone again, as cited Money.yahoo.

"He likes to go for car rides, he is housebroken, he knows a few basic commands, he is quiet and non-destructive when left alone at home, and even though we call him bologna face he is kind of cute to look at."

The post has since been shared more than 39,000 times and liked by over 22,000 people.

It's unclear if Prancer's new found fame has yet snagged him his forever home, but Fortuna insisted in a post Saturday that all the attention hasn't gone to his head.

"Prancer has not concept of fame," she wrote in a post accompanied with a gallery of images.

"He does understand rotisserie chicken though," with one image showing him lunging towards a container of meat.

Love from animal lovers for Prancer

Facts about “Hate-it-all” Chihuahua Prancer
Photo: USA Today

Prancer is available for adoption through Second Chance Pet Adoption League, located in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Even with the colorful description of Prancer given by Fortuna, Stephanie Pearl, a representative for Second Chance Pet Adoption League, told TODAY via e-mail that they have had inquiries nationwide for potential owners wanting to adopt him after sharing Fortuna's post on their Facebook page, but are only accepting local applications in order for the potential adopter to meet with him and form a connection.

“We have had lots of lovely well-meaning people inquiring, and we hope that every one of them goes to their local shelter or rescue and opens their home to a needy dog like Prancer... well maybe not just like Prancer, but there are so many homeless dogs in need,” she wrote.

Pearl said that Second Chance Pet Adoption League specializes in “misunderstood little ones” much like Prancer who need specific homes due to their fears, lack of socialization and training, as well as tough pasts. She also says for anyone looking to adopt a new canine friend into their family, not to overlook the “underdogs.”

“No matter what personality, breed, size, age you are looking for, you can find your match in a shelter or rescue somewhere!” she wrote. “And consider being a foster home! Prancer is only alive, adored, and now scarily famous today because his foster mom stepped and up and rescued him to keep him out from being euthanized or brought to a shelter where his unique, um, ‘attitude’ may not have been understood or appreciated.”

Prancer's unique personality melted the hearts of many on social media, who have now become personally invested in his adoption journey and are still thinking about him after the viral post.

"i really hope prancer the chihuahua finds his forever home i love you sweet devil prince," one person tweeted.

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